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The Dread Host

The Dread Host, also known as the Dread Guard, were a group of possessed Imperials and Sith who were under the control of the Dread Masters; the six powerful Sith Lords who served the Sith Emperor for centuries as prophets, generals and advisors. The Dread Host was deployed in a series of campaigns by the Dread Masters in order to secure locations, artifacts, and other resources necessary for their campaign of terror across the galaxy. Initially deployed to Section X on Belsavis the Host would be seen subsequently on Asation, Darvannis, Denova, and Oricon, where it was eventually defeated along with the Dread Masters themselves.


The Dread Host answered only to the Dread Masters, opposing both the Republic and Sith Empire. It was composed of individuals recruited or mentally enslaved into service from both groups, but was organized along the lines of the Imperial military. Many soldiers retained their Imperial gear and uniforms, especially when deployed to Section X. When encountered on Oricon the uniforms had changed, favoring red instead of black. The Dread Host commander Malora Pradon who an Imperial officer's uniform shaded in red, rather than gray. It was primarily a ground force, with no known space combat encounters.

The Dread Host included large numbers of Sith combatants, integrated into the units alongside troopers. On Oricon units also contained Corruptor droids. The precise rank structure of the Dread Host is unknown, but soldiers and Sith were both found in command roles. The Dread Masters were the unquestioned high command.


The Dread Host was formed during the renewed Galactic War, following the freeing of the Dread Masters from imprisonment in 3641 BBY. This military unit broke free of the imperial military following the presumed death of the Sith Emperor, which freed the Dread Masters from his control. The precise origins of the Dread Host were not known to the Republic. The unit included Imperial troops and Sith that had served them prior to capture, Imperials defecting to their service, and individuals converted to their forces through their powers of fear and madness. Jedi research indicated that the later group was the largest, with only a few willingly serving the Dread Masters. Attempts to heal the damage done to captured members of the Host failed completely as they had suffered completely under the constant psychological manipulations of their masters. The result of this brainwashing had left the Host members being not only completely loyal but also paranoid and incurably insane.

Section X

The Dread Host was dispatched to Section X on Belsavis in order to secure Rakata artifacts and other technology located in the vaults there. Of principle interest were the Aurora Cannon weapon and the wreckage of the Fatality a vessel they had caused to crash there years earlier and containing a cargo of HK-51 assassin droids. This effort was opposed by both Republic and Imperial forces. The Aurora Cannon was destroyed by a strike team and the Dread Guard Commander guarding it was slain. A spacer recovered the necessary HK-series components to reactivate an HK-51 droid and took possession of the Fatality killing a Dread Host Sith known as the Lord of Agony.

The Dread Seeds

In 3640 BBY the Sith Lord Tagriss commanded a unit of the Dread Host during his raid on the Arcanum, successfully stealing the Seeds of Rage. These devices were spread across the galaxy, but they were recovered by a spacer and Tagriss was killed in a base on Ilum.

Terror from Beyond

A portion of the Dread Host was sent to Asation in the Gree Enclave with the intent of summoning the being known as the Terror From Beyond. This unit was commanded by the reconstructed Trandoshan Warlord Kephess[1]. These forces successfully overcame and corrupted the Gree defenses and began to open the hypergate. However, the Gree requested aid from the Republic and Sith Empire and a strike team was dispatched to the planet. The Dread Host forces stationed there, including commanders Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel'Sara, were killed.


Dread Master Styrak took a portion of the Dread Host with him to Darvannis during his mission to recruit mercenary and Hutt Cartel forces to his cause. This unit attempted to defeat the strike team sent to disrupt the mission, but was destroyed along with their master.


Significant portions of the Dread Host were stationed on Oricon, surrounding the Dread Fortress, the apparent base of operations for the Dread Masters. These units defended the fortress against attacks by the Republic's Strike Team Oricon and the Empire's Dread Executioners[1]. The Dread Host's numbers were supplemented by Corruptor droids, tendrils produced by the Bothrium Beast, corrupted lifeforms, and many corrupted and insane Imperial and Republic troops and Force-sensitives.

Initially able to drive back the attackers to their camps and, with the assistance of the Dread Master's fear induction almost overrun them, the Dread Host was turned back after the arrival of enemy reinforcements and the formation of a temporary alliance between Republic and Imperial forces. The Dread Host was subsequently decimated by enemy action. The Bothrium Beast was slain and the terraforming project destroyed. A spacer infiltrated the central watchtower and seized the control computer located there, killing Commander Zaoron when he attempted to defend it.

The Dread Masters then ordered ships launched to carry a plague of terror to hundreds of worlds across the galaxy, but a strike team penetrated the outer perimeter of the Dread Fortress, destroyed the transports, and killed the commanders guarding them. Shortly thereafter a strike team penetrated the Dread Fortress, killing Dread Master Brontes and locating the portal to the Dread Fortress. There the Dread Masters were slain by the strike team. This resulted in the dissolution of the Dread Host.

Noteable members of the Dread host

Darth Atropes heir to The Dread master Calphayus and former lover of Bestia. commands the Remants togther with the Krath cult under her Apprentice Vandra Keto. and currently bound the spirits of Bestia and Brontes to her.

Lady Serpin commander of the Dread Fleet and second only to the Dreadmasters.

Kephess was a Trandoshan male mercenary leader and warlord at the time of the Cold War. He was the commander of the infamous mercenary unit, the Warstalkers.

Varrow was a male Human member of the Dread Host who held the position of Dread Guardsman during the Galactic War.

Ciphas was a male humanoid commander of the Dread Host during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Heirad was a male humanoid commander of the Dread Host during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Kel'sara was a female humanoid commander of the Dread Host during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Malora Pradon was a Human female Dread Commander of the Dread Host during the Dread War.

The Lord of Agony was a Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire that allied himself to the Dread Masters during the Great Galactic War.

Lord Tagriss was a male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire who at one point during the Galactic War pledged his loyalty to the Dread Masters.

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