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"The road ahead clear, thanks to the view behind Ep. 2"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

"Personal log stardate 92594.9; Commander Keelah Se'lai recording..." Keelah began as she leaned back into the sofa in her quarters. She holds a very relaxed posture with her legs crossed, gently swirling a drink in a stemmed glass with one hand as she stares out at the stars. As she speaks she is tapping her fingernail against the rim of the glass and swinging her raised foot still adorning a high heel to a pacy rhythm in her head.

"Where do I begin?" she mused, "Since my previous entry it seems like so little has happened, yet so much as well" She smiles thoughtfully, "I suppose that is why this is a personal log and not an official report. I have been overwhelmed recently by a feeling of acceptance from the personnel I have met since the Dawnstar arrived at DS13; so many of the people I have met here have welcomed me with open arms and some even beginning to feel like friendships"

She raises the drink to her lips and savors a small sip before proceeding

"It all began a few days ago when talk of holonovels began to pick up around the base. I observed some unexpectedly strong and positive reactions from my colleagues to their experiences and my curiosity grew as a result. Having never succumbed to the enticement of my shipmates aboard the Legacy to join in their 'antics', I found myself revisiting this possibility based on recent observations. My research led me to something labelled a 'spy thriller' where I would be required to take on the persona of one Tess McDonaghan; a human in mid-20th century America, to solve a mystery. What I found once I started this experiment came... as a surprise."

"Setting aside a moment my interesting discoveries about how human females of this era used their sexuality as a tool to achieve their goals, the thing that weighs heavily on me now is what I experienced upon completion of this novel. Tess' investigation had led her to a large social gathering where she had to confront the antagonist. As I entered the building and descended a grand marble staircase towards the gathering the sounds of cheering could be heard ahead - but then came the music. I halted mid stride as I had never before heard such a cacophony of sound."

" 'What was this intoxicating sound?' My attention was immediately drawn and all thought of the novel's story disappeared from my mind. I continued towards the source and entered the room to be overwhelmed by a sea of lively movement. I scanned across the room with fascination at the sight befalling my eyes; the dancing... I had never seen anything like it! I slowly moved around the room, observing the band on a stage at the far side of the room whilst never really taking my eyes off the activity on the central floor."

"And then it happened; one of the characters approached me with an extended hand and an inviting smile - I tried to politely refuse at first, but already knew I wanted to be a part of the excitement. I tentatively offered my hand and before I knew it I was twirling my way into the middle of the action!"

Keelah in action:

"Whilst unfamiliar with the style of dance being performed, my background in ballet afforded my a good start in mastery of the form. I could not help but smile and laugh and we swayed back and forth, at first I felt dizzy from being spun around so many times but it soon seemed to fade as the crowd slowly parted around us - apparently now I was the center of attention - and I didn't care! I found myself switching mid dance from one partner to the next, growing more confident and flamboyant with every step. I can not recall a time when I moved in such a lively manner, every bone in my body was dancing, my feet jumped back and forth excitedly whilst my hips swayed and sashayed rhythmically and my arms flayed in excitement. The crowd watched and cheered as they clapped to the tempo of the music, my euphoria rising with each passing moment - this was like nothing I had ever experienced - ballet was so... calculated, but this 'swing' felt entirely unrehearsed, just... natural and fluid yet still, it seemed to retain an air of elegance about it!"

She smiles as she reminisces, sipping again at her drink

"I do not know how long this continued; I was in a state of euphoria I had not experienced in years and hours could have passed as effortlessly as moments. But of course eventually the celebration ended and my attention drew back to finishing the novel. Upon exiting the holodeck I could not shake the music from my head, I was still euphoric and I think I may have actually danced across the promenade towards Swifty's where I wasted no time in enjoying the indulgence to be discovered during this time; Gin and tonic"

Keelah swirled the glass in her hand thoughtfully

"Still high on adrenaline, I soon found myself once again in T'Rara's company, I have quickly come to enjoy our interactions. I do not know how it came to pass exactly, but through the proceeding conversation I came to realize my experience today, and moreso it's effect on me, can mean only one thing; I am finally starting to come to terms with John's death. T'Rara was so supportive and she really inspired me to take the positive result from this revelation. There is still a long road ahead, but now... with a clearer view of the road I have already traveled; that journey seems less daunting and more inviting."

She takes a final sip of her G&T before setting the glass down

"Computer; end log"

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