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"The Mnemosyne Legacy"

The Spare Weapon


somewhere in the Unknown Regions.

"how goes the cybernetic and biological enchancments to our newest weapon Dr. Gent." came the modulated voice of Lord Atropos from the entrence of the medical bay.

"its not going as fast as i had hoped that is more to do with it me trying to combine on the healing ablitites of a Gen'Dai on to a near-human while also making sure that the body accepts the cybernetics my lady."

" i can have Andrae recalled from overseeing eriadu to come here and help with the final preperations if you can not complete the weapon before your deadline after all you only have until Angral loses his son and restarts the war."

"that wont be nessesary to do and i wont fail you on that part but on to more good

news my lady the rage centers have been modifed to your orders and your krayt dragon survived the eksperiment and is ready for use."

"good i will be back for an update in four months hopefully together with the new Empress of Empress teta."

"ah i see so Vandra is ready to move against her mother so your plans are almost ready then."

"yes." came the reply just before the blast doors to the lab closed behind Lord Atropos


The Rise of a New Darth

Imperial Citadel at Lord Serpin Sanctum

all there can be heard within is the clashing of Lightsabers from the Forms of Serpin and Atropos who is desperatly trying to survive her mothers relentless onslaught of attacks. while from the outside the big class window in the room you can see speeders passing by.

"do you really think you can just come in here and try to kill me with your poor lightsaber skills i dont even think you could beat a Jedi knight and certainly not me Daughter." came the sneering voice of Serpin as she pressed her two lightsabers closer to face of Atropos and almost making Atropos lightsaber cut her own face.

"no but i can delay you long enough for my new weapon to take care of your little pet mother." as Atropos disengage her lightsaber and jumps back but not before her mothers lightsabers cut into her helmet and makes a small cut on her face though she holds in her pain from the injury.

"what have you done to Variona."

"well if my new weapon does her job right then she will be dead right about now." but as soon as those words leaves Atropos mouth a aura of Rage envelope Serpin which could be felt thoughout the Citadel as she loses all traces of her composure and begins to swing her Lightsabers at Atropos with wild abandon while Atropos is trying to hold off the onslaught from her mother. `oh i might have made a small miscalculation in that effect on her´ and just as that thought passed though Atropos one of her mothers lightsabers passed though her defense and went though one of her lungs.

" not so high and mighty now Daughter." came the barely restrained voice of Serpin while you can hear Atropos wheezing for breath while it seems as she is falling in slow motion.

´i cant fail now not when my plans are almost ready... i will not fall i can not fall to her.´ just as she is about to black out she catchs herself on her knees and finally pulls of her unconscious restraints on her force signature and pushes all of her fear of death and failure into a massive attack of force push coupled with Force insanity which flings a surpised Serpin back and throws her out of the window in her sanctum which by chance or fate ends up with her impacting on a passing speeder and then continues falling down into the lower city while she is screaming.

and just as this happens a modulated voice comes from the entrence of the sanctum calls out to Atropos.

"its done master Darth Variona is no more."

" good prepare the medical bay on the bombard. and find me her corpse Vandra wants to test out one of her Sith Sorcerys on her" came Atropos wheezing voice while she is slowly walking towards her newest weapon or as other sith knows her as Lord Vazzen.


The Unveiling of the Future.

Dromund kass.

"thank you all for graceing me with your time my lords." came the voice of Lord Serpin as she stood before the four main military leaders of the empire who joined her at this meeting either in person or via holo from their personal quarters.

"this better be important Lord serpin you may be the governor of a sector of the empire but it does not mean you can just call on the dark council when ever you want." came the modulated voice of darth Vengean over the holo.

"i thought you of all people would like to see the fruits of the project we began before that lousy treaty, Atropos pull of the visual feed and contact Moff Ravocha." came serpins voice with a trace of irritation in her voice at being talked down to by Vengean.

"ofcourse mother." came Atropos.

"so its ready then took longer we expected it to take since we still had the prototype." came the voice of Darth Marr.

"ah yes the prototype of the Dread-class Dreadnought i fine piece of work but with som big flaws like it having to many blindspots which could be seen in the damage it took on it maiden voyage at the battle of hoth, it was only luck and the skills of its crew made sure it did not suffer the same fate as Star of Coruscant." came the new voice of Moff Ravocha as she joined in on the conversation via the holo and with the way her holo projector was set up on her end you could see that beside her silently standing vigil was person with what looked like very fine armor and you could see that they where both standing a bridge of a cruiser.

"in about a minute i would recommend all of you to move to the entrence of the Kass Citadel of a big window for you well be witness to the pride and joy of The Eriadu Manufacturing Shipyards and the Sullust Shipyards and ofcourse it could not have ben completed without the wonderfull young Heir of the Teta throne lady Vandra." while gesturing towards her silent companion who just bowed her head. before Ravocha continued talking. " she was kind enough to give us a scematic of a better point-defense turbo-laser that were about 1.26% better then what we originally were going to use and we have also made a deal where we will slowly begin change the ones our ships are currently using to this better version." and just as she finished saying this a loud rumble could be heard as something jumped into low orbit above Kass City

" i would like to present the first of its kind named so elegantly named the Dread by the young lady Atropos." came the voice of serpin as she saw that four dark council members looking towards the giant ship howering over the city.

while Atropos thought the ship looked good hovering over the city like that.

while i said in the last preview it would be the last but with the new story content hints we got shortly there after and the new jedi under siege i had to make som changes to where the story was heading so i have made another preview which will change depending on what the new 6.0 storyline is going to head but i am hoping to have chapter 1-4 up by the middle of january since i have alot of free time until i find some work.

speaking characters.

Dread Lord atropos.

Gran Moff Ravocha.

Empress Vandra Keto.

Empress Acina/emperor Vowrawn.

Lord Zudris.


Characters in the preview even though they do not have a speaking role are.

Sith Knight Svak.

Lord Vazzen




Sorixa syn

and a few others who are not mention because of major spoilers even bigger then the second post.

The board is Ready. Empress Teta Star system Cinnagar Throne Room

"the Imperial ambassadors will be here shortly milady." came the voice of an older Male human who had just entered the throne room which was filled with Empress Keto war Council.

"good it looks like you where right beloved that Empress Acina(emperor Vowrawn) would come looking to Teta once again when the war with the republic would be renewned." came the young voice of Empress Keto who was talking to a figure who was hiding in the shadows of her throne. " it is understandable since Teta is one of the few Systems who still has a large storage of resources and we where able to keep the Eternal fleet from our system though we did lose four of the Dread-type Super Dreadnoughts for it." came the voice of the hidden figure. just as another the doors to the throne room was opened with a giant of a man at the front with a armored squard of soldiers and a armored woman which could only be Empress Acina herself and an Imperial Moff at her side . Which made all the people in the room turn to the door where the Amored figure just turned to the side and gestured for the Imperial group to move forward.

" welcome to Cinnagar Empress Acina." came Keto voice as she rose from her throne to mask the movement of the shadows that moved in the room.

" thank you for having us on such a short notice but Darth Xarion said that did not want to talk to someone of his rank about' our Alliance even though before the War with the Eternal Empire you stood about equal to him in the Sith Empire whi--." came Acina voice just as she was interupted by a human man in fine cloths. " yes in the Sith Empire but the Sith Empire is not what is once was now is it." "who are you to interrupt me." came the irritated voice of Acina " Taveran Former Senator for Empress Teta up until the treaty of coruscant fell apart and we announced our loyalty to the Sith Empire."

and just before Acina could begin to talk again she noticed the movement behind Keto throne. " you can come out of the shadows now i have seen you." and as soon as the shadowed figure came into the light of the room and the armor was noticeable Acina pulled out her lightsaber

" what are you doing here traitor you should be dead along with your former masters at Oricon." " it is not so easy to kill the Architect of Dread Acina." came the voice of the Atropos as she took her place at the side of Keto throne " this was not to reaffirm your Alliance was it." "no it was not it was just to pull out the last of our allies out of the Empire." came the voice of the moff who had arrived with Acina. "you have been Loyal to her the entire time even when you helped the Empire clean up at Oricon." came the angry voice of Acina "yes if i had not been for Moff Ravocha then i would died on Oricon even with my Chatta-ragul Empress gambit." came the smug voice of Atropos as she looked down at Acina as Acina and her troops drawn her weapons just as a targeting laser from the ceiling where a shadowed figure with a sniper-rifle could be seen aswell as all the other figure in the room drew their weapons some lightsabers and one or two drew blasters, " now now calm down you are my guest and i feel like this little meeting is over if you would be so kind Lord Zudris escort Empress Acina and her escort to her shuttle and make sure she gets out of the system in one piece." "ofcourse Empress if you would follow me Lady Acina." came the voice of the older human in some simple armor.

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