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Special Skirmish Squad

The Special Skirmish Squad, also known as the Sharpe Squad or by their nickname Sharpe's Rifles, is an elite squad of the Survey Corps, led by Senior Team Leader Eve Sharpe. It was formed in 845, following the fall of wall Maria and Eve's promotion to Captain.

The squad while maybe not as elite as the Special Operations Squad or the Special Reconnaissance Squad and with a lower kill count than both, they are still an elite squad in their own way with their ability to adapt and overcome while remaining unseen until they strike. The squad is used as the name suggests for skirmish tactics, riding far out on the flanks of an expedition looking for abnormals that may threaten the formation or performing a rearguard action.

The members of the team are well trained in the use of ODM gear, along with camouflage and using firearms, as they are one of the few scout squads that use them. They use these firearms, not to kill the Titans but to distract or blind while another member of the team moves in for the kill.

Their mission means they can be one of the first teams to set off during the start of an expedition or one of the last on the return trip or being sent beyond the wall to skirmish with large groups of Titans than have been seen gathering. Because of this, they have gotten used to operating on their own for extended periods of time, especially in Titan territory.


  • Senior Team Leader Eve Sharpe

  • Team Leader Laura Knight (2i/c)

  • Kiera Laski

  • Calypso Steele

  • Katherine Yalul

  • Kirstine Yalul

  • Nicole Skye (After Battle of Trost)

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