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Sulayman Ibn Tariq al Firawn

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CO | USS al-Haytham


YJ-68-3315 STF







68678.2 (5 SEP 2391)


Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Earth











2412| Graduated Starfleet Academy with honours in Astrosciences

- Promoted to Ensign - science officer, USS Salahuddin

2413| Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

- Switched departments to Medical, worked as a battlefield doctor.

- Awarded the Starfleet Surgeons Decoration

2414| Promoted to Lieutenant.

- Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS al-Haytham

2416| Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

- Promoted to First Officer, USS al-Haytham

- Awarded the Starfleet Zefram Cochrane Medal of Excellence

- Transferred with USS al-Haytham to DS 13

- Awarded the Prentares Ribbon of Commendation

2417| Awaded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation

- Awarded the Prentares Ribbon of Commendation

- Awarded the Zefram Cochrane Medal of Excellence

2418| Made Commanding Officer, USS al-Haytham

- Promoted to Commander


Sulayman Ibn Tariq al Firawn is the eldest son of an Arabian merchant, with a long family history. Though living a rich and fairly privileged life, his parents did not spoil their child, teaching him tolerance and kindness. Sulayman was taught at an early age that hard work was key to life, and this is something that stuck with him. A naturally inquisitive and gifted boy, he had memorised the Quran by age 7, being brought up and raised as a devout Muslim, something that he is proud of, his religion helping shape his ways and actions.

It was his devotion to his religion that made Sulayman decide to go into science; the longing to discover the workings of the universe God had created pushed him to become the first in his family to apply to Starfleet Academy. He was accepted instantly, another first for the family, and Sulayman worked harder and diligently throughout his academic life. It was here though, Sulayman's problem arose, though he did not know it. His devotion to academia meant he had little time to develop his social skills. However, his hard work paid off, and in 2412, he graduated the Academy, top in his class, setting records in every single test he took. He was assigned as a science officer on the USS Salahuddin, where his stellar rise continued. In a year, he was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) where he switched departments from science to medicine, since the Salahuddin was posted on the front lines of the Iconian War. Sulayman worked as a frontline medical doctor and was awarded the Starfleet Surgeons Decoration along with a promotion by the end of 2414.

Following this promotion, he was pulled away from the frontlines and worked as the Chief Science Officer on the USS al-Haytham, where he once again excelled. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, received a whole suite of medals when the al-Haytham ended her tour in 2416. Following this, the USS al-Haytham had a complete reshuffle, with most of her old crew being transferred and an entirely new crew compliment, along with a new Captain. Captain V'Lala saw something in the young man and offered him a chance to stay on the al-Haytham as her First Officer, something that Sulayman readily accepted.

Captain V'Lala runs a very loose hand on the ship, often leaving Sulayman in charge of all but the most complex command decisions, preferring to let the young man develop his command skills and watching. Her decision to send Sulayman to DS 13 early when the al-Haytham was in drydock in late 2416, following a near-fatal explosion due to an accident in the science labs, was so that Sulayman had a chance to develop his social skills before the al-Haytham arrived in February 2417. Her plan, though unbeknownst to Sulayman, worked like a charm. Sulayman's skills developed and within a few months, though still not perfect, Sulayman had changed drastically. On the 17th March 2417, he married Jung "Eunha" Eunbi, in a small private ceremony, officiated by Eunha's grandmother. Eunha and Sulayman had been dating each other since December, and after Eunha fell pregnant with their child, they decided the best thing for them would be to get engaged, and eventually marry. Their family was never to start however, as the baby died a few months into the pregnancy due to a chromosome inbalance.

The sadness was temporary as soon after, Captain V'Lala retired leaving Sulayman to take over as acting, then permanent CO. Eunha was pregnant with another child and this one, Jungkook al-Firawn was born on the 2nd February 2418, a healthy baby boy. During the 2418 Spring Awards, Sulayman was also promoted to Commander.


  • MATERNAL Layla Elyounoussi Human, Earth, Teacher

  • PATERNAL Tariq ibn Umar al Firawn Human, Earth, Merchant

  • SIBLING Zaynab al Firawn Sister, 17, Earth

  • SIBLING Hamza al Firawn Brother, 14, Earth

  • SPOUSE Jung "Eunha" Eunbi Counsellor, DS13

  • CHILD Suho ibn Sulayman al Firawn (Deceased)

  • CHILD Jungkook ibn Sulayman al Firawn (born 2nd Feb 2418)


Wedding Day

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