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Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Welcome to the Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch


Our Vision

We have but one goal; to get the products you like, and deliver them to you. By managing each area in the supply chain, we are able to provide efficient and cost-effective service. What you get is a service like no other, with the TSTT guarantee. Our full message statement can be found here. Efficient? Cost effective? You're nothing but a middleman you jonks! The TSTT guarantee is not worth the energy it's expended on! Our business portfolio is large and growing, covering every sector imaginable, from Federation and Klingon Empire contracts to the private sector, the tourist sector, and pharmaceutical sector, to name but a few. All they are trying to do is monopolise business and remove all competition. You don't join, you get assimilated. Some of our names are:

  • Tanks Development (more like no tanks... gettit?)

  • "See You Latte" coffee chain (i dont even like latte)

  • "Fur, Feathers and Fins" animal conservation chain (animalcruely hashtagfreewally)

  • Rock Bottom Mining (rockbottom is where this company has gone)

  • Pundehda Prisons (for someone whose name starts with pun, this is not punny at all...)

  • "James Olive's" Restaurants (youruinedallthegoodtreatsyoumonster!)

  • Albino Squirrels Game Development (release something that isn't a remake; Roboshooter 56 and Ninjo 83 are like, the same game released every year)

  • Sons of D'eklos' Brewery (drinks taste of piss - guess what makes up 74% of them)

  • Nudac Trading (YOU <<safesearch detected, censoring words>> TRATIOR)

  • Proton Pharmaceuticals (Fed healthcare is better and FREE!)

For our full company list, please click here.

Our History

Trans-Sector Trading has roots in the earliest days of the Federation, with Johnathon Tanks, our founder, present at the founding ceremony in 2161. Johnathon Tanks had already founded Tanks Development which helped fund the first Warp 5 engine. As the Federation grew, so did the need for product and supply. To this end, Johnathon Tanks founded Tanks Trans-Planetary Trading, by acquiring other development chains in order to streamline the growing need for scientific development. Whilst the development of the "New World Economy" caused many companies to disappear, Johnathon Tanks' excellent vision and foresight steered the company through the change, as the focus switched from profit to providing a service. When Johnathon Tanks passed away in 2210, the company was one of the Federation's largest technological companies. Sorry man, your company is real bad now. Like, they are the bad guys. Leadership of the company next fell to Johnathon's son, an ex MACO soldier, Peter Tanks. Despite calls warning him against it, Peter Tanks realigned the company into military development. This change resulted in a full change of policy and infrastructure which resulted in the company being pushed back severely. This meant that other companies were able to grow in the technological sector, profiting from funding projects like the duotronic computer system. The company finally crashed in 2269, a year after the signing of the Polaric Test Ban Treaty which banned research into Polaric Ion Energy, something that the company had invested heavily in. Peter was the best thing to happen to this company imho The company was next revived a few years later, in 2274, and rebranded as Trans-Planetary Trading, with the business being taken over from the Tanks family. The company endured a steady growth in the 23rd and 24th Centuries. After the Dominion War, the company was rebranded again to Trans-Sector Trading. In 2417, the company was taken over by our current leadership, the Triskaidecarch, and rebranded for the final time. It has grown exponentially since this takeover, adding many new companies to its portfolio and diversifying. Taken over? Read, violent coup. Where are the ex-leaders of TST? *points to bodies floating in space* found them Our Leadership Our company prides itself in having strong and fair leaders who steer the company ship to boldly go where nobody has gone before. Pretty sure I've heard this phrase before? Our board is made up of the Triskaidecarch, thirteen top executives from all walks of life. For a full biography of all thirteen members, please click here.

  • Victor Remmington Victor is one of the founders of the Triskaidecarch. Born in Paris, Earth, he has spent his whole life in trading. His company, Remmington Designs, is a central part of the TSTT. Nice suits. Bad guy. Has to die by guillotine

  • Naplapub Naplapub was born on Pakled. He is one of the founders of the Triskaidecarch. His has the record of bringing the most companies into to TSTT. How this dumbass lead a company, gods knows. Some say he had a small loan of one million gpl. Has no assets, despite claims to the contrary.

  • Németh Kíra Born on a Federation colony, Németh is another founder. 10/10 is so hot please marry me y u got 2 be evel? :(

  • T'heng Heng brings valuable logic to the company, and her connections on Vulcan have enabled her to grow the company further. She is head of Logistics. I'm not the only one who thinks this department should be renamed Logic-stics, right?

  • Henareya A Ferengi with lobes for a deal, no company would be complete without a Ferengi. She is head of the Finances and Acquisitions department. I'm actually surprised nobody has noticed the fact that she blatantly skims money off the top and pockets it. Seriously. Naplapub, get on th... oh yeah. That's why...

  • Vrilki Papic Papic joined the Triskaidecarch in 2415 and he was a key player in the merger with TST. He is head of customer relations People who write their name backwards are backwards. This guy is called Vrilki and nobody will tell me otherwise. His earring will make a fine addition to my collection.

  • Akon Ch'qyllerh One half of the Qyllerch duo, Akon joined the company after the merger. He is in charge of the Military Technology Branch. I am 98% sure he was named after that old Earth singer. 95% sure.

  • Eshreshit Sh'qyllerh The female half of the duo, Esh is head of the Agricultural Branch. Heh, the last part of her name XD

  • Hiarjim Beedohl Hiarjim is the oldest member of the Triskaidecarch, and the Beedohl symbiote allows us to use the knowledge of the past, to shape our future development. He is thusly the Head of Development in the company. The fact nobody else sees those symbiotes as parasites worries me. You had your life, now sod off ¬_¬

  • El Bachir Al-Harradi Bachir is a former Federation Lawyer. He is head of our Legal branch and deals with the governments that we trade with. Is no fun at all. Anything you say can and will be deconstructed and made boring in front of your face. This is shown by the fact he doesn't like been called El Bach. HOWDAMNCOOLISTHATNAME?

  • T'kuq K'mporv A former Klingon Captain, T'kuq now is in charge of Trade Security, making sure that our shipments are free from piracy, meaning that your investment and goods are always safe. "Former". Cut the bullcrap, he was disgraced. He ran away from a battle. What a wimp.

  • Gikott Ghera Gikott joined in 2410 and she is our Alpha Quadrant Laison. Our ability to devolve areas means that you are guaranteed tailored and excellent service, no matter where you are in the universe. She has literally commited genocide. Tells you everything you need to know.

  • Seluq Jorg Seluq is in charge of Operations and she runs the managing of the company on the day to day basis. The only one on this list who has balls, and she's a woman.

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