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Special Reconnaissance Squad

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Special Reconnaissance Squad, also known as the Bishop Squad, is an elite squad of the Survey Corps, lead by Section Leader Samuel Bishop. It was formed in 835, with Samuel Bishop's promotion to Captain.

The squad is second only to the Special Operations Squad in terms of ability and kills, but the members are amongst the best in the Corps. They are used, as their name suggests, for forward reconnaissance and scouting. The members are all well trained in ODM gear in order to move quickly around the terrain as well as being trained to be silent and stealthy in enemy territory. Missions often include setting off early before expeditions to scout out favourable routes. Because of this, they are often deployed for several months in Titan territory and their survival rate in spite of this, is outstanding.


  • Section Commander Samuel Bishop

  • Natasha Larson (2nd i/c)

  • Charlie Rivett

  • Ashley Lewis

  • Artrin Judur

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