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Trinity Alliance

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The Trinity Alliance is a union of three species- the Chlasi, the Gaton and the Erudis, formed to stand against the expansionist attitude of the Forli Worlds. Each species fills a particular niche; the Chlasi lead diplomacy and espionage efforts, the Gaton have the strongest fighting force and the Erudis perform much of the research that furthers the Alliance's technology.

All three still possess their own governments and navies and there is no federal government or military, which is why the Trinity is an alliance rather than a federation. However, the Trinity species have a closer bond than most alliances, as almost all technology and intelligence is shared throughout the Trinity Alliance. While the Erudis have a star-fleet and the Chlasi Security Service keeps combat-capable ships, they have largely been relegated to planetary law enforcement roles and the Alliance relies heavily on the Gaton for defense.


The Chlasi are often seen as the leaders of the Trinity, despite the fact that all three races are equal and each have a Speaker with an equal say. A slender, graceful species, the Chlasi are best known as politicians, merchants and spies due to their social adeptness, aided by the telepathic talents some of them possess.

Chlasi are born with varying degrees of telepathy; some are not telepathic at all, some can detect emotions of those nearby and some can perform full-on mind melds. Each Chlasi is unique, with some requiring physical contact for their abilities to work and others being able to read minds from across a starship.

A minority among the Chlasi possess extraordinarily powerful telepathic and in some cases telekinetic abilities. They almost exclusively serve as religious leaders called Esoterics. This, combined with encounters with the Q, have prompted the Chlasi to develop a religion where they believe that beings can ‘ascend’ through a combination of enlightenment, evolution and technological advancement.

The Chlasi value individualism above all else. The closest thing they possess to a uniform are the colour-coded tactical vests of the Chlasi Security Service, inspired by the Gaton's rank-based armour colours. Even beneath these vests, Security Service members wear clothing tailored to express the individual wearing it. This mentality extends to vehicles as well and the Chlasi do not have any standard classes for starships; instead, almost every Chlasi ship is unique.

//A male and female Chlasi of differing complexions// //A Chlasi Temple shuttle//


The Gaton are the military might of the Trinity. A feline species, they possess superior senses to many other sentient races and are quite agile. They are not as physiologically powerful as some, but they are known as a warrior species due to their more aggressive approaches to situations.

Gatons society emphasizes that each person should be self-sufficient. Every Gaton knows how to hunt, fight and survive, even those who serve in non-combat roles. The Gaton do not differentiate between military and civilians- all Gaton are expected to take up arms to defend themselves and their people when needed. This mentality is a combination of their natural feline behaviour and their experiences of surviving a nuclear apocalypse.

The Gatons’ self-sufficiency is balanced out by a very communal mentality. Having seen what happens when civilization collapses entirely, all modern Gaton dedicate themselves to a common good. Those who work for their own gain are cast out from society, with most of them becoming mercenaries or pirates.

//A Gaton visage// //Gaton starships//


A reclusive aquatic species, the Erudis are primarily the scientists and scholars of the Trinity. They rarely mingle with the other two races of the Trinity, not out of isolationism but due to environmental differences. Most Erudis do not like enclosed spaces and find wearing suits uncomfortable. As a result, the Erudis who spend any considerable amount of time on land, such as representatives to the Trinity, undergo genetic augmentations to become amphibious and capable of moving outside of water.

While mostly known for their intellectual prowess, Erudis society actually respects high art above all else. Their cities are vast beautiful light displays, some in the depths of the ocean, others mobile constructs floating through the water. Anything they design always has extreme thought put into the aesthetics, and Erudis ships are often just as elegant as their architecture.

//An Erudis visage// //Example of Erudis starship design//

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