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Skye Legacy Ep. 5 | "Battle of Denevor"

An even longer time ago, in a galaxy just as far away...


"This is Denevor One to Denevor base, long-range sensors have detected Imperial fleet on route to our position begin evacuation plan Delta 6."

"Denevor One, can you please confirm Imperial Fleet."

"Denevor Base, Imperial Fleet inbound is confirmed."

"Copy that Denevor One, beginning evacuation plan Delta 6."

With the evacuation and prepare for flight orders going out across the planetary base, in space, the fleet prepares for combat with the GR75's that were in orbit starting to land on the planet below to pick up equipment and people.

"Denevor One to Denevor Fleet, we need to hold long enough for the transports to get away no matter what comes."

A series of acknowledgements follow the Captains orders with the fleet moving its position in orbit of the base below.

An X-Wing races over the treetops with a fighter in hot pursuit of it with a couple of shots arcing out towards the X-Wing while it bobs and weaves through the valleys and hills. Nicole glances over her shoulder to look back at the fighter chasing her while she flies low around the side of a hill, she quickly presses a button on her flight console that gives her a burst of speed that allows her to come right around the back of the hill. She manages to get onto the six of the fighter that was chasing her, her weapons locking onto it while it tries to perform evasive manoeuvres and break the weapons lock before Nicole fires with her lasers scoring direct hits onto the rear of the Z-95.

"I have you now...I do believe it is time for lunch so let's head back to our camp."

A small groan of frustration could be heard across the comms when Nicole manages to get hits on the Z-95 before it forms up alongside her X-Wing.

"Aye Aye, I was starting to get a bit hungry as well."

"It's a plan then Nalan, you have been getting better and better, you managed to stay on my six a lot longer this time."

"Thanks, Nicole, still need to improve if I want a chance to beat you in a dogfight."

Nicole laughs softly while they land at the camp they had set up away from the actual base for their training sessions with Nicole training Nalan by her request in everything for shooting blasters to dogfighting.

"You sell yourself short Nal, you have picked it far quicker than a lot of the pilots in the Squadron, I would be willing to risk a bet that you would be able to defeat them in a dogfight as well."

Nalan sits down with her back against one of the supply crates, pulling out a ration pack and starting to eat, her cheeks get slightly flushed at Nicoles compliments.

"Thanks, Nicole, but really it is just your training that has let me advance so quickly."

Nicole waves her hand slightly at Nalans words.

"I can only train people to use what talent they are capable of, and your possible talent is almost endless."

Nicole starts reaching for her own ration pack when her comm unit starts to beep with an incoming message, she quickly activates it to begin to receive it.

"Go for Falcon Leader and 13."

"Falcon Leader, this is Denevor Base we have an Imperial fleet inbound and are activating evacuation plan Delta 6. Immediate return to base is ordered, please acknowledge."

"Copy that Denevor Base, returning to base now."

"Afirm Falcon Leader, quick as you can as well, we don't have long."

Nicole glances over at Nalan who is already strapping her helmet back on.

"Well, then time to get a shuffle on."

The two of them quickly jump into the cockpits of their fighters and taking off, flying at top speed back towards to planetary base. When they are on final approach to the base, they start to see the movement across the base with people and supplies moving towards to the transports loading them up. The moment her X-Wing has touched down the ground crews are over at it refuelling and resupplying it while Nicole rushes off to the flight control station with Nalan not far behind her. She slides to a halt once she reaches the station due to her speed before she stands up straight catching the status update from the mission control officer.

"Ok then people here is the situation, long range sensors have picked up an Imperial fleet inbound, current estimates put it at four Star destroyers with an ETA of 5 minutes. We are going to be following evacuation plan Delta 6, which has Sabre Squadron leading the evacuation ships into orbit where we will link up with the rest of the fleet before making emergency jumps into hyperspace to regroup at Rally point Echo 2. The only problem is that we don't have enough transports for everyone and all the supplies, so we are prioritising the injured and non-combatants along with medical and aid supplies. Any questions?"

The pilots look between each other with a shake of their heads to the question.

"Well then people, report to your craft and prepare for takeoff and combat."

With that and one final nod from the pilots they all sprint off towards their craft, a mix of X-Wings, Z-95s, Y-Wings and A-Wings when Nicole bumps into Nalan who was heading for her Z-95.

"Nal, what do you think you are doing?"

"You heard the controller, he said for all pilots to report to their craft."

Nicole crouches down slightly, a hand on Nals shoulder while the chaos of a base in the middle of an evacuation goes on around them.

"Not this time Nal, you have shown real skill, but you have not got the experience...and trust me, this is not the battle you want to be your first battle the deck is stacked against us, and we are just trying to flee."

Nalan looks down at her feet while Nicole speaks, her hand lightly running down one of her Leks draped over her shoulders.

"Ok, Nicole...whatever you say."

"You will get your chance, don't worry. I want you to take your Z-95 and dock with the Sparrow, you will be safe there while we make the jump to light speed."

Nalan nods slightly before Nicole pulls her into a tight hug when she lets go of Nalan she slowly stands with a smile for Nalan while she starts jogging to her X-Wing again. The moment she has reached her X-Wing she is activating systems as the roar of the engines starts playing like music to her ears.

"This is Falcon Leader, all flights report in."

"Falcon 2, standing by."

"Falcon 3, standing by."

"Falcon 4, standing by."

"Falcon 5, standing by."

"Falcon 6, standing by."

"Falcon 7, standing by."

"Falcon 8, standing by."

"Falcon 9, standing by."

"Falcon 10, standing by."

"Falcon 11, standing by."

"Falcon 12, standing by."

"Copy that Falcon Squadron, command Falcon is standing by with all craft accounted for and ready for take off."

"Copy that Falcon Leader, follow Sabre squadron when they take off and escort the transports."

While the controller speaks, she glances out of her cockpit waiting for Sabre squadron to begin to take off, once they have her squadron is right behind them alongside the GR75s. They make it into orbit with the six GR75 transport and the strike squadrons linking up with the fleet.

"This is Denevor One to Denevor fleet prepare for hyperspace jump on my...evasive manoeuvres! Imperial fleet!"

As Denevor One's comms chatter shouts out the warning, suddenly four Imperial I Class Star Destroyers drop out of hyperspace in front of the fleet, along with six Arquitens light cruisers and a support cruiser behind the Star Destroyers.

"Denevor fleet, emergency jump now! Star Adder go!"

After a moment of shock at the sudden appearance of the Imperial Fleet and after being spurred to action by Denevor One's command, the Nebulon-B Star Adder jumps to lightspeed only to be ripped out of hyperspace in front of the star destroyers as it starts to list due to the back surge of power to the engines. The crew and passengers aboard the ships of Denevor fleet look on in horror as the realisation of what it means that the frigate had just been pulled out of hyperspace.

"Denevor One to Star Adder, abandon ship now! Get out of there!"

Before the Star Adder even has a chance to start launching escape pods the closest Star Destroyer opens fire, her turbolasers tearing through her shields and hull ripping the Star Adder apart.

"Denevor fleet form a spearhead, we need to break through this blockade and get the transports to make the jump. Fighters, we have TIEs inbound get to work and keep them off the transports and us, bombers do what you can against their cruisers try and get us a hole."

A series of acknowledgements follow the orders as the ships move to form a spearhead punching towards the Imperial fleet, Falcon Squadron leads a group of fighter squadrons and bombers on the left flank of the formation. The faster Rebel A-Wings are the first to engage the Imperial TIE fighters and interceptors as the TIEs fly out in a screen in front of the Star Destroyers, it is at this moment that the Imperial Fleet opens fire with them starting by targeting the CR90's on the edge of the formation. As the Rebel fleet gets closer to the Imperial fleet, they begin taking losses throughout their strike craft and larger ships, with Denevor One taking heavy fire and three CR90's either destroyed or out of action along with one of the transports.

"This is Denevor One to the fleet, all hands return to base...abandon ship if needed...protect the transports they are our only hope."

"Captain, this is Sabre lead. Give me a hammerhead or two and a group of transports, and I will be able to break through the blockade with transports."

"Damn it, go for it Sabre lead, you will have two Hammerheads along with any squadrons nearby to aid you and the three transports. We will draw their fire, make it count...may the force be with you."

"Affirm Denevor One, and may the force be with you."

Sabre lead then breaks away from the rest of the fleet, linking up with Falcon Squadron, the two Hammerheads, three GR75s and some more fighter and bomber squadrons.

"Sabre Lead to assault force, Hammerheads, we need you to draw their fire as we punch through, bombers your target is the ship blocking us from jumping to hyperspace either Ion it or take it out. Transports, as soon as you are able to make the jump to light speed."

"This is Falcon Lead to Sabre Lead, we will join with the bombers as we punch through to take it out."

"Copy that Falcon Lead, let's rock."

And with that, the Rebel task force burns at full speed for a small gap in between the ISD's with the Hammerheads to the front sides to draw the fire of the heavy turrets away from the transports. While other fighter Squadrons dogfight with the TIEs while Falcon with the bombers flies low over the hull of one of the Star Destroyers under its turrets while Sabre flies straight through the gap with the GR75s. It doesn't take long from the heavy fire from the two Star Destroyers to take out the two Hammerheads and start firing on the GR75's, taking one out almost right away with a direct hit straight through its engines.

"This is Falcon Lead beginning our attack run, half my squadron is gone the bombers are not much better but get ready, you are about to have your window!"

Falcon Squadron leads the flights of Y-Wings against the Interdictor strafing it as the Y-Wing's Ion cannons go to work and disable it along with its gravity well generators.

"Falcon Lead you have your window! Sabre Squadron and transports make the jump!"

One of the GR75s makes the jump right away while the other tries to before taking a hit from the ISD knocking out its engines, while Sabre starts to make the jump to light speed.

"May the force be with you, Falcon."

"And with you Sabre. All flights get back to the base, command prepare to raise the shields!"

Once the final ships where away, along with a number of the fighters and bombers that where part of the task force that managed to get a route plotted before the gravity well generators came back online. With those ships that failed to make away flying back to the planet to make emergency landings in the base, while the Imperial fleet slowly moves into the orbit of the base preparing for a ground assault to wipe them out once and for all.

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