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Starfleet Elite Joint Operations Command

"The only easy day was yesterday"


FADM Owen Skye


Earth, Fort Bragg


HQ Staff: ~ 2,500


Functional Combat Command, Special Operations


Provide fully capable special operations forces to defend the United Federation of Planets and its interests, along with planning and organisation against hostile networks.


The Starfleet Elite Joint Operations Command (SFEJOCOM or JSOC) is the unified command charged with overseeing the various special operations carried out by Starfleet.

SFEJOCOM conducts several covert and clandestine missions, such as direct action, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defence, unconventional warfare, psychological warfare, civil affairs, and counter-narcotics operations. Each branch has a Special Operations Command that is unique and capable of running its own operations, but when the different special operations forces need to work together for an operation, SFEJOCOM becomes the joint component command of the operation, instead of a SOC of a specific branch.

SFEJOCOM is made up of Starfleet Special Operations Forces along with support and admin units for managing these forces, along with working alongside Starfleet Office of Intelligence to analyse threats and generate strategies to counter these threats and to reduce the likelihood of these threats becoming actionable via the use of special operations and deterrence.

Military Assault Operations Command (MACO)

"The only easy day was yesterday" MACOs have distinguished themselves as an individually reliable, collectively disciplined and highly skilled special operations force. MACOs are experts in direct action and special reconnaissance missions. Their stealth and clandestine methods of operation allow them to conduct multiple missions against targets that larger forces cannot approach undetected. Because of the dangers inherent in their missions, prospective MACOs go through what is considered by many military experts to be the toughest training regime in the federation. MACOs are Starfleet's primary special operations force, and because of this, they are trained to operate in all environments. MACO Teams are attached to Naval Special Warfare Groups (NSWG) of which there are always two groups on permanent assignment to each quadrant that Starfleet is operating in, another group on special attachment direct to SFEJOCOM for tasking throughout and beyond Federation Space, with more groups attached to areas of combat or fleet groups on a basis of need. MACO Teams MACO Teams rarely deploy alongside another MACO Teams except during wartime while part of a Joint Task Force (JTF) as part of a Special Operations Task Force (SOTF). Each MACO Team (or "squadron") is commanded by a Navy commander (O-5) and has eight operational MACO platoons and a headquarters element. Operationally, the "Team" is divided into two to four 40-man "task units" (or "troops"). Each task unit consists of a headquarters element consisting of a task unit commander, typically a lieutenant commander (O-4), a task unit senior enlisted (E-8 ), a targeting/operations officer (O-2/3) and a targeting/operations leading/chief petty officer (E-6/7). Under the HQ element are two to four MACO platoons of 16 men (two officers and 14 enlisted MACOs); a company-sized combat service support (CSS) and/or combat support (CS) consisting of staff N-codes (Main branch of Starfleet use S-codes); N1 Administrative support, N2 Intelligence, N3 Operations, N4 Logistics, N5 Plans and Targeting, N6 Communications, N7 Training, and N8 Air/Medical. The Team would also have other SFEJOCOM units attached to it as well in the form of a team sized SOTF, operationally referred to as a Special Operations Team (SOT), this would include Starfleet Intelligence officers and operators from the Special Tactics Wing. Each 16-man platoon can be task organised for operational purposes into two 8-man squads, of four 4-man fire teams, or eight 2-man sniper/reconnaissance teams. The size of each MACO "Team," or "squadron," with two to four task units (containing a total of eight platoons) and support staff is approximately 300 personnel. The typical MACO platoon has an OC (officer commanding, usually a lieutenant (O-3) who leads the first element, a platoon 2i/c (Second in Command, usually an LTJG) who commands the second element, a platoon chief (E-7/E-8 ), an element leader (E-6) and two Navy SARCs (E-5). The remaining members of the squad are operators (E-4 to E-6) with their speciality skills in ordinance, communications, diving, medical. MACO Ranks MACOs use the standard Starfleet Navy Ranks bar their enlisted petty officer ranks which are a variation due to their special forces status, as their official rank, but due to their history as a separate organisation, they are allowed to use the old style of rank at the discretion of their base and team commanding officer. E-9 | Master Chief Special Warfare Operator | SOCM E-8 | Senior chief special warfare operator | SOCS E-7 | Chief special warfare operator | SOC E-6 | Special warfare operator, first class | SO1 E-5 | Special warfare operator, second class | SO2 E-4 | Special warfare operator, third class | SO3

Intelligence Support Activity

"Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincit" ("Truth Overcomes All Bonds") The Starfleet Navy Intelligence Support Activity (SFNISA), frequently shortened to Intelligence Support Activity or Mission Support Activity is a Starfleet Special Operations unit of Starfleet Intelligence attached to SFEJOCOM, it is tasked to collect actionable intelligence in advance of missions by other SF special operations forces. The role they provide withing SFEJOCOM is direct intelligence reporting, field analysis along with Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) for field operations and coordination with other Starfleet Office of Intelligence operatives in the field.

Special Tactics Wing

"Volare Optimos!" ("To fly the Best!") "Night Stalkers don't quit!" The Special Tactics Wing is the aerial component of SFEJOCOM. The STW provides special operations airmen for the Joint Special Operations Command, including Combat Controllers, Special Operations Weather Technicians, Pararescuemen, and Tactical Air Control Party personnel, along with pilots for Special Operations Missions.

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