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ST:PRE101 | "Precipice"

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Keelah@crystyll FX | Officers and crew gather in holodeck 1, per the elusive open invitation from the Captain. Wild speculation has the gathered crowd in a tiz as to the nature of the Captain's surprise, with only + Keelah@crystyll: + a select few already knowing what she has in store. Keelah@crystyll stands at a podium in front of the crowd in the unrendered holodeck, speaking quietly with Mia; both happy and smiling and in high a spirits as the rest of the room Keelah@crystyll waits for the room to settle and taps her PADD on the podium to gain attention. As the crowd quietens, she leans against the podium, folding her hands and looking around the room with a smile Ann Carter@anncarise stands and listens intently, trying to look as formal as she can while the Captain speaks. Keelah@crystyll: "Well... four years. Who would have thought; when this crew first came together four years ago, that we would be standing here now" Keelah@crystyll: "Friends, family; every one of you. To each other, and to me. Four years ago, almost to the day; I laid in my bunk back on DS13, sleepless with anxiety about my first command" Keelah@crystyll looks around thoughtfully, "I still remember taking a shuttle over here for that first visit, and watching each of you report in that day - ready and eager to embark on our voyage together - our + Keelah@crystyll: + first mission" Keelah@crystyll: "And now here we stand, four years later; celebrating our 100th mission together as a crew. This is special day indeed, and one I don't mind admitting how proud I am to see us achieving" Keelah@crystyll: "I knew when we set off on our current deployment that we would likely see this anniversary during this tour, and have been thinking hard on how best to mark the occasion" Keelah@crystyll: "As many of you are well aware; in preparation for this journey, I turned to history..." chuckles, "...blame my husband's influence for that" Keelah@crystyll: "Hours poring over logs from Starfleet's finest explorers; Pike, Kirk, Picard, Janeway to name but a few..." Keelah@crystyll: "Until one day I looked up from my console and saw a reminder that I need not look so far afield for such inspiration. For as renowned throughout Starfleet history as names like Enterprise and + Keelah@crystyll: + Voyager are. They are not alone... and Valley Forge stands as tall and proud as any of them" Keelah@crystyll smiles, "Yes, you may realise by now that I speak of Zee's drawings that adorn my office wall; every vessel for the last 500 years to carry the name; each with it's own wealth of experience + Keelah@crystyll: + lessons to learn from. And therein is where I found my muse for this celebration" Keelah@crystyll: "For what better way to mark this milestone in our own journey, than by remembering those who came before us. Those whose legacy we continue every day" Keelah@crystyll: "So now, with a very special thank you to Mia who was worked relentlessly compiling this special program for us; lovingly recreating actual events and real officers with her own special flavour of + Keelah@crystyll: + holoprogramming... Officers of the Valley Forge; my friends. It is my honour to present to you..." Keelah@crystyll taps her PADD and the holodeck shimmers with a loading program... Keelah@crystyll smiles, watching the room come into view, "...the USS Valley Forge!" Keelah@crystyll FX | As the 23c bridge renders around them, the guests would all find themselves wearing holoprojected period uniforms as well Keelah@crystyll: "But why another romanticisation of 23rd century Starfleet, I sense you all wonder" she chuckles Keelah@crystyll: "After all, we already have an exciting holonovel series from our sister ship - the Lexington, don't we!" Keelah@crystyll straightens her uniform with a thoughtful smile as she runs a hand across the bridge railing Keelah@crystyll: "Truth be told, you can call it a happy coincidence" Keelah@crystyll: "After opening myself to the idea of exploring the missions of our predecessors and reading logs from previous Valley Forge's, this one stood out in particular for our purposes here" Keelah@crystyll: "Unlike 'Lexington Adventures', this is no mere linear holonovel series. What Mia has created for us here is something that I hope will serve a greater purpose to our whole crew as time progresses on+ Keelah@crystyll: + our current mission. Since we know nothing of how long we will be isolated as we are, this program has been created to provide a thoughtful escape; a fully immersed world that will exist in it's + Keelah@crystyll: + own consistent timeline. An alternate social venue, if you like" Keelah@crystyll looks to Mia, "So again Mia, thank you for all your hard work in compiling this program for us. I am sure everyone is as excited as I am to see it in action" Keelah@crystyll | Mia flushes, grinning, "Thank you mon Capitaine. We hope you all enjoy it also!" Ann Carter@anncarise claps for Mia! Ann Carter@anncarise pause shortly after remembering the Captain was here, but still more than enough time for others to pick up the clap. Keelah@crystyll applauds Mia's efforts as well, encouraging the rest of the crowd to join in Ann Carter@anncarise continues clapping as Keelah does. Keelah@crystyll waits for the applause to settle, "Now then, how about we see what this old girl can do! To your stations, I think the Captain is on his way!" she grins a little, heading for a side console Ann Carter@anncarise takes the helm! Keelah@crystyll | TQ takes her comms station, while Lennie - after a quick kiss on Ann's cheek - makes a beeline for her Spock-o-scope, while Keelah gets comfortable at engineering Keelah@crystyll | Silvestrie pitches up next to Ann, while Kazra looks around - a little lost - whispering to Mia, "Where's medical?" Keelah@crystyll | Mia giggles, "Oh non, Ms. Kazra! There is no medical station on the bridge now, you can just loiter by the Capitaine's side with us!" Keelah@crystyll FX | As other guests filter off around the ship, npc's appear and the program commences with the bridge coming to life Keelah@crystyll cracks her knuckles, working her way across the retro console. She looks up with a warm smile as T'Pia appears at her side, "Well look at you, yeoman" she chuckles Keelah@crystyll | TP smiles, giving a fanciful twirl, "I can't believe Starfleet used to wear uniforms like this back then!" Ann Carter@anncarise chuckles, "It's real different from wha' we have now, isn't it? Even the colours ain't the same!" Keelah@crystyll laughs more, "I don't know, it's not so hard to believe really. You should ask your grandmother about it the next time you speak" Keelah@crystyll | TP turns to Ann, "I /know/ right! This colour swap is going to take a lot of getting used to..." Ann Carter@anncarise: "Took me a while when I first started doin' the Lex ones! Least it's not too crazy, like Science wearin' white or somethin'..." Keelah@crystyll: "We're not far off that period history you know, it could happen..." Keelah@crystyll | Lennie meanwhile is snickering mischeviously as she whispers something to Mia, producing a playful giggle Ann Carter@anncarise: "Yeah...I thought I saw somethin' like tha' in the old historical pics..." Keelah@crystyll | TQ sits back, staring oddly at her console before poking one of the buttons. She leans in, poking it again tentatively before.... picking it up and eating it" Ann Carter@anncarise looks to TQ: "I'm preeetty sure the tech o' this period ain't supposed to be edible, though..." Keelah@crystyll | TQ: "Mmm... jellybuttons, now I get it!" she pokes another one and pouts when it doesn't feel so squishy and edible Keelah@crystyll | Lennie and Mia burst out laughing Ann Carter@anncarise laughs and notices Lennie and Mia, "Ya put tha' there, didn't you?" Keelah@crystyll | TQ spins around in fluster, not realizing she had anyone else's attention, "Wha? I... dammit, Lennie!" she scowls before laughing herself Keelah@crystyll sits back quietly, an arm around T'Pia as she kisses her lightly on the forehead, "And just like that; it all becomes worthwhile" she notes quietly to her daughter Keelah@crystyll FX | the turbolift door opens and a Human male wearing a bold yellow tunic with Captain cuffs strides onto the bridge, taking his seat in the centre Keelah@crystyll | TQ promptly tries to stop her laughing and show serious, "Captain on deck!" Ann Carter@anncarise tries to appear more formal as well as she looks to the TOS captain. Keelah@crystyll | CAPT Jameson: "breathes deeply, looking around with a confident air about him, "Status?" Ann Carter@anncarise: "We're by a remote part o' the Klingon border, Cap'n. Flyin' at warp three." Keelah@crystyll | Lennie: "All quiet on sensors Cap'n" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson: "Good" looks to Keelah, "Status of the new computer systems?" Keelah@crystyll bloops a few jellybuttons, "Functioning at peak efficieny... Captain" Keelah@crystyll smiles quietly to herself, seeming to enjoy being away from centre stage for once Keelah@crystyll | Jameson grunts, shifting in his seat, "Of course they are... I know I keep asking, but I don't like being the prototype for this newfangled duotronic stuff..." Keelah@crystyll turns with a fond smile, "Fear not Captain, we have a close on eye on it and from what I know to date; this is set to be a staple for the next generation of starship computers" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson grunts again, looking between Mia and Kazra, "Doctor, yeoman. Not got better things to do?" Keelah@crystyll | Mia smiles sweetly, handing him a report pad, "Just waiting for your signature, mon Capitaine!" Keelah@crystyll | Kazra flusters a little, "I, err... well no, not really. Besides, you can't see what's going on from sickbay" Keelah@crystyll | TQ chuckles before spinning around to investigate a flashing light from her console. She pops her earpiece in, awkwardly, before piping up, "Captain, I'm picking up a general hail on the emergency+ Keelah@crystyll: + frequency" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson looks around, "Put it through" Keelah@crystyll | TQ bloops and the viewscreen shifts from the starfield at warp to a highly staticy image. The profile of a Starfleet officer can just about be made out Keelah@crystyll FX | "...peat, to an-... in range... -base K6, we a-... -eed immedi-... -ease, help u-... oh, God no! No, plea-..." Ann Carter@anncarise checks the location of any bases designated K6. Ann Carter@anncarise: "K6....tha's one o' our stations on the border with the Klingons." Keelah@crystyll | TQ: "Signal verified, Captain. It's coming from that vicinity" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson: "Helm, alter course to K6. Maximum warp. Comms, try and get them back" Keelah@crystyll | TQ nods, tapping away, "Station K6, this is the USS Valley Forge. Please respond..." Ann Carter@anncarise nods and taps her jellybuttons, "Now on our way to K6, Cap'n." Keelah@crystyll busies herself with TP's help, managing the warp drive and power regulation Keelah@crystyll | Jameson looks to Lennie: "What's the status of K6?" Keelah@crystyll | Lennie speaks from her Spock-o-scope, "Not a lot t'say from long range scans, Cap'n. It's there, an' nothin' else nearby wha' I can see. But tha's about it" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson: "I've a feeling I already know the answer to this, but... any other vessels in range?" Keelah@crystyll | Lennie checks again and turns, shaking her head, "Nobody else's out this far, it seems. We'se on our own" Ann Carter@anncarise: "We're almost there. Approachin' in two minutes." Ann Carter@anncarise taps her buttons as she prepares the ship to drop out of warp... Keelah@crystyll | Jameson: "Standby tactical; yellow alert. I'm not taking any chances this close to the border" Keelah@crystyll | Silvestrie nods, "Aye Sir!" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson looks again to TQ, "Anything...?" Keelah@crystyll | TQ looks back, shaking her head quietly, but continues trying still Ann Carter@anncarise: "Exitin'" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson: "On screen. Give me a full scan of the area" Ann Carter@anncarise keeps a hand on the jellybuttons ready to go evasive if the Klingons decide to be sneaky. Keelah@crystyll FX | the viewscreen opens again to show the rapidly approaching station come into focus: Keelah@crystyll | Jameson leans forward, studying the image, "What the hell happened here...?" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Somethin's definitely made a mess o' this station..." she looks to Lennie, "We can probably tell from the damage if it's the Klingons, right?" Keelah@crystyll | Lennie scans: "Ya'd think, sweets... Scans is inconclusive. I'se got no lifesign readin's on board an' nothin' in sensor range across th'system" Keelah@crystyll checks her readouts too, "Outer pods are drastically reduced in structural integrity, central core seems intact. I have stable power readings from the main core too" Keelah@crystyll | Lennie adds: "Atmosphere's holdin' at th'central core too. Ain't gettin' near them outer pods though without EVA" she shudders at the thought Keelah@crystyll | TQ: "Still nothing on comms, Captain. Not even static, they're just... silent" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Wha' 'bout any sign o' bodies? Can we tell if everyone died, or just...disappeared?" Keelah@crystyll | Lennie: "Can't say, somethin' givin' a lotta interference 'ere. May be th'local asteroid belt, hard t'say" Keelah@crystyll | Jameson, "Alright, helm; take us into a geosync position. I want an away team standing by in the transporter room to investigate" Ann Carter@anncarise nods, "Aye Cap'n. Movin' into position." Keelah@crystyll | Kazra leaps into action, "On it, Captain!" making her way to the turbolift with many others eager to see the adventure unfold Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | The away team materialize on the station transporter pad, though it is a noticably rougher beam in than expected. The view greeting them is one of disarray with extensive damage everywhere, but+ Emma Ralde@crystyll + not a body in sight Ann Carter@anncarise: "Looks like everyone really did disappear..." Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "Wouldn't be the first time this has happened to Starfleet..." Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "I suspect there was an attack. If something could just make everyone vanish, there'd be no need to wreck the station like this." Ann Carter@anncarise: "Maybe everyone was disintegrated. Or whoever did it just wanted to make a point..." Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie pulls out her tricorder, "Not readin' any biosigns on board 'sides us. LIvin' or otherwise" Ann Carter@anncarise FX | Silvestrie steps off the pad first, followed by Erik as he scans around to assess the damage and see if he can figure out what caused it. Ann Carter@anncarise | He also checks the transporter and how much damage it might have taken. Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | It appears functional and... in use. The console reports it is locked into a maintenance cycle with a materialization still in progress. Confirmed by the buffer which registers 1 lifeform Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "I'm seeing someone still in the buffer here. Must've been why we had trouble coming in." Ann Carter@anncarise | He checks to see if their pattern is still intact. Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "Pattern looks stable!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "I suspect this might be the only survivor we have. Get them out if it won't harm them." Ann Carter@anncarise | Erik tries to rematerialize the lifeform... Emma Ralde@crystyll | Erik has to fight with the controls to recover them from this unorthodox use, as the system really doesn't like it. But slowly a figure begins to materialize... Emma Ralde@crystyll finally takes form as Erik completes the cycle after a few attempts, and collapses - weakened - to her knees Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra rushes up to her to check her. Emma Ralde@crystyll reacts to the sudden movement, staggering to her feet and backing away as she rubs her eyes trying to focus Emma Ralde@crystyll: "What? No! Stay back, I warn you... I know, um... Jung... kick...tzu, yeah!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "Calm down. I'm a Starfleet doctor. I'm here to help." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Or was it kung-jit-zu...?" rubs her eyes again, "Starfleet? But that's impossible, nobody's out this far except us. We're all alone..." Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "We're from the starship Valley Forge. We were passing through the region and picked up your distress call." Ann Carter@anncarise | She scans Emma for injuries while she asks, "Do you know what happened here?" Emma Ralde@crystyll slumps, "Yes and no. I'm just the transport operator, it all happened so fast it was all I could do to rig up that maintainence cycle and lock myself away" Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "So you don't know what happened to the rest of the station, just that you were all in danger?" Emma Ralde@crystyll steps off the pad, "I know we went to red alert as there was some big ion storm or something approaching" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "But just before it reached us, something happened and the shields went offline. It hit the far side of the station and... oh Goddess, the screaming..." she tears up Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "You're safe now. And if there's any other survivors, we'll get them to safety too." Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | Kazra's communicator chirps Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra flips open her communicator, quietly muttering about the convenience of modern combadges, "Kazra here." Emma Ralde@crystyll discretely dries her eyes, half turned away as she listens to the welcome and timely distraction Emma Ralde@crystyll | <C-Jameson> "Jameson here, what's going on down there? We just had a power surge and systems are fluctuating all over the ship" Emma Ralde@crystyll mutters, "It's coming back..." Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "Does there happen to be signs of an ion storm?" Emma Ralde@crystyll | <C-Jameson> "Possible. There's a massive energy buildup on the system's edge. Transporters are down, can you use the station systems to beam back?" Emma Ralde@crystyll hears and goes to check her console, after a moment looking back with a mournful shake of her head Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "It doesn't look like we can, Captain." Emma Ralde@crystyll | <C-Jameson> "Then I'm sorry, but we can't risk the ship. You have to find a way to hunker down while we move to a safe distance. We'll return as soon as it's clear" Emma Ralde@crystyll mutters again, "How can it be coming back...?" in somewhat of a daze Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "Understood. Stay safe sir, and we'll see you soon." Emma Ralde@crystyll | <C-Jameson> "You too. We'll make contact as soon as it's safe to return. Valley Forge out, and good luck team" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "Looks like we're on our own for now. Valley Forge is pulling out so whatever happened to the station won't happen to the ship." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "It'll just happen to us then, oh joy" Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "It's better than losing us and the rest of the ship. They probably can't beam us out with what's happening. Any chance we could use the buffer again, or?" Emma Ralde@crystyll shakes her head, "The system barely held my pattern alone, it would never sustain a whole group. We'll have to figure something else out... and fast" Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | Meanwhile as the VF warps out of the system, something else looms ever closer... Emma Ralde@crystyll: Emma Ralde@crystyll looks around the faces of the away team after a moments stunned silence, "Well, this is quite the rescue" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Well wha' can ya tell us about this ion storm thing? Any data still on computers here?" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Gotta know wha' we're dealin' with to figure out a way to counter it." Emma Ralde@crystyll shrugs, "Like I said before, I'm just a transport operator. We'll have to get into the station sensors if we want to find out more; maybe the readings from the last hit are still logged?" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Might be worth a try." Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "I'll examine the damage too, maybe we can learn something about how it affects the station from that." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "This way then!" she hurries off towards main ops Ann Carter@anncarise FX| The team follows along with Erik taking scans on the way. Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Here's the sensor grid" she leads them to a console on one side of the deserted room Ann Carter@anncarise looks to Lennie, "Can ya get anythin' from all this?" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie taps away, nodding, "System looks intact, lemme jus'... oh Goddess, tha' ain't no storm..." Ann Carter@anncarise looks over her shoulder at what she's seeing. Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | The readout is predictably unhelpful as an array of numerical sensor readouts, but Lennie activates the nearby viewscreen Ann Carter@anncarise looks to the viewscreen as it turns on. Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | The display flickers into life with a poor quality image from the seemingly damaged systems Emma Ralde@crystyll moves over to see better Emma Ralde@crystyll: Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Goddess, what is that?!" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Tha' is not good..." Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie continues on sensors behind them, "Th' aperture's emittin' immense energy readin's, looks like... tholaron?" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie looks around morbidly, "Tha'... could explain wha' happened t'folks. Tholaron an' biological matter ain't a friendly mix if ya get mah jist" Ann Carter@anncarise: "We don't have any kinda defence against tha', do we?" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "There must be something we can do?" Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "The only thing I can think of is either not being biological matter, like your transporter trick, or somehow diverting or destroying that thing." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "The crew must have tried something like that already..." she ponders, moving to check the tactical logs Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "Diverting's going to be difficult. We don't know what it's after. And I don't imagine the weapons are still going to be online after all this damage." Ann Carter@anncarise follows over to check the tactical logs as well. Emma Ralde@crystyll bloops away, "They drained the defensive phaser turrets trying to stop that thing and didn't even make a dent! Says here, it's hull is pure neutronium" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie nods from her console, "Confirmed; nose to tail. Only weak point in tha' armour I'se can see is th'maw" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Any way we could get somethin' into the maw with wha' the station has left?" Ann Carter@anncarise | Erik checks the current power levels and armaments of the station. Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "Phasers are still drained from that first attack. The main reactor is online but there's problems with a generator in one of the damaged pods." Ann Carter@anncarise: "Is there a way to...detach the pod, maybe?" Emma Ralde@crystyll looks to Ann, "What are you thinking?" Ann Carter@anncarise: "If we can detach a pod an' get some tractors, we might be able to maneuver it into the thing's maw. Or maybe just distract it..." Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "We could detach the pod..." He checks the status of the tractors. Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie grins and nods, "Aye, tha' might just do it. Them ol' station reactors are like a big ol' warp core an' then some" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Tha's wha' I'm thinkin'!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "We don't have any tractors, though. We might have to do some clever inertia maneuvering, but that's going to be slow, not to mention unreliable." Emma Ralde@crystyll looks up, "We might not have to! This outpost is geared up for mining the asteroid belt in this system; we have remote drones and everything! Surely something must be intact still" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Good idea!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Erik looks around to see if there's any way for drones to do the work. Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "We can make that work!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "The transporters might not be able to hold us, but can you deploy the mountable thrusters stored here?" He looks to Emma. Emma Ralde@crystyll nods, "Sure thing, we have enough power to run a few beam outs I think" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Oh! You're thinking to mount them on the secondary engineering pod and fly it at the thing aren't you!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen nods, "That's the idea! I'll get to detaching the pod in the meantime, then."" Emma Ralde@crystyll looks to Ann excitedly, "If you can regulate power to the transporters I can start positioning the thrusters" Ann Carter@anncarise: "I'm on it!" Emma Ralde@crystyll heads back to the transporter controls, opening her communicator as she goes, "Me too!" Ann Carter@anncarise goes to regulate power to the transporters! Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen meanwhile sees if he can remotely detach the pod, or if it will require a manual trigger. Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "I'll have to manually release the pod." Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "I'll go with you." Ann Carter@anncarise | The two head off towards the pod to try and detach it from the rest of the station. Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie: "You'se got about 5 minutes t'launch 'fore tha' thing closes too much tha' we'll be caught in th'blast" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "We'll have it detached soon!" Emma Ralde@crystyll | FX | The team all work expediently around the station and soon the damaged pod is cut loose and drifting before the thrusters are remotely fired and slowly turns and lurches towards their foe Ann Carter@anncarise steps back to the middle of the room to see how the plan goes. Emma Ralde@crystyll returns, "Did it work, are we safe now or do I just have time to kiss my green ass goodbye?" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen returns with Silvestrie as well, "Pod's away. Still remains to see if it actually works..." Ann Carter@anncarise: "Where'd we control it from? I can fly the thing. Or...try to at least." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Over here!" she waves her over to the side room Ann Carter@anncarise follows her into the side room. Ann Carter@anncarise familiarizes herself with the console first before trying to move the pod. Emma Ralde@crystyll watches on the desktop display as the moving station pod slowly lurches into view while the apocalyse machine looms ever closer in the distance Ann Carter@anncarise tries to get the hang of the controls first, moving the pod in the general direction of the apocalypse machine while dashing sideways a bit before making a straight course for its maw. Ann Carter@anncarise: "It better not blow this thing up before it gets there or somethin'..." Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie calls across, "Thalaron's buildin' in tha' thing, readin's off th'chart" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Gonna speed this up as much as I can..." Ann Carter@anncarise moves the pod full speed towards the machine while keeping aim for its maw. Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | The relatively small station pod coasts gently towards the giant maw before crossing the threshold with a bullseye shot from Ann, resulting in a brilliant white flash on the screen Ann Carter@anncarise: "Yes!" Ann Carter@anncarise looks out the window to Lennie, "Did tha' do it?" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Nailed it!" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie: "Sensor's blinded still, sec... No, it can't be... it's still there, bu-... wait, shockwave incomin', brace!" Ann Carter@anncarise braces for impact behind the nearby table. Emma Ralde@crystyll also braces against the table as the shockwave hits the station Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | lights flicker and console panels spark as the shockwave violently shakes the station Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie recovers and quickly gets back to her sensors, "It's still there but... yeah, no more energy readin's, ya killed it!" Ann Carter@anncarise: "We did it! Everyone alright?" Emma Ralde@crystyll nods, straightening up again, "I think so, still in one piece" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie calls over with a chuckle, "Green ass still there then, lil'one?" Emma Ralde@crystyll laughs, "Indeed it is!" Ann Carter@anncarise laughs as she stands as well. Emma Ralde@crystyll: "So we did it... we're safe now, right?" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra looks to Lennie, "Anything else on sensors?" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie shrugs, "Long range arrays are fried, got tha'... thing on short range. It's..." she doubletakes and bloops her console, "Yeah, it's caught in th'stars gravity. It's goin' in!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "This close to Klingon space, probably a good thing. Don't want them getting their hands on it. It's Cold War with them now, isn't it?" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Well of course!" she chuckles Ann Carter@anncarise | Silvestrie: "Definitely good to get it completely obliterated, then!" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Hey, come on! Let's go watch!" she chirps excitedly, heading back to active the viewscreen in the main room again Ann Carter@anncarise follows Emma out to watch as well. Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | the distant silhoute of the apocalyse machine can just about be made out against the bright light of the sun before it erupts in a green flash Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | the explosion appears to react with the star and waves of green swirls begin to emanate around it before everything settles around a distinctly greener looking sun Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "We should probably keep an eye on that star and observe it for aftereffects of this..." Emma Ralde@crystyll: Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Is it wrong that I find it oddly beautiful..." Ann Carter@anncarise: "It's kinda pretty to look at...not sure there's even any stars tha' are green naturally..." Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie's attention is snapped back to an alert from her console Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie: "Don't mean t'ruin th'moment, but I'se got a ship comin' into sensor range" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "Is the Valley Forge back?" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie, "Must be, got an incomin' hail" she bloops her jellybuttons and the viewscreen shifts, flickering to reveal a hazy image... Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | the view slowly focuses to reveal the toothy grin of a Klingon Ann Carter@anncarise: "Tha' is not the Cap'n..." Emma Ralde@crystyll: <C-Klingon> "Star-fleet outpost, I - Commander Grelloc - have come to your rescue. On behalf of the Klingon Empire, I declare this lawful salvage. Congratulations, you are now citizens of th-..." he + Emma Ralde@crystyll: + is interrupted as his bridge is shaken by a weapons impact Emma Ralde@crystyll: <C-Jameson> "Not today, Klingons. Your assistance is /not/ required. Now withdraw to your side of the border or be destroyed!" Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | The viewscreen shifts back to external to show the Valley Forge veering around the station and peppering the Klingon cruiser with soft warning shots from it's twin phasers Ann Carter@anncarise cheers as the Valley Forge comes to the rescue! Emma Ralde@crystyll FX | The Kingons promptly cut comms and turn tail as they cloak Emma Ralde@crystyll: <C-Jameson> "I'm glad to see we weren't late to the party. But not as glad as I am to see you survived, but we have no signs of the energy readings on sensors now. What happened?" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "We've destroyed the...construct that attacked the station. We're not entirely sure what it is, but that particular one won't be harming us again." Emma Ralde@crystyll: <C-Jameson> "Well, I look forward to the full report. What of the station crew?" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "We have only one survivor. She helped us against the attacker when it came back." Emma Ralde@crystyll: <C-Jameson> "Dear lord... /one/?! Alright, secure the station while I report back to Command. We need to know what to do here, but it will take a while to get a response" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "Got it, Captain. The station's probably salvagable, though we had to sacrifice a whole pod to destroy the thing." Emma Ralde@crystyll: <C-Jameson> "...Very well, I trust your judgement and eagerly await a full debrief. Valley Forge out" Ann Carter@anncarise: "Now tha' wasn't such a bad rescue, was it?" Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Well you won't hear any complaints from me!" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra: "We'll take a closer look at you over on the Valley Forge. You'll probably be staying with us for a bit." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Yeah..." looks around, "...doesn't seem much left here for me after all" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Lennie smiles, coming up behind Emma and draping an arm across the much shorter girls shoulder, "Another Orion on th'crew? Sounds like a win t'me!" Emma Ralde@crystyll jumps a little, looking back and up at Lennie, "Well, there is that I guess..." Ann Carter@anncarise smiles, "I think ya'll fit right in!" Emma Ralde@crystyll smiles as well, "Thanks, I-..." drifts off, watching as a transporter beam appears behind the group and Captain Jameson appears Ann Carter@anncarise turns as well to see the Captain's arrival. Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson approaches the group, looking around, "This place really did take a beating didn't it..." he looks to Emma, "You must be the survivor" Ann Carter@anncarise | Kazra nods, "That's her." Emma Ralde@crystyll nods, "Yes, Captain. LT Emma Ralde, at your service" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson: "Ralde, I'm sorry for what you experienced here. I was hoping to bring news that we would be taking you away with us, but sadly that is not the case..." Emma Ralde@crystyll: "Sir?" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson looks around the away team, "I'm sorry all, but we have our orders from Command. The Klingon's... eagerness to involve themselves here is cause for concern, and we can't leave this outpost+ Emma Ralde@crystyll: + unmanned. So, the Valley Forge will be subsiding a skeleton crew here; 100 officers will be transferred to K6 while we return to the core to resupply and ferry reinforcements back" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson continues, focused on Emma, "Ralde, given all you've been through here I am willing to excuse you from this assignment and take you back to Federation space if you wish. However, your + Emma Ralde@crystyll: + local knowledge would certainly serve as an advantage if you did choose to remain" Emma Ralde@crystyll looks around the away team and smiles back, "Don't worry Captain, I could never abandon my post and leave others in the lurch. I'll be here with them!" Ann Carter@anncarise: "I can stay an' help too!" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson smiles, "Thank you Ms. Carter, volunteers will be welcomed certainly. It will at least make my impossible job a little easier... Anyway, I wanted to deliver you this update personally. + Emma Ralde@crystyll: + We'll remain in orbit for a few days while everything gets settled and a new staff is assigned here" Ann Carter@anncarise | Thorkildsen: "This station will probably need all the engineers it can get. I'm in too." Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson, "Alright, I have to get back. Good job, all of you; your efforts here today will live on in history - as will the memory of those lost" Emma Ralde@crystyll | Jameson flicks open his communicator and beams back to the ship

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