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"The Seeker of Truth"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023


The shuttle doors opened and Sulayman Ibn Tariq al Firawn strode out with such purpose, one of the Ensigns on duty saluted him and muttered, "Captain."

If Sulayman heard the Ensign's mistake, he did not show it, nor did he particularly care. He was annoyed that he had been sent ahead to DS 13 whilst the al-Haytham was still at Earth Spacedock and was even more annoyed that the ship was not due to arrive at DS 13 for a couple of months.

Still, he was sent here to complete the final administration to induct the ship to the fleet and so upon her arrival, the al-Haytham could get to work immediately. Sulayman's ego was stoked a little when he realised that this was a job Captains normally do and so was not too bitter about the whole situation. But he was bitter, that much was certain and it showed when he marched up to the transport operator.

"You there. Are you off duty or on duty?" He barked at the man.

"Erm...on duty...sir?" The man replied, looking at the strange young man who had just yelled at him.

"Then look like it!" Sulayman bellowed at the top of his voice and with such ferocity that the man jumped a little and the entire shuttlebay fell quiet, looking to see what the commotion was.

"Is there anything wrong here?" An elderly commander asked, breaking the few seconds of silence that had descended.

"No sir." Sulayman's back stiffened magnetically, his hand flew up into a salute and his boots clicked together. "I was just reprimanding the Lieutenant here for slacking when on duty."

"Oh were you now?" The commander peered over his glasses, first at the transport operator who was frozen in shock and then to the boy standing in front of him.

"Lieutenant Commander al Firawn, First Officer - USS al-Haytham reporting." Sulayman introduced.

"Ah yes. Lieutenant Commander al Firawn. We were not expecting you for another two days."

"The shuttle pilot wanted to stop for a few days but I thought it was best to report in early sir," Sulayman explained. He had not moved an inch.

The Commander looked at the shuttle behind Sulayman where an exhausted pilot was stumbling out. He tripped when he stepped out and was caught by the Ensign who was on guard.

" does seem that way. Come now Commander. Let's show you to your quarters." The commander turned and moved towards the turbolift before turning around to see that Sulayman had still not moved.

"With respect Commander, but my orders were to report to a Commander Caspius, for admin purposes."

The commander didn't even try to press his order forward. "Looks like you and Commander Caspius are going to be good friends," he muttered. "Do you need to fill in some paperwork?" He asked Sulayman. The lighting up of Sulayman's face when he said paperwork was all the answer he needed. "Yes. Very good friends..."


Personal Log. Stardate 93819.4

Personal Log - Stardate 94003.2

Personal Log - Stardate 94040.7

Personal Log, Stardate 94074.6


Personal Log - Stardate 94127.3


Personal Log - Stardate 94210.9


Personal Log - Stardate 94289.7


Personal Log - Stardate 94307.1


Personal Log - Stardate 94378.1

Stardate 94391.9

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