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The Oshiro Organization


The Oshiro Organization is a Federation establishment with roots dating as far back as the 21st century. It is one of the medical research institutions within the United Federation of Planets.

The Organization is named for the Oshiro family which had produced many talented doctors and scientists over the centuries and their ancestors even founded and owned the Organization back when it was a company. The modern Oshiro Organization is an entirely non-profit civilian organization, though it has ties to Starfleet and occasionally posts researchers on board Starfleet vessels that are studying newly discovered sentient life.


The Oshiro Organization was founded in 2020 as Oshiro-Nakamura Medical Technologies by Dr. Oshiro Hideo and Dr. Nakamura Genzo. However, the relationship between Dr. Oshiro and Dr. Nakamura began to deteriorate after numerous conflicts over business decisions, until Dr. Nakamura left the company in 2025. In that same year, the company joined with Matsuda Pharmaceuticals and changed its name to the Oshiro-Matsuda Corporation. By 2028 it was known only as the Oshiro Corporation, and in 2029 it absorbed two smaller medical groups, further expanding its horizons.

Oshiro Hideo's sudden death in 2031 saw the takeover of his eldest son, Oshiro Kaito. Going against his father's wishes, Kaito accepted government contracts and eventually the Oshiro Corporation became involved in Earth's Third World War. While much of the Corporation's work during the war focused on the treatment of wounded combatants, specifically with the development of state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs, they also helped the government design new armour technology. Some sources even claim that Oshiro Corporation was involved in biological weapons research, though most modern historians dispute the validity of these sources.

Nonetheless, Kaito's daughter Ikumi apparently felt guilty that most of the family's wealth came from one of the deadliest conflicts of human history. When the Corporation and all its assets passed to her, Ikumi reshaped it into the Oshiro Foundation, seeking to use her fortune solely for assisting victims of the war. The Foundation stood in stark opposition to Colonel Phillip Green and his genetic purists and Ikumi devoted much of their resources trying to find treatments for radiation affected individuals. Despite her good intentions, the Foundation was eventually forced to hire mercenaries in order to protect its researchers in the chaos that was the Post-Atomic Horror. Some of the Foundation's scientists also lost sight of their original goals and performed inhumane experiments on living people, though it is debatable how much the Foundation was responsible for these actions.

The Oshiro Foundation continued past First Contact and into the 22nd century under the leadership of the Oshiro family. It was one of the first human groups to begin research into xenobiology. During this time they kept true to Oshiro Ikumi's vision and had no connections with the United Earth Starfleet. While Starfleet did make use of the Foundation's technology, it was not until those creations had passed into general use among the civilian population first. The Foundation did not change in the first years following the formation of the United Federation of Planets, but when Oshiro Akitake took over in 2171, he was convinced that the new Starfleet was more than just a military and began working on projects with its medical department. Over time it became more and more intertwined with the Federation until in 2203 it was transformed into a public foundation.

The Foundation saw radical restructuring in the early 23rd century. With the Federation now having oversight, the Oshiro family no longer possessed direct control of the Foundation. It became much less human-centric as well when several Vulcan members rose to positions of prominence. In 2238, the emblem and name changed once again, and the Oshiro Organization was born. Despite these changes, an Oshiro has always sat on the Board of Directors and still do to this day, not by their status as a member of the original founding family, but by their medical or scientific achievements.

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