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Starfleet Deep Space Exploratory Corps.

"To the stars boldly go, into the wings of the faithful"


ADM Enelya Torin


Earth Spacedock, Deck 32


HQ Staff: ~ 5000


Functional Command, Fleet Coordination Hub


To drive the central ethos of Starfleet and the Federation through the exploration of previously unmapped territory.


The Starfleet Deep Space Exploratory Corps is a department within Starfleet (also sometimes referred to as the Exploratory Division)

This corps was responsible for the charting and exploring of space in and out of Federation territory. The movement of personnel in and out of this corps was governed by the Starfleet Transfer Regulations. Promotion in the corps was considered for eligibility by the Deep Space Corps Selection Board. The Starfleet crewmembers of the USS Enterprise-D were in this corps.

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