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ST:TTV317 | "Just Another Day"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Stardate (various)

With the Valley Forge taking up position around Forged Earth while awaiting the arrival of a dedicated research team to relieve them of their efforts surrounding the newly discovered Iconian gateway, the crew are granted an extended period of time to explore side projects, shore leave & personal endeavours.


Part 1: Continuing the currently hot theme around the ship of geological surveys, LTJG Minatozaki heads up a team to collect samples from Newsa - the third planet in the Forged Earth system and a site of possible interest for a new mining colony.

Part 2: With a wealth of exciting new samples gathered from across the system, LTJG Minatozaki has plenty to do in the lab, but can ENS Monnir hold pace?

Part 3: Having exhausted her mineral samples - and her lab assistant - LTJG Minatozaki turns her attention towards the holodeck as she is joined by personnel from across the ship to engage in a randomly generated shuttle crash survival scenario

Part 4: In the adjoining holodeck, LCDR Laski is joined by an equally diverse sampling of the crew for some good old fashioned downtime and a change of scenery

Part 5: Can an innocent conversation all the way back on DS13 possibly be influenced by the actions of the Valley Forge crew during this time? Mia certainly seems to think so, perhaps there was more to her giggling fit on the holodeck than her shipmantes knew...

Part 6: Satisfied by her efforts both on and off the ships. Mia settles for the evening to enjoy a less than engaging game of chess against herself. Though none can match the pace of her matches against the AI of her drone, can LCDR Keliaya throw her with a more intuitive game?

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