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ST:END208 | "New Me, New You Part 4"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Brie was curled up along the frame of the window in her room, gazing out into the dark sky. Her air, untied, cascaded over her shoulders. A finger twisted the end of her hair into small curls, her heart twisting her stomach into knots.

She didn't like this feeling. This feeling of vulnerability. Of weakness without defence. Her brain struggled to find a solution, a way to shore up this hole in her walls. But the damning thought, that someone had broken through the stalwart bastions she had erected and maintained for her entire life, pierced her deep, like an arrow to the heart. And he didn't even try. He didn't even know.

She was trapped in a hurricane of emotion, uprooted by his charm. She wanted to go towards the eye, towards the centre of it all, but the winds grew harder and more forceful as she stumbled forward. She wanted to run the opposite direction, to run away from the storm and what was in the centre, but she couldn't find her way out. Everywhere looked the same. Every road, every building, every wall. There was nothing she could do. And the wind just kept on threatening to sweep her away.

Tears welled in her eyes, and she hugged her knees tightly, hoping that she could squeeze out her emotions. Instead, they bounded around her, causing pain wherever they touched. Her body, which she had learnt to know so well, was like a stranger to her. Involuntary. Her palms, usually so steady, were shaky and slicked with sweat. Her voice, usually honed and sharp, were blunted and dull whenever he walked past. It was as if he was sapping her energy and strength, overriding her core programming and taking over, bit by bit. Slowly, her strings were being cut, and she couldn't stop him from doing so.

And the worst part? She wanted it. She craved it. She wanted him to take her, to enslave her heart, mind, body, and soul. What would it be like? To have his arms around her? To wake up next to him? To kiss his face, to have his taste on her lips? He felt tantalisingly close, and yet, he was sectors away. What would it take to bridge that gap? To be her ever after?

But what would happen if at the centre of the storm, it wasn't him?

Brie kicked off the window, storming out of her room, her eyes streaming with tears. She stumbled through the blinding halls of the Endeavour, and threw herself into the holodeck.

"Computer, play Valencia Program Echo Nine. Seal doors, save and end program if they open. Verification code, V785513 Romeo,"

The doors sealed behind her and suddenly, Brie found herself on the Endeavour bridge. Something she had come to find as home. Swallowing her feelings and thoughts, she wiped her eyes and took the centre chair. "Computer, play program,"

The bridge erupted with movement and voices. She looked down to see her clothes had changed to her uniform, with a difference. It wasn't her usual darkened blue stripe. Nor were her shoulders dark grey. And her captain pips were no longer MACO pips.

"Captain Valencia, we're good to go on your command,"

Brie felt the sides of her mouth twitch upwards. "Warp 8, Ensign. Hit it,"

As the Endeavour warped away, Brie felt her emotions falling away.

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