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The Repository

The repository is an artificially constructed planetoid, originating with an - as yet - unidentified species who became extinct long ago. With full power to it's systems, the repository is capable of projecting the false appearance of a typical planet surface. Though in it's native state, the surface is more akin to that associated with Dyson Spheres. Research has revealed that the repository was built for the specific purpose of preserving the collective knowledge of it's builders for the benefit of future visitors, though by the time of it's discovery in the early 25th Century, the world had lost a significant amount of it's power supply and was in danger of completely shutting down.

Whilst little is still known about it's builders, a distinct architectural style and eloquent glyph-based language has been identified. Verbal presentation of the language has also been obtained owing to the invitation probes scattered across the galaxy by the builders. When one such probe was encountered by Starfleet personnel (in the form of a small box approximately 20cm2), it seemingly scanned the neural pattern of the officer beholding it and - after deeming them to be of a suitably evolved intelligence to visit the repository - transferred the pertinent information to their memory. This was found to conflict with the officer in question - a Human - by inadvertently overwriting their speech centre. though no harm came to the officer, further trials to test the comparability of other species have yet to be conducted.

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