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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Tibeyra, also known as The Wannabe Risa, or more colloquially, "Ponor's Rear End" is the lone planet in the Tibeyra system, in the Ponor Sector. The M-Class planet was originally a large tropical planet, with dense rainforests and swampland. In 2350, it was colonised by three Ferengi who attempted to create a pleasure planet for profit. Due to a lack of infrastructure and demand, the Ferengi sold the planet in 2383 to a family of Pakleds who attempted to carry on the Ferengi's aim. Following three failed openings in 2390, 2400, and 2410, the planet gained a reputation for a low quality holiday resort, it's only redeeming feature being the variety of holiday locations available. By 2419, the planet has some complete resorts, a large number of semi-completed and abandoned cities and projects, and much of the planet is still full of jungle and festering swampland. Meteorological systems maintain a few nice areas of weather, at the expense of wild and unpredictable weather on most parts of the planet.

The planet's slogan is "Holidays that are to die for!", which proves true more often than not, as wandering into the wild and undeveloped parts of the planet often results in death.

There are a variety of resorts to try on the planet, including beaches, wilderness walks, alpine skiing, safaris, and desert motocross.

The planet is home to the Tibeyran Fox

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