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The Prophets of Torment

(chaos undivided warband)

Warband size:

200 Chaos Space Marines.

40 Plague Marines.

40 Noise Marine

30 Khorne Berzerker.

10 rubric Marines.

20 fallen Adepta Sororitas Celestians

1 armoured traitor guardsmen regiment.

1 infantry guardsman regiment.

2000 chaos cultists.

Warband Champions:

  • Chaos Lord of Chaos undivided: Warlord Vargedaran The Lesser commander of the Prophets of Torment.

  • The Skull Champion of Khorne: Mordezar the Red Cleaver.

  • The Plague Champion of Nurgle: Ynulax the Slothful

  • Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh: Bhygor The Pained

  • Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch( Chaos undivided): Atrogash the Corrupted

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