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Vulcan/Klingon Hybrid





T'Paal, Vulcan







2408 - Joined Starfleet Academy

2412 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, majored in Starship Tactics and minored in Weapon Systems. Assigned to the U.S.S. Dante as weapons officer

2413 - Helped resolve security incident aboard the Dante involving an escaped prisoner

2414 - Advised captain in the Dante's disabling of two True Way vessels attempting to conduct a terror attack; stated to be primary reason for promotion in 2415

2415 - Promoted to Lt. JG and transferred to Deep Space 515, later transferred to the U.S.S. Star Knight

2416 - Dishonourably discharged from Starfleet


Born on November 15, 2390 to K'Leth and T'Mira, T'Vek was forcibly conceived when the U.S.S. El'nar was boarded. The El'nar, on which T'Mira was posted as a science officer, was investigating Klingon attacks in Gorn territory. The raid on the El'nar did not claim any lives and was thus covered up diplomatically. T'Mira returned to Vulcan and following the Vulcan principle of IDIC, decided to keep the child. T'Vek was born later that year; her name a mixture of Vulcan and Klingon.

T'Mira returned to Starfleet one year afterwards, raising T'Vek on board the U.S.S. Waterloo. Though primarily raised according to Vulcan traditions, T'Mira insisted that she be educated in Klingon ways as well, and was taught Klingon tradition by Lieutenant M'Kor, a security officer aboard the Waterloo.

After war broke out with the Klingon Empire, the U.S.S.Waterloo was attacked, prompting T'Mira to resign from Starfleet and take an instructor position at the Vulcan Science Academy in order to raise T'Vek more safely. Nevertheless, T'Mira encouraged T'Vek to pursue a career in Starfleet, but she decided to apply for the Vulcan Science Academy and was rejected.

To prove herself as Vulcan as any other, T'Vek underwent the Rite of Tal'oth in 2408. She discovered her true potential after driving a group of Sehlats into a Le-matya and stealing the food of both parties while they fought. Later that year, she applied to Starfleet as a tactical cadet.


  • T'Mira | | [maternal]

Medical File

Outdated: Accurate as of Stardate 93517.73

Name: T'Vek

Species: 1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Klingon

Age: 25

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 169 lbs.

Physical Description:

Due to her Klingon heritage, T'Vek has a slightly heavier frame than the average Vulcan female. She displays both the pointed ears and brows of Vulcans and faint but visible Klingon ridges. The ridges are also present down her back and on her feet, but less prominently than is found in Klingons. Her skin tone is closer to that of Klingons, but lighter than that of the average Klingon (this shade can also be found in Vulcan skin, albeit more rarely).


Blood: T'Vek possesses Vulcan copper based blood, and examination shows that this blood has no difference with that of other Vulcans. Blood transfusion with Vulcans is thus possible.

Bone Structure: T'Vek's bone structure appears to be the same as Klingons, with bone density lower than that of Vulcans but still quite high.

Muscular Structure: The muscle structure of T'Vek is more ambiguous. It appears to possess traits from both Vulcan and Klingon physiology. In general, her strength appears to be on par with Vulcans.

Neural Pathways: Some redundant neural functions are present in T'Vek's nervous system, but there are noticible differences to both Klingons and Vulcans. She seems to possess some Vulcan telepathic abilities, but has not yet attempted techniques such as the mind meld.

Body Temperature: T'Vek's body temperature is generally around that of Vulcans and she prefers hot environments, as she is susceptible to the cold.

Heart: T'Vek's heart is located in the same position as that of a Vulcan but is eight chambered, like a Klingon's. She also possesses the same amount of ribs as Vulcans, but her heart is slightly bigger, which makes for a weak spot as the ribs do not offer it as much protection as it does for a Vulcan's heart.

Lungs: Like Klingons, T'Vek possesses a third lung, but in general, each lung seems to be slightly less efficient compared to that of a typical Vulcan. With all three lungs functioning, she has impressive stamina, though she can still survive with two.

Liver: T'Vek's liver has no difference to that of other Vulcans.

Stomach: Like Vulcans, T'Vek only has one stomach. The difference with a typical Vulcan stomach is minute.

Reproductive System: There is little discernible difference from the Vulcan reproductive system, save for lactation system, which appears to be Klingon in origin.

Senses: T'Vek has sensitive hearing, taste and smell like that of other Vulcans. Smell is especially sensitive due to being female.

Other Notes: T'Vek grew at a much faster rate than Vulcans, akin to (but not exactly) the growth rate of a Klingon. In comparison to Vulcans, T'Vek's maturity at ten years old was similar to that of a regular sixteen year old. She also requires a diet consisting of meat and cannot sustain a Vulcan vegetarian diet. A typical human diet should be sufficient; a Klingon diet is not recommended.

Medical History

From age one to four, T'Vek suffered from minor heart issues due to her unusual heart structure and positioning. The issues subsided at the age of four and have not resurfaced since. During her childhood on the U.S.S. Waterloo, she was also treated for scent sensitivity due to the presence of numerous other species on board the starship. These problems resurfaced upon contact with other species at Starfleet Academy and subsequent postings and treatment is currently prescribed to numb her sense of smell.

T'Vek has suffered surprisingly few injuries, likely a result of her Klingon resilience. At the age of ten, T'Vek broke a metacarpal in her left hand from training with her Klingon instructor. Another training incident in Starfleet Academy resulted in a fractured ulna in her right forearm (the fracturing may be a result of having lower bone density than other Vulcans). Both were treated by medical personnel without any complications. T'Vek also suffered a minor phaser burn on her left thigh during a security issue on the U.S.S. Dante.

T'Vek underwent pon farr at the age of 21. Mating was attempted, but resulted in the near-death of her partner, which appears to have resolved the blood fever.

Psychological Profile

On the surface, T'Vek is unusually calm and unemotional. Following the Vulcan ways, T'Vek supresses her emotions and relies on logic to make her decisions. She does not seem to resent her Klingon heritage, and shows a fascination with Klingon culture (as well as the culture of other species). However, she does appear to be conflicted about her nature; though she accepts some aspects of her Klingon traits such as an aptitude for combat (or as she prefers to call it, an aptitude for combat scenarios), she represses her more emotional traits.

Nevertheless, T'Vek still displays an interest in combat which can be described as strictly academic, that is, she is interested in combat techniques and battle tactics rather than the raw emotion of the fight. She also has a utilitarian view of combat; T'Vek believes that combat is only worthwhile if it produced some form of positive result. This could be compared to the Klingon view on combat, as honor can be seen as a positive result if one values it, though it is known that Klingons also value combat for the thrill of it. In general, she holds the Vulcan view that violence can be justified by logic, but non-violent actions are usually preferable.

T'Vek appears to have a distaste for intimacy, likely as a result of the events of her pon farr. She was not willing to discuss the subject further.

When it comes to morality, T'Vek follows Vulcan principles with one exception. In tactical decisions, T'Vek follows Sun Tzu's maxim of "All warfare is based on deception," and expresses no reluctance to lie or deceive when it comes to military strategy. This seems to be because she believes it is logically justified to use falsehood under such circumstances. She distinguishes combat from other situations, and like most Vulcans, would hesitate to lie when it comes to personal or professional matters.

As a whole, T'Vek is psychologically stable due to her Vulcan discipline. Although displaying an interest in combat and tactics, there is no trace of over-aggressiveness or violent behavior. If there is any such Klingon traits present, they are kept in check and should not be an issue.

DPS Employee File

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