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The Alpha Imperium

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The Alpha Imperium is a minor galactic power formed by dissidents from the Terran Empire, hidden away in the largely unexplored Alpha-7190 sector. The majority of the Imperium is comprised of two local species- the EereE and the Arshai. The Terran minority comprises of the ruling elite, though many EereE play important political roles, and the Arshai matriarchs still have some degree of power on their homeworld of Arsae. Other minorities consist of members of species that fled to Alpha-7190 alongside the Terrans, including small pockets of Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, Denobulans, and Tellarites, as well as a select few Betazoids and Trill.

//The Imperium controls most of what is EereE space in the Prime Universe.//

History of the Imperium (And Events Leading Up to Its Formation)

The Terran Rebellion:


Beginning of the Terran Rebellion Benjamin Sisko, first leader of the rebellion, is killed when his ship is destroyed Battle of Chin’tokaThe first large victory of the rebellion was not won by force as they were mostly a rag-tag group at this point. Instead, the rebels hacked the prototype orbital defence platforms orbiting the inhabited planets, devastating the unsuspecting Cardassian forces. 13 Ceti RevoltHearing news of the Terran Rebellion, Terran slaves on 13 Ceti attempt to revolt against their overseers. The revolt fails, and Jacques Lantier, father of Aldric and Annabelle Lantier (I), is killed. This prompts the siblings to join the rebellion after smuggling themselves out.


Battle of ElwingRebel sabotage disables a prototype Keldon-class cruiser near the Elwing system. Klingon-Cardassian Alliance vessels arrive to recapture the ship, but lose the battle when Terran reinforcements arrive. First Battle of Terok NorWith the new Keldon, the Terran ships distract Alliance forces while a slave uprising led by the Terrans seize control of Terok Nor. The Keldon is destroyed buying time for the rebel slaves. Second Battle of Terok NorThe Terran Rebellion constructs the ISS Defiant based on schematics of the Prime Universe Defiant class. The Defiant is used to defend Terok Nor from an Alliance counterattack.


Battle of ToronTerran forces carries out an ill-fated raid on a large trade convoy travelling through the Toron system. The outnumbered rebels attempts to use warp shadows to combat the Alliance escorts, but the Alliance had reworked their targeting system and destroys most of the Terran attackers. First Battle of Monac IVBy stealing transponder codes from the Monac Shipyards and applying them to captured Alliance vessels, Aldric Lantier makes the Alliance forces unable to distinguish between friend or foe, allowing him to easily take the shipyard. The success of this operation heralds Lantier’s rise to prominence.


Battle of LilsisAldric and Anna Lantier detonate the natural tekasite found in asteroids of the Lilsis system, causing a chain reaction that devastates the Alliance forces passing through. Lantier’s ships finish off or capture the remaining Alliance ships.


The Terran Rebellion captures Regent Worf Second Battle of Monac IVIn retribution for the capture of Regent Worf, the Alliance destroys the Monac Shipyards, striking a major blow to the Terrans.


Battle of Ricktor PrimeAlliance forces continue pushing back, taking Ricktor Prime and destroying all except one of the Terran affiliated ships located there. Siege of AR-558The Alliance besieges the barren planet of AR-558 in the Chin’toka system, where a major Terran military installation is located. Anna Lantier, sister of Aldric Lantier and lover of George Leveson-Scott, leads a force of only 100 soldiers to erase vital information in the Terran base. Upon completion of the mission, the rebel leader (later the first Emperor) refuses to risk more troops to rescue Anna, instead pulling all Terran forces out from the system. Anna’s death would cause both Aldric and George to resent the Emperor deeply. Massacre of Chin’tokaDuring the Terran evacuation of the Chin’toka system, they enact a brutal scorched earth policy by turning the orbital platforms on the inhabited planets of the system and devastating the populace.


Liberation of BetazedThe Alliance grows overconfident from their recent victories and put most of their efforts into bringing an end to the rebellion. While Alliance forces are busy pushing forward, General O’Brien uses rudimentary cloaking devices based the one from Regent Worf’s ship to sneak a Terran fleet past Alliance defences. The bootlegged cloaks short out after one use, but allow the Terrans to strike behind enemy lines. In a series of surprise attacks, O’Brien takes Betazed and the surrounding sector. Surrender of RisaHearing news that a Terran fleet has seized Betazed and is headed for Risa, the planet surrenders. First Battle of OrionAs General O’Brien’s fleet wreaks havoc, Lantier’s ships arrive to liberate Orion. However, their intel was incorrect and Lantier finds himself facing an overwhelming Alliance force. Lantier’s first attack results in a defeat.


Second Battle of OrionLantier and his most trusted fighters insert behind enemy lines, masquerading as slaves on the Orion homeworld. They locate the Orion slave of Captain K’Gar, the tactical brilliance behind the First Battle of Orion and manage to convince the slave to assassinate her master. K’Gar is murdered just as Terran ships begin their attack, throwing Alliance forces in disarray. The Terrans seize control of Orion. Battle of BomariUnder the command of General O’Brien, the Defiant single-handedly takes the Bomari system. The seizing of territory along the Alpha-Beta quadrant border effectively splits the Cardassian territories from the Klingon territories, massively reducing the Alliance’s power and influence.


Battle of AvenalNow losing to the Terrans, the Alliance makes several desperate attacks to retake Avenal in order to prevent Cardassian space from falling under total Terran control. They all fail miserably, only resulting in further losses for the Alliance.


Battle of CardassiaTerran forces move to lay siege to Cardassia Prime. The Alliance reroutes the bulk of their forces to intercept the Terran fleet, but when they arrive, they realize that most of the Terran ‘ships’ were probes emitting false warp signatures. The probes and small Terran task force were easily destroyed, but by then it was too late to redirect the Alliance ships that participated in the battle. Liberation of SolThe ‘Battle’ of Cardassia was a successful feint to get the Alliance to defend a location they deemed crucial. Meanwhile, the actual bulk of the Terran fleet utterly devastates the remainder of the Alliance forces stationed around Sol. Earth is reclaimed by humanity, and the Terran Empire is reborn.

Alpha Imperium History:


Lord George Leveson-Scott and Rear Admiral Aldric Lantier jointly propose a strategy to finish the Klingons and take Qo’noS. The Emperor rejects their plan and states that they will leave the Klingons alone to avoid more war so humanity can rebuild. Leveson-Scott and Lantier, who already hated the Emperor for letting Anna Lantier die, is now convinced that he is a coward unworthy of leadership.


George Leveson-Scott and Aldric Lantier attempts a coup, but are discovered before they can attempt assassination of the Emperor. They flee with all their followers into the unexplored space of the Alpha-7190 sector. After wandering throughout the quadrant, the revolutionaries encounter the Arshai, a local theocratic empire that had enslaved the avian EereE. They offered to trade the Terrans’ relatively advanced technology in exchange for a place on one of their colonies to settle.


With their experience from the Terran rebellion, George Leveson-Scott and Aldric Lantier begin influencing the EereE slaves to rebel against the Arshai. Meanwhile, the ex-Terran engineers work to ensure that all the technology they trade is provided with backdoors for them to access.


The EereE rebel against their overlords and with the Arshai using rigged military technology, the revolution was swift. In less than a year all the Arshai had surrendered. The EereE begin to rebuild their world. Having been led by the humans in obtaining their freedom, they accept George Leveson-Scott and the ex-Terrans as their leaders as long as they are given better lives than they had under the Arshai. With humans at the top, the EereE in the middle and the Arshai now subjugated, the Alpha Imperium was born.


Imperator George I of the House of Leveson-Scott, commonly referred to as the Imperator, becomes fearful of the new Grand Admiral Lantier’s power as most of the ex-Terran soldiers and a good number of the EereE were loyal to him. As such, the Imperator organized an ‘accident’ on board Admiral Lantier’s flagship, killing him and his family. However, Lantier’s newborn daughter, Annabelle Lantier II, is rescued to an escape pod in time. With the child bearing his former lover’s name, the Imperator performed an unusual act of mercy and spared the child, passing her off as his own so that she would be raised in a way worthy of her name, while keeping her true heritage secret so she would not vow revenge for her family.


Mischa Leveson-Scott II is born on March 15 of that year. The Imperial Spire, a massive tower built to be the centre of Imperium government, is constructed on the surface of the EereE homeworld. It is designed in the style of the EereE and built by Arshai labourers, and becomes the tallest structure on the planet.


A small group of Arshai attempt to start a revolution on their homeworld of Arsae. They are easily crushed in one day but their actions prompt the Imperium to build the Bastion, a heavily armed station in orbit of Arsae, to keep an eye on the Arshai.


Construction on the Bastion is completed.


Influx of resources as well as rumours of civil unrest among the lower classes of the EereE homeworld prompts the Imperium to construct a second Bastion above the EereE planet. The original Bastion is renamed the Arshai Bastion.


The EereE Bastion is completed. As enforcement of the EereE homeworld was not expected to be especially violent, the EereE Bastion is built to invoke fear rather than for practical military purposes. The interior is also rather fancy and becomes a sort of retreat for the royal family.


The Imperator reportedly falls ill and his public appearances dwindle in number.


The Imperator retreats into the EereE Bastion and is never seen by public eyes again, but continues ruling from the background. His exact status is unknown to most, though it is reassured that he is alive and well. His appearances in public are replaced by those of his daughters Anna and Mischa, who quickly begin to gain more influence and power throughout the Imperium.

Arshai and EereE have long influenced one another, and as a result their technology is based off the same concepts and principles. Arshai design, however, varies dramatically from that of the EereE. The difference in design is largely due to the uniqueness of the Arshai visual spectrum.

Arshai consoles on ships make use of buttons rather than touchscreen panels. While panels that emit in the infrared spectrum exist, they were phased out of military use as it was difficult for an EereE (many of whom filled the lower ranks in the

Arshai Theocracy) to switch to something they could see in a hurry. This proved problematic in emergency situations, thus buttons emitting different degrees of heat as well as light in the visible spectrum were used instead.

//A typical Arshai transport ship.//

While the Arshai can adapt to cold planets, as evident by their survival on their homeworld, their ships and buildings usually possess elaborate heating systems installed in the walls. This serves the dual function of providing a comfortable environment for other species as well as making the walls emit a high level of infrared radiation, rendering Arshai unable to see through them and guaranteeing a degree of privacy.

Arshai transports are a simple, modular design with cargo attached to a compressed spherical central area similar to the main hull of Starfleet’s Hope class science vessel.

The Inquisition

The Inquisition is an enforcement organization answering directly to the Imperator and the ruling family. The order is comprised solely of the most trusted members of the Imperium, with potential candidates being selected from the finest among the Imperium military, law enforcement, and honour guards. These candidates become Acolytes, who serve as entry-level Inquisitors until they are proven, at which point the Imperator (or a regent if he is unavailable) personally appoints them. //Emblem of the Inquisition under Imperator George I.//

Inquisitors are all required to have skill in combat, though many do not specialize in fighting, being known for abilities such as investigation and negotiation. The duty of an Inquisitor is to protect the people of the Imperium and maintain the social order (in other words, ensure the power of the ruling class). Inquisitors usually do not burden themselves with small-scale crimes, instead focusing on major violations such as attempted coups or rebellions. They are also known to root out corruption within lesser law enforcement groups that deal with everyday crimes. Inquisitors are allowed to be involved in military affairs, and are often used as representatives of the Imperator (or regents) on important missions.

The roots of the Inquisition are traced back to the Arshai Theocracy, where they served roughly the same purpose as personal agents of the rulers. Inquisitors then were solely Arshai and trained from childhood to be fiercely loyal. They were denied families or any personal attachments to ensure that they are loyal to the state alone. These Inquisitors were also much more focused on combat and were trained both physically and mentally to be ruthless killers. The original Inquisitors were almost completely wiped out when the EereE rebelled, as most refused to surrender. A select few of them remain, and even fewer continued on as Inquisitors.

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