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Updated: Apr 21, 2023


  • Titans appear. Humanity is almost wiped out.

  • Humanity builds walls Sina, Rose, and Maria, to protect themselves from the Titans.


  • Sebastian Bishop is born.


  • Samuel Bishop is born.


  • Sebastian Bishop enlists with the 84th Cadet Corps.


  • Sebastian Bishop graduates from the 84th Cadet Corps in the top ten (1st Place). He joins the Military Police Regiment.

  • Sulayman al Firawn is born.


  • Gabriella Valencia is born.


  • Samuel Bishop enlists in the 91st Cadet Corps.

  • Lara Aruyo is born.

  • Sebastian Bishop becomes Regiment Commander of the Military Police.

  • Armin Arlet is born.


  • Mikasa Ackerman is born.

  • Eren Yeager is born.


  • Nicole Skye is born.

  • Keith Shadis becomes the 12th Commander of the Survey Corps.


  • Samuel Bishop graduates from the 91st Cadet Corps in the top ten (3rd Place). He joins the Survey Corps.


  • Sebastian Bishop becomes the Commander in Chief.


  • Sulayman al Firawn enlists in the 99th Cadet Corps.

845 (The fall of Wall Maria)

  • Sulayman al Firawn graduates the 99th Cadet Corps in the top ten (1st Place). He joins the Military Police Regiment.

  • Gabriella Valencia enlists in the 102nd Cadet Corps.

  • The 108th Expedition Beyond the Wall returns, with heavy losses

  • Wall Maria is breached at Shiganshina District causing Titans to take over and forcing the humans to retreat behind Wall Rose.

  • Commander Erwin Smith becomes the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps.


  • Lara Aruyo joins the 103rd Cadet Corps.


  • The 104th Cadet Corps is formed. Notable cadets include Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert.


  • Gabriella Valencia officially graduates from the 102nd Cadet Corps outside the top 10. She joins the Survey Corps.

  • The 34th Expedition beyond the Walls.

  • Nicole Skye enlists in the 105th Cadet Corps.


  • Lara Aruyo graduates the 103rd Cadet Corps outside the top ten. She joins the Garrison Regiment.


  • The 104th Cadet Corps graduates.

  • Battle of Trost.

Note on the Timeline: This thread will be edited as the story develops and will also only be updated based on the Anime version so as not to reveal any spoilers. Blue events are canon events. Green events are soft canon, with information adapted from canon events where there's no information given.

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