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Comms Technician | USS Valley Forge


LC-248-7538 SXD



Vulcan / Orion Hybrid




62637.6 [21st August 2385]


Raal Province, Vulcan











2402 | Enlisted in Starfleet; Operations Specialist

2403 | Posted to Utopia Planetia; New Build Technician

2405 | Promoted to Chief Specialist

2407 | Promoted to Senior Chief Specialist

2408 | Reassigned to Utopia Planetia Communications Centre

2410 | Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class

2411 | Redeployed as Team Lead; Utopia Planetia Communications Centre

2413 | Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class

2415 | Posted to USS Valley Forge as Communications Technician

2417 | Promoted to Chief Petty Officer

2420 | Sponsored by CAPT Se'Lai for conversion to commissioned rank


T'Quila was born of arguably unfortunate circumstances when a research vessel her mother was serving on got captured by the Orion Syndicate; many of the surviving crew being cast into slavery. T'Quila's mother - T'Rel - however, caught the attention of the cell's Tahedrin (Patriarch) - Valov. Valov was the ruthless leader of J'Hordakkar's (the House of Shadows') main fesin, and an infamous figurehead within the circles of the Orion Syndicate. Nobody knows the true nature of her parents relationship to this day, as her mother always evaded the topic.

Raised as the single child of her stoic Vulcan mother within the confines of as traditional an environment as could be bestowed upon a young Vulcan on the modern homeworld; T'Quila has always embraced that side of her heritage with ferocity - an Orion ferocity thanks to the other side of her heritage. Knowing from an early age that she was different to other Vulcan children, not simply for her distinctly green-tinted skintone; but also for her volatile temperament, T'Quila has always worked tirelessly to prove herself a true Vulcan - to herself as much as those around her, most notably her mother. Despite being raised to follow the path of logic, when she came of age and began to mature into a young woman, her Orion side began to surface more distinctly which became distinctly problematic when she experienced her first pon farr. As time passed, she came to accept this aspect of herself, but in doing so realized that she would never possess the temperament of her mother; a perceived requirement for her youthful dream of joining her mother at the Vulcan Science Academy. With this realization came the pursuit of an alternate life - one in which she would not feel such an outsider due to her heritage - and so she enlisted in Starfleet at a young age.

Despite possessing the intellect to pass officer training at the Academy, T'Quila lived in fear of being ruled by her more volatile Orion side and so opted for a more humble service as a technician. Within this environment she found acceptance, and even came to embrace her mixed heritage. Eventually progressing to specialize in communications, T'Quila carved out a steady career - first as an operator, then team lead - for the local communications centre at the Utopia Planetia Shipyards in the Sol System. It was here where she learned of a kindred spirits of sorts, at least so the rumour mill indicated. T'Quila learned that a refit project nearing commissioning at the time was destined for the command of Vulcan captain who had something of a reputation for being open about her emotions and proudly calling herself v'tosh ka'tur. This piqued T'Quila's interest and she seized the opportunity to meet with the captain - one T'Keel Se'Lai - at a pre-commission review of the Valley Forge's refit. From this meeting T'Quila struck an instant chord with the young captain - only a few years more senior to herself - and found herself in admiration of the petite senior officer; proof to all that Vulcans living with emotions could reach the same level of achievement as those who walk the path of logic. T'Quila immediately took the offered posting as Communications Technician to the Valley Forge; a rare posting of an NCO to a bridge station, and has served faithfully under captain T'Keel since that day and growing into a senior and respected member of the long term crew.

Despite being known among the Valley Forge's crew as one of the more outgoing and friendly people on the ship, few actually know of T'Quila's personal life as she is surprisingly reclusive; often spending her free time locked away in her quarters with just her pet Sehlat cub for company. Though this is offset by frequent group social activities with her shipmates, she remains to this day as something of an enigma which is often the source of fond speculation among her fellow NCO's. On the rare occasion that she has been coaxed into sharing about herself with her fellow shipmates - from examples such as Daz' infamous card game 'Bare Truth' - T'Quila has revealed (not just most of her green flesh from a succession of losing hands) a fondness for literature (though without elaborating on what type) as well as the presence of a tattoo somewhere on her person, though where exactly remains a mystery despite Daz' best efforts through card games and such.


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