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ST:END207 | "New Me, New You Part 3"

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

"So, you like her?"Brie asked, jabbing the gloves that Pablo put up with expert efficiency. Left, right, left, left, left, right, left, right, right, left, left.. It was almost as if she knew which hand Pablo would put up before he knew himself.

"I... don't know, she's kinda cute and all," Pablo responded, his face slightly red, though it could have been either embarrassment or strain at this point.

"You do like her," Brie chuckled.

"I... don't know her well enough," Pablo slipped slightly under Brie's heavy blows and his arms dropped momentarily.

"Pft," Brie leaned back, letting Pablo regain his stance. "Come on Neste, you know you have to keep them up, otherwise you're going into the back wall... again,"

"I know. You... need to slow down, you're doing my arms in,"

Brie shrugs, wiping sweat from her face and retaking her offensive stance. "Think of it as stamina training,"

"I've never liked cardio," Pablo sighed, placing his arms up ready for another volley. "That was always Charles' forte,"

"Oh man, that Belgian can run," Brie chuckles and attacks the gloves again, slower, for Pablo's sake.

"Tell me about it. He runs 10ks for fun. I barely wheeze out 5,"

Brie chuckles. "It's because you're una mierda gorda," she teases

"I'm a what?" Pablo's arms fell slightly and he narrowly dodged the blow from Brie. "Woah Valencia, calm down,"

"You need to get your mind off that security bird, that's what."

Pablo did turn red from embarrassment. "It's not like that... she works under my command,"

"That doesn't stop people,"

"That doesn't stop you," Pablo sighed, and put his gloves up again. "How you manage it is beyond me,"

"It takes skill," Brie smirked.

"It takes luck. I bet you that was what the Cap called you in for the other day, right?"

"How much you betting?"

"I... it was a figure of speech,"

"If you're wrong, you'll ask the girl out,"

"NO!" Pablo said, his arms dropping. Once again, he managed to just duck out of Brie's jab.

Brie chuckled and motioned for his arms to go back up. "It's good you didn't because you would have taken a one way trip down Tom's buttery date meals," she said, resuming her punches when Pablo's arm came up.

"What was it then?"

"Oh, it was nothing, apparently I have "anger management" issues," Brie scoffs. "Do you think I have anger issues?"

"Me... no... I..." Pablo grunted. "Honest answer?"

"If I didn't want an honest answer, I wouldn't have asked," Brie replied.

"I think you... may have some issues, yes," Pablo said, before he found himself hitting the back wall. Brie had spun on her heel and delivered a roundhouse kick to him, sending him flying back.

"I don't have anger management issues," Brie shook her head, undoing the tape around her hands, storming out of the gym.

"Gabriella, wait," Pablo tried to get up, knowing that he really shouldn't have been honest at that time. He didn't get very far, and slumped back onto the bulkhead. "Dammit... that was... ouch," he threw the gloves off his hands.


"I'll show them anger issues," Brie muttered as she stormed off down the corridor. "It's not my fault when everyone here is so fuc..." she walked into someone and her eyes shot up. "What where you're f..." she paused.

"I'm... er... sorry," Diego said, stunned at the Latina who had just walked into him. "I'm sorry Lieutenant Valencia, I... wasn't watching where I was going. I'm still finding my way around this ship..." he rubbed the back of his neck.

"No... no," Brie said, her eyes dropping slightly. "I... should have been looking," she heard herself mutter, and found her hand moving to the corner of her head to tuck some hair behind her ear. "How are you... settling in?"

"Other than getting lost, it's been... good, I'm so glad I got the transfer here," Deigo said.

Brie cautioned a glance up. "I'm g..." she caught herself before the words left her mouth. "I am glad you have recovered from the Storm Planet,"

Diego gave a humourless chuckle. "Recovery is a bit of a strong word. I'm coping. How have you been? I bet you took it in your stride,"

"Yeah..." Brie nodded.

Diego looked at her curiously. "I... er... actually should..." he sidestepped her and made his way down the corridor. "Gotta get back to the lab... don't want to gas the ship..." he gave a nervous chuckle. "I'll see you around,"

"Sure," Brie said, a little too quickly and then bundled off down the corridor.

"Hey Brie!" came a male voice from behind and Brie spun around, once again, a little too quickly.

"Yes? Oh..." her face fell. "It's you," she said as she saw Pablo round the corner.

"I just want to... wait..." he turned back to the disappearing body of Diego. "You... ooof," he crumpled to the ground, grabbing his groin.

"Pedazo de mierda!" Brie hissed and resumed storming off down the corridor.

"I... deserved that," Pablo said through clenched teeth, lying on the floor in pain.

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