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The Real Republican Army

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Real Republican Army, or as it is more commonly known, the Spartacists, are a rebellious offshoot of the Republican Army, formed after the Treaty of Coruscant.


As the Republic was on the back foot for most of the Great War, there was always a growing resentment in the ranks at the perceived poor leadership of the Republic Army. Whilst this resentment seemed to dim during the Republic's victories, the Mandalorian Blockade and the failed offensive of Ziost only seemed to solidify it. The sacking of Coruscant and the treaty that followed it was the spark that finally lit the powder keg. Almost as soon as the treaty was signed, General Ionna Droma raised a flag in rebellion. General Droma was in command of the Fourth Battalion during the Sacking of Coruscant, one of the battalions that suffered huge casualties at the hands of the Sith. Rallying the survivors, she marched and took the Republic Military Base, declaring it the new seat of a new government, the Real Republic of Galactic Systems. Stating that the Republic had betrayed its electorate by signing the treaty, she declared it void and urged troops to rally to continue the fight against the Sith. The army formed was called The Real Republican Army.

The First Real Republican Army

After the declaration of the Real Republic, the next step was to capture key position to enforce the rule. This included the Senate Building and the Coruscant Media Centre. Now joined by the 5th, 8th, 23rd, 56th and 102nd Battalions, the Army marched through several districts around the Senate District in an effort to surround and cut off the central district from reinforcements. This was done quickly and effectively as areas decided to join the rebellion rather than fight against former comrades in arms. Within hours, the Senate District was in danger of falling into the hands of the new government. It was at this stage when General Droma halted the Army's advance, demanding that the Senate be handed over to the Real Republic and the hostilities between the Sith Empire be resumed. This was rejected and Droma ordered an all-out advance. Initial advances were quick but as they drew closer to the centre, fighting grew fierce and the advance slowed. The delay in the attack and the slowed down advance coincided with the war-weary battalions returning to Coruscant. With their planet in flames and their comrades up in arms, they viewed the rebellion as traitors and joined in the fight against them. The tide quickly turned as the fighting grew desperate and bloody. Masses upon masses of troops mutinied against the Real Republican army and very soon, the core support of the army had collapsed. The Republic Military Base was eventually surrounded and General Droma was given an ultimatum; surrender and stand trial, or face death. Droma chose the latter. The storming of the Military Base ended up with Droma being captured and the rebellion was crushed, the remaining elements of the army mercilessly slaughtered. Droma and the rest of the rebellion's leadership were publically executed the next day. Although the remaining troops were officially pardoned, over the next few years, any elements that remained were hunted down and killed, purging any future dissidents.

The Second Real Republican Army

The Second Real Republican Army arose 8 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. Stemming from the fear of the Cold War and from the backlash of the purges of the First Republican Army, remaining veterans banded together to form another fighting force. The Second Republican Army was only a fraction of the size of the First and had very little support. This forced the army to fight underground as a guerrilla group. Whilst small, they cause severe issues on Coruscant, occupying a lot of the Republican Army's time. Due to the fractured leadership, every time one cell is shut down, others rise up to take their place. Where they get funding from is unknown.

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