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ST:KAS102 | "Unwelcome Guests"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

The attack on the ship is now finally all beaten back. For the time being anyway. With the technology at the disposal of these insurgents, it wouldn't surprise me if we came under fire again. The losses reported so far are not negligible, but manageable.

Furthermore, we have taken two prisoners, courtesy of the Stike Team assembled during the boarding of the ship. This has proven most valuable as the prisoners should give us some insights into what is going on here exactly. As such, the Strike Team's mission was to extract more information for the time being. Sadly, the information they managed to accumulate so far is lacking. No matter, we have the prisoners and we have salvaged some of the tech involved. This will be given for further analysis. In the meantime, the top priority is to repair all damaged systems and to replace the lost senior staff.

This is always the time when young people try to shine the most. I should look forward to seeing who among the crew wishes to climb the ranks quickly.

It is also important to note that one of the prisoners is a previous acquaintance of mine. As such, I believe I have some unique leverage with said prisoner. She has agreed, for the time being at least, to help us with the Insurgency Problem in exchange for continued passage and safe haven aboard the Kassandra. Of course, I am under no illusion as to the prisoner's loyalties. However I believe with a little time, I can make this an arrangement she will be unable to turn away from which should bolster the Kassandra's chances to root out this insurgency quickly and painfully.

The Kassandra is in major need of repairs after successful strikes from the inside. The Insurgents used their tech to transport aboard the ship even through shielding, which caused quite some havoc. However, now that prisoners have been made, the Captain has directed all efforts to get the ship as combat ready as possible while attempting to negotiate information from one of the prisoners.

As an old 'friend' of the Captain, Nalah has been granted Quarters aboard the ship, however she has been fitted with a shock-collar and is under constant surveillance.

The ship remains stationary for now, as the crew struggles to regroup, senior staff losses included.

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