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ST:TTV324 | "Once Upon a Time..."

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Stardate 95262.9

"Once upon a time there were two little princesses. Like all good little princesses they grew up within the halls of their father's fortress. Their father - known to his subjects simply as 'The Imperator' - delivered on the age old promise of building a new Imperium for his beloved little princesses to rule over; far from the scrutiny of the complacent Terran Empire, where they could amass their forces and rule absolute. But then one day, many years ago now, The Imperator fell deathly ill and had to forego all public appearances; leaving such regal duties his little princesses. Such wonderful little princesses they were; executing their father's will in his absence - as well as his enemies - holding their Imperium together and continuing to expand it's realm of influence, and all while working together in perfect harmony..."


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