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ST:MAC105 | "Echoes in the Dark Part 2"

The MacAlpine has been tracking the signal, previously identified as the 'White Noise', on route to what is believed to be its home system. While they are travelling, Commander Orso heads her Captains warning about trusting her instincts, and while she wishes for peace, she prepares the ship and the crew for battle.


[10:17] Sharpe@falconecoose | Two armed guards enter the holding cell, escorting one the Anisratar Sravina and several other official looking, people

[10:17] Alyssa@crystyll turns and observes the visitors silently, taking in all the details

[10:18] Septah@annpc#5570 turns to the official-looking people as well.

[10:18] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 | The ASR motions to two Starfleet aliens in the cell "As I was saying we managed to capture the entire team before they were able to carry out any of their planned just goes to >

[10:20] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 > show that the flag of truce means nothing to these people." the assembled party murmers slightly at this before the ASR addresses the two of them "How could you fly the flag of 'we come in peace'>

[10:20] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702: > and then try to betray our trust..."

[10:20] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow at what she can overhear

[10:22] Alyssa@crystyll: "I recall taking no action that would constitute a betrayal of trust. Would you elaborate, as I fear perhaps a cultural misinterpretation at hand."

[10:23] Sharpe@falconecoose | One of the guards taps a few buttons on their wrist device before it projects a holo image of several shuttles bearing Starfleet markings, though to the two of them it would be clear that >

[10:23] Sharpe@falconecoose > they were not Starfleet shuttles, attacking Lorkavians towns and warehouses.

[10:24] Alyssa@crystyll: "...Or third party espionage, as the case may be..." she notes, watching the non-SF shuttles

[10:24] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702: "What do you call that then! Our people were lucky to escape to report this to us! I can't begin to imagine what your real purpose was in bringing a warship here was then."

[10:25] Alyssa@crystyll: "We are not responsible for the events you have recorded there. Those crafts are not of Starfleet origin."

[10:26] Septah@annpc#5570 looks to Alyssa, "I believe we are being set up. And we shouldn't discount the possibility that we may be speaking to those who are doing so."

[10:27] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 the ASR grins slightly at Septah's comments being in front of the rest of party none of them can see her face "You say they are not yours, but they carry the same symbol that you wear on your chest."

[10:29] Septah@annpc#5570: "That doesn't mean they're affiliated with us. Not strictly."

[10:29] Alyssa@crystyll: "It is a small task to paint an emblem on a hull. To replicate known and well-documented construction techniques using set materials is another"

[10:31] Sharpe@falconecoose | A few of the people in the party with the more ornate looking uniforms look between themselves with a questioning look

[10:31] Septah@annpc#5570 nods, "Compare the materials and design to your scans of our ship. They will be quite different, I assure you."

[10:32] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 | The ASR nods to one of the guards who starts to tap on their wrist device "Ahh, so you have clearly thought about this in advance...I thought you might have been just following orders, but it >

[10:32] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702: > seems you were aware of it beforehand."

[10:33] Alyssa@crystyll: "We will happily oblige with any related information you require. Though you understandably do not trust us at present, can you take the risk that we are not truthful, given the +

[10:33] Alyssa@crystyll: + implication presented thereof a third party attempted not only to subvert your people but undermine any potential relationship with Starfleet and the Federation? Logically, a power would do so +

[10:34] Alyssa@crystyll: + because they fear the outcome of a friendly relationship between our respective peoples forming. Therefore logic dictates that the best counter to their efforts is to pursue the said relationship in +

[10:34] Alyssa@crystyll: + despite their efforts"

[10:35] Sharpe@falconecoose | One of the people behind the ASR speaks up "ASR what if they are telling the truth? Is it not worth looking into it more before the Senate decides their fate?"

[10:37] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 glances at the people behind her "Is that how you all feel?" She looks at them as they start to nod "It's treason then. Guards, now."

[10:38] Sharpe@falconecoose | With that signal, the two guards inside the room are suddenly joined by another four as they level their guns into the party behind the ASR and open fire. It is over in seconds.

[10:38] Alyssa@crystyll: "I believe we have located the source of the subversive decoys..."

[10:39] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 | As the guards exit the room to continue to round up the nobles "Well done indeed for seeing through it so quickly, they have been blind to my plans for years now."

[10:39] Septah@annpc#5570: "As I feared."

[10:40] Septah@annpc#5570 looks back to ASR, "What are these plans of yours? You know we are not guilty, why implicate us?"

[10:42] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702: | "Nothing unites a people like an outside threat...and with a bigger threat, more powers will come under my control. People will believe and do anything for peace and security.

[10:45] Alyssa@crystyll: "Your logic is flawed. When your people see that the Federation are not the threat you paint them to be - by making no aggressive move here - your claims will be called into doubt."

[10:45] Septah@annpc#5570: "Indeed. Very interesting strategy, but very misused. How much do you even know of the Federation?"

[10:46] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 | Grins at this "You see, that is genius part of the plan...the Rebels are being enough of an aggressive force, all I need to do is tell them that SF is helping them. Your Captain has told me enough>

[10:47] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 > it's a shame that she is coming to the end of her use to us, but lucky for us we have a brand new volunteer taking your Captains place. But don't worry, my people will be along soon enough to >

[10:48] Va'ra@hawkecosse#4702 > deal with you two, and tidy up this mess." with that and a quick dismissive glance at the bodies, she turns to exit the cell.

[10:49] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow once more at the enigmatic departure, "Curious."

[10:50] Gaurd@hawkecosse#4702 shortly after the ASRs departure, four guards enter the room with one of them staying near the door while the others move into the room with weapons drawn.

[10:54] Septah@annpc#5570 looks to the guards, "I suppose you follow the ASR unconditionally, then?"

[10:55] Gaurd@hawkecosse#4702: "The ASR is the supreme authority."

[10:56] Septah@annpc#5570: "Even if she leads you and your people to certain death?"

[10:56] Alyssa@crystyll leans to Septah slightly, "I believe that constitutes a 'yes'"

[10:57] Gaurd@hawkecosse#4702: "She serves the people, and we follow where she leads."

[10:58] Alyssa@crystyll perks a brow, "I assume by 'the people' you mean 'herself', as all evidence thus far indicates."

[11:00] Gaurd@hawkecosse#4702 | The guard frowns at this "Right, enough with the question. Time to tidy up. Ready weapons!" the guards raise their weapons to aim at the two of them

[11:00] Gaurd@hawkecosse#4702: "Aim!"

[11:02] Alyssa@crystyll calmly folds her hands at her back and closes her eyes meditatively, seemingly content that the needs of the many are best served by not resisting

[11:03] Septah@annpc#5570 looks to Alyssa and realises she's not about to save them with Vulcan superstrength or something. He looks back to the guards.

[11:04] Sharpe@falconecoose | Just before the firing order is given the door to the cell is blown inwards, flatten the guard that was standing at the door before few bursts of phaser fire fly through it taking out the others

[11:05] Sharpe@falconecoose | Following the phaser bursts comes 4 MACOs who quickly secure the room before Sharpe enters followed by a Lorkavian as well

[11:05] Septah@annpc#5570: "Timely arrival! Thank you for the rescue."

[11:06] Alyssa@crystyll: "Phalanx worked out well indeed. Though the timing could have come a little sooner."

[11:06] Sharpe@falconecoose "Red 1 Actual, to Red 2. Be advised we have targets Bravo and Charlie, no sign of Alpha. Over." Sharpe looks over at the two of them "Sorry it took so long, looks like we got here just in time."

[11:07] Sharpe@falconecoose | The Corpsman would be looking over them for injuries and freeing them from their restraints at the same time.

[11:07] Alyssa@crystyll dies a little inside at not being Alpha. Though you'd never tell to look at her

[11:07] Septah@annpc#5570: "What's the situation elsewhere?"

[11:08] Alyssa@crystyll: "We are unharmed" she reassures the Corpsman

[11:08] Sharpe@falconecoose: "Red 2 is currently securing a hanger for the shuttle. Hopefully, Phalanx Blue has secured the MacAlpine by the time we make our exit. Do you know where the commander is?"

[11:09] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | The Lorkav that had come with the MACOs would be staring at the pile of bodies of the nobles that hadn't been removed yet "What...what happened?"

[11:10] Alyssa@crystyll: "Negative. We lost sight of her and the Captain when they showed their hand and took us captive."

[11:10] Alyssa@crystyll looks from the bodies to the Lorkav, "The ASR is behind this"

[11:10] Sharpe@falconecoose nods slightly as she starts to motion her element to move out before she stops "Wait...the Captain?"

[11:11] Septah@annpc#5570: "She has decided to seize power and frame Starfleet for supporting the rebels."

[11:11] Septah@annpc#5570: "And yes, it seems the Captain has ended up in their custody. How...we do not yet know."

[11:11] Alyssa@crystyll looks back to Sharpe, "Visual ID from a distance only. But yes, when their... contraption opened, it appeared to house Captain Skye."

[11:12] Septah@annpc#5570: "Could be a clone or hologram. But given injuries sustained...highly unlikely."

[11:13] Sharpe@falconecoose Damn it..." she taps her combadge quickly "Red 2, be advised, Target Omega is confirmed. Priority Bravo 1 now in effect. Get us that exit.

[11:14] Sharpe@falconecoose: "Right. Yeah, Se'fe Vimos our helper here mentioned something that tipped us off, but we didn't have confirmation. Anyway, time to get moving before the alarms go off."

[11:14] Sharpe@falconecoose | Two of the MACOs would draw their sidearms and hand them over before they head outside.

[11:14] Septah@annpc#5570: "Agreed. Would rather not stay here longer than necessary."

[11:15] Alyssa@crystyll steps forward with a nod, taking the sidearm confidently, "On your lead."

[11:15] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "If they are continuing with Phase 2, your commander and Captain will be in the control room, which is this way!"

[11:16] Sharpe@falconecoose: "Lead on, let's move it."

[11:16] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | As they exit the room, they would notice that the MACOs appear to have a prisoner that is cuffed and has a bag thrown over their head as well

[11:17] Alyssa@crystyll eyes the prisoner curiously, "An unexpected guest?"

[11:18] Septah@annpc#5570: "And what is Phase 2?"

[11:18] Sharpe@falconecoose as soon as they get into the central hallway alarms start going off "Will explain later, but it's to do with the Device. And guess that is us outstayed our welcome...we will run interference you two >

[11:19] Sharpe@falconecoose: > go with Se'fe and get to the control room."

[11:19] Alyssa@crystyll nods, looking to Se'fe, "we're right behind you."

[11:20] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 nods as she starts off at a run "This way, quickly now. Won't be long before the entire defence Legion is after us."

[11:21] Sharpe@falconecoose | As they start heading down the hallway, sounds of weapons fire start to echo up it from the way the MACOs went

[11:21] Septah@annpc#5570: "Hopefully, MACOs will keep them busy long enough."

[11:22] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "They seem like a capable bunch."

[11:22] Alyssa@crystyll: "That would be an accurate assessment" she affirms

[11:22] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "Just in here, it shouldn't be defended...unless they have upped security recently..."

[11:23] Septah@annpc#5570 looks around for enemies just in case.

[11:23] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 with that Se'fe quickly enters the room that is devoid of people bar one scientist, the one that had spoken to the away team before.

[11:25] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | Two of the devices would be open, with Fiona visible suspended in one of them and Luna lying on the ground next to the other

[11:26] Septah@annpc#5570: "Is it safe to remove them?"

[11:26] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 "It should be, they seem to be unpowered." as Se'fe moves further into the room the scientist notices her

[11:27] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 SCI | "You! I thought to had been executed."

[11:27] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | Se'fe shakes her head slightly "Not yet." with that she fires a single stun round from her borrowed MACO pistol into her chest

[11:28] Alyssa@crystyll: "Efficient" she praises, stepping towards the chambers to get a better check on their officers

[11:30] Septah@annpc#5570 holds the phaser off in one hand while he scans the Captain and Commander.

[11:30] Alyssa@crystyll moves to the nearest chamber and checks on whichever of the two is there first

[11:32] Alyssa@crystyll: "This is indeed the Captain, and she is alive. Proper medical attention is required, however. I will do what I can to stabilise her for now."

[11:39] Alyssa@crystyll: "What is the Commander's status?" she asks, looking to Septah while tending to the Captain as best she can

[11:41] Septah@annpc#5570: "Mostly healthy. Some signs of injuries, reading a sedative in her body. Nothing medical can't treat easily."

[11:42] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | Se'fe looks at the two of them "Then if you are happy that these are your people. I do think it is time for us to be leaving."

[11:42] Septah@annpc#5570: "We have a shuttle ready, yes?"

[11:43] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "Hopefully, that was part of the plan."

[11:44] Septah@annpc#5570 nods and moves to remove the commander from her chamber.

[11:44] Alyssa@crystyll tries her combadge to contact the MACO Captain for an update

[11:45] Sharpe@falconecoose <C> "Go for Sharpe!"

[11:46] Alyssa@crystyll: <C> "Alpha and Omega are secure. What is your status?"

[11:48] Sharpe@falconecoose: <C> "Copy, we are slowly falling back towards you, get to the hanger and we will link up with you there. Red 2 reports the hanger is secure."

[11:48] Alyssa@crystyll: <C> "understood. We are on our way."

[11:49] Alyssa@crystyll moves out, supporting Fi as they go

[11:50] Septah@annpc#5570 supports Luna and follows them out.

[11:50] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "Let's move. There is a lift just outside that will take us to the hanger."

[11:52] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | As they exit the lift into the hanger they are met by signs of heavy fighting with damage to the walls clear to see along with the bodies of the guards that they MACOs fought past

[11:53] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | Entering into the main bit of the hanger itself they are greeted by the other MACO element defending a Romulan shuttle while a few guards continue to try and attack them

[11:53] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702 | The MACO's wave them over while they provide covering fire

[11:53] Se'fe@hawkecosse#4702: "Your people really do know how to make a bang."

[11:54] Septah@annpc#5570: "The MACOs do, at least."

[11:54] Alyssa@crystyll moves cautiously with the Captain to get her safe within the shuttle