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"The Valley's Skye Part 3: Cadets"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Cecilia sits in ten forward, close to the window while she stares out into the stars beyond. Her thumb brushing against a Celtic cross that she holds in her right hand, with the necklace chain hanging loose over her leg. Letting out a small sigh, she turns back to her table and the PADD and cup of tea sitting on it before she takes a small sip. Closing her eyes for a moment, she opens them again when she hears the chair on the other side of the table moving. Looking up, Cecilia is greeted by the friendly smile of Chloe McLain, another cadet in command classes.

"Hey, Ceci."

"Hey, Chloe."

Chloe's smile fades slightly as Cecilia looks back down at her hand before Chloe moves over to rest her hand on Cecilia's shoulder.

"What's going on Ceci? I was worried after you left class and you know you can talk to me, I'm your friend."

Cecilia nods slightly while she wipes her eyes slightly to free them from the gathering tears.

"Thank you for worrying Chloe, and sorry for making you worry...I had a panic attack and just had to get out and try to clear my head."

"It's not a problem at all, friends are there for each other when they need it. And you don't have to apologise for looking after your mental health. I will always worry about my friends if they need help or someone to be there for them, but that is to do with me and not them."

"You are a good friend Chloe, I am glad I met you when I did. Both you and Alexis are too good to me."

Chloe grins while she squeezes Cecilia's shoulder slightly.

"You say that like its unexpected. Being honest, to me, it feels like you take a large burden on your shoulders and try to carry it alone and are then surprised when people want to try and help you carry it."

Cecilia looks down at the Celtic cross in her hand for a moment before looks up at Chloe with a small smile.

"My counsellor has said the same thing you know, you sure you are not suited for medical."

Chloe rolls her eyes at the recurring joke with them and their friends.

"Ha...ha...that tired old joke, I mention it once and then muck up a training thing a few times...but yeah, I speak for myself when I say this, but I know Alexis feels the same, we are more than happy to walk alongside you and help you carry your burden, it's what friends do."

Cecilia giggles softly as she relaxes more.

"Thank you, Chloe, you really are a good friend...I have never been great at making friends, so thanks for taking the time to become my friend."

"It's not a problem at all when I saw you in 2nd year I could tell you where something apart from the rest not just because of your age. And, becoming your friend was the easiest way to get some of Keri's cooking."

Chloe grins at Cecilia while giving her a quick side hug, while Cecilia laughs softly and leans into the hug.

"I knew there was another reason, but she really has welcomed you in hasn't she."

"Aye she has, and that means a lot to Alexis and me as she has taken on almost a motherly role with us from the first time we met her properly. Which, means the world to Alexis, she was never close to our dad, and since he was our only parent, just knowing there is a motherly figure in their life has made a huge difference. Especially in giving her the confidence she needed to change her name and take the final steps."

"Yeah she really has, hasn't she. And I am really happy for Alexis, it must have taken a huge effort of will and strength for her, but at least she can be herself now fully."

Chloe smiles slightly with a slight nod of her head.

"It has, not always been easy for her but she has been a lot happier already, plus she is looking forward to her first Christmas fully as herself."

Cecilia smiles while she looks back down at her hand.

"That must be nice for her..."

Chloe hugs her again slightly.

"I'm sorry, I know this Christmas is going be a real mix of emotions for you, but we will be around for you. Especially as Keri has invited us, and I think a few others for a Christmas meal."

"She really does enjoy cooking, as she is planning to do it by hand."

Chloe looks at Cecilia for a moment before she grins with an idea.

"I am looking forward to it, and I have just had an idea..."

"Always dangerous."

Chloe glares at Ceci for a moment before she laughs softly and resumes speaking.

"Haha...but anyway, been a while since we had a fun music or karaoke night. So let's go!"

Chloe stands, pulling Cecilia to her feet slightly, who mock groans while she lets herself be pulled up and behind Chloe.

"I have a holodeck booked, so we can load up one of the classic stages for us."

"Sure, just not any of your ott ones though!"

"When have I ever done that..."

Chloe grins at Cecilia while they hurry through the halls towards the holodeck.

Once the two of them enter the holodeck, Chloe loads up her usual program of a small karaoke bar type place with a warm atmosphere and a quiet hum of conversation between the holo-patrons. Cecilia takes a seat at the empty table next to the stage while Chloe looks between her and the stage. Cecilia waves her hand slightly while she gets comfortable.

"You take the first song."

Chloe smiles at her before she steps up to the stage, selecting her song and stepping up to the microphone. Chloe grins while she nods her head along with the intro to the song before she starts singing.

Spoiler: SongShow

Once she finishes singing a round of applause breaks out throughout the simulation before with a slight wave, Chloe steps off the stage and back to Cecilia who would still be clapping.

"You have an amazing voice, you know that."

Chloe shrugs slightly with a slight blush.

"Thank you for saying so, but I think I am only alright and you have an amazing voice as well."

Cecilia smiles at the compliment while she stands up, stretching slightly.

"Guess that means I am up then."

"Yep, will do a duet with you next if you want though."

"Sounds like a plan."

Cecilia steps over to the stage, taking a brath to focus herself while she selects her song and steps up to the microphone.

Spoiler: SongShow

With the end of the song, Cecilia hurries of the stage with a wave to the crowd before she stops next to Chloe trying to calm down her beating heart.

"Well then..."

"That was amazing Ceci, you want a moment before the duet?"

"Thanks...and aye, need to catch my breath still."

Chloe grins at Cecilia while she sips her water and gets ready for the duet.

"I have a great song lined up for us as well."

"Oh yeah, what is it?"

"Now that is a surprise, you have the female part though."


Cecilia looks slightly confused while they move over to the stage and Chloe picks the song. The moment it starts though Cecilia grins at Chloe as she recognises what the song is while Chloe starts singing. Once Cecilia starts singing her parts, the two of them look at each other at the parts where they were singing about the other part of the song.

Spoiler: SongShow

Once the songs come to an end and the crowd applauds them, the two of them step off the stage and back to their table both grinning and laughing.

"Thank you, Chloe, I really did need this."

Chloe smiles at Ceci while they both take a drink.

"I could tell that you really needed to do something fun. And we are not done yet, got this place for longer still."

Cecilia mock groans while she sits down and lets Chloe go back on stage, a pattern like that continues throughout the time that Chloe has the holodeck booked for.

Once the booking is over, the two of them step out of the holodeck and about crash into Kiera as they weren't paying attention while laughing. Cecilia and Chloe offer their apologies before they hurry down the hall, still laughing softly to themselves. Kiera just shakes her head slightly, a small smile on her face before she continues on her walk.

"I still can't get used to their being so many cadets or families on ships these days."

"Yeah, it can be odd at times even I admit it. On my previous posts, they where always smaller ships so less of both, but a ship this size and on a long mission..."

"Aye I understand, just a bit jarring at times still when I am not thinking about it."

"That's fair, a few things still catch me off guard, and I grew up around all this type of thing."

Kiera and Kassandra continue talking as they enter ten forward, the two of them much more comfortable sharing a single body now than before with almost none of the flashes of pain or the other side effects that plagued them early on now.

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