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Skye Legacy Ep. 9 | "From the Shadows"

An even longer time ago, in a galaxy just as far away...


"You were a great wingman Falcon 2, may the force be with you..."

"And with you Falcon Leader, it was an honour to serve alongside a Jedi..."

Nicole nods slightly as she aims her blaster pistol into the wall next to Kira and pulls the trigger, causing the stormtroopers to turn down the alley at the sound of the blaster bolt. Nicole quickly grabs Kira and lifts her up to support her she motions to Nalan along while she follows behind with Kira, they quickly make their way onto the roofs with the help of the Nicole using the force to boost them up to it. The three of them are lying prone on the rooftop while the sound of the boots of the stormtroopers moves down the alley, stopping for a moment at the blaster mark before moving on again.

Nicole motions to Nalan, before they slowly start to move back from the edge of the roof and start crouch running across the rooftops, dropping down onto their front whenever an Imperial airborne scout flies overhead. As they get closer to their safehouse where they are supposed to link up with the rest of Falcon Squadron and the Rebel intelligence operatives, they start to relax slightly since they appear to have slipped out from the gaze of the Imperial garrison. With not much further to the safe house they reach the end of the line of the houses they were moving across at the edge of a street they have to cross.

"Right, Nal you go first, and I will pass Kira down and then be right behind."

Nalan nods slightly, still slightly in shock from the whole situation of being on the run but she trusts Nicole enough to do what she says despite her shock. Just when Nal's feet touch the ground, she lets out a small gasp of surprise when Nicole hears a voice coming up from where Nal jumped down.

"Ardana what...wait a minute you are not Ardana! Who are you and what are were you doing on the roofs!"

Nicole glances over the edge while Nalan stammers for a response, as she looks over she sees an Imperial officer in a black uniform with two stormtroopers flanking them, using the moment of distraction she has from them being focused on Nal. Nicole leaps of the building with her blaster pistol drawn, landing on one of the stormtroopers causing them to crash to the floor while she blasts the other at point-blank before she turns and shoots the other stormtrooper on the floor. With them taken care of she sweeps the legs out from underneath the officer and levels her blaster down at the officer just as she is about to pull the trigger, she hesitates while she looks down into Cecilia's face. After a moment of hesitation, she swaps her pistol to stun and just before she fires she locks eyes with Cecilia.

"A debt repaid..."

With that Nicole fires the stun round straight into Cecilia knocking her out cold before she jumps back up onto the roof and lowers Kira down to Nal before they set off at the double to make it to the safe house. They make it to the safe house without further incidents with Imperial forces, they are greeted inside by the Rebel Intelligence officer in charge of ground operations and the teams that have already made it back to this safe house.

"Commander glad you made it back, where you followed?"

"No, we managed to lose the Imperials that were hunting us."

The intelligence officer nods slightly while Nalan slowly lowers her self down into a seat while she takes deep breaths to try and steady her heartbeat, and Kira is taken by one of the medics for her wound to be seen to.

"Good work commander, it couldn't have been easy, but we need to make sure the Empire don't find our base...we will hold for another 10 minutes, but then we have to leave as we have missed the Admiral now with the failure of this attack."

Nicole nods slightly before she moves over to sit down by Nalan, draping an arm over her shoulders causing Nalan to lean into Nicole as she tries to relax.

"It'll be ok Nal, don't you worry..."

"They almost got me..."

"But they didn't and they won't as I will always have your back and you have mine don't you."

Nal nods slightly into Nicole's shoulder.

"Yeah you do, and I do...but still...who was that officer? You seemed to know them, and they looked like you?"

"We are a team the two of us...and well that officer is my know how I told you about I defected from the Empire to join the Rebels, well she didn't and was the pilot that first tried to kill me."

Nalan is shocked for a moment at that, while she looks up at Nicole.

"And I heard her mention Ardana...I don't want to build you up just to be torn down but as much as my sister betrayed everything our family has stood for and her own ideas she used to keep, I hope there is still a part of her in there that would have seen a young Twi-lek and took them into their care..."

"You think they might have!"

Nal looks up at Nicole with a spark of hope in her eyes.

"Even if she did, there is no way for us to know and I don't want to guess how she is treated..."

Nalan is about to say something before the Intelligence officer speaks up to be heard by everyone in the room.

"Right people that is our time here up, the other safehouses have started moving, and now it is our turn, grab your stuff. Anything you can't carry we destroy."

Nicole nods slightly while she helps Nalan to her feet before the two of them start to pack up their stuff into their rucksacks before they set off with the others towards the ship port and the transport they used to get on the planet. The closer they get, the more Imperials they start to see, with extra guards around the port landings. The Imperial officer in charge of their group is already speaking to the officer in charge of their landing pad, they two of them are buried in discussion with the passing of tablets and permits along with 'grease' to allow for their departure. With a little bit more 'grease' being applied to the process they are allowed to board their transport for departure with the few other ships that have been allowed to take off and leave the planet before all takeoffs are entirely blocked. Nicole and Nalan rest in the quarters on board the transport that they have been assigned while they wait for either the familiar sound of TIE cannons or the hyperspace engine for the result of their deception, not long after the ship has cleared the atmosphere it makes the jump to light speed for the rendezvous point with the MacAlpine.

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