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"Sharpe's Rifles Part 2: Desperate Escape"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Sharpe gets thrown against the bulkhead as she is brought back to the brig with a gasp of pain as her ruined leg collapses under her before Miria was able to catch Sharpe from falling, Miria slowly helps Sharpe sit up as they lean against the bulkhead. Both of them are covered in cuts, bruises, and dried blood though Sharpe has taken the worst of the months of torture and interrogations with her right leg being slowly destroyed by the Klingons until it is at the point where it is little more than dead weight to her. The two of them sit there quietly as Miria looks over Sharpes wounds, doing whatever she can for them before the door to the brig opens again as the Klingons frog march some new prisoners into the brig and throw them through the doorway. One of the new prisoners is a young cadet as Sharpe notices the Cadet, she motions for Miria to go and help the cadet as the cadet looks injured. Miria walks over to the Cadet slowly as she crouches down next to the cadet who has not moved from where they landed yet, as she slowly helps them to their feet and walks them over towards Sharpe. As the cadet sees Sharpe, their eyes go wide as they take in how injured Sharpe is, but despite her injuries Sharpe others the cadet a smile to show that despite her physical wounds her spirit is still intact.

"Hi Cadet, I'm Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, please sit down. And what's your name?"

The cadet slowly sits down next to Eve as Miria looks at the cadets' wounds to see if anything is significant.

"Hi...I...I'm Kate Shields..."

"Why hello Kate, I may call you Kate? You have already met Miria your trusted doctor. Do what you can to make your self-comfortable while you are here."

Kate smiles slightly as she leans back into the bulkhead as Miria sits down having finished her inspection of Kate.

" long have you been here for?"

"A few months now...but don't worry about it."

Kate nods slightly as her exhaustion catches up with as she yawns, and slowly starts to drift off to sleep as Eve and Miria whisper to each other for a while.

A few months later as Eve, Miria and Kate are eating their portion of what little food they get provided the ship suddenly rocks as sirens start to blare throughout the prison barge. Eve looks around sharply as she steadies herself.

"We appear to be under attack...the question is though, is it Starfleet?"

"We can only hope..."

Miria says as she helps steady Kate who was a bit shaken by the first explosion. Just as another explosion rocks the ship before suddenly the power goes out in the section of craft for a split second before emergency power can come on, but in that split second the magnetic locks on the door can be heard unlocking as it slides open slightly. Eve, having noticed the door unlocking during the power cut motions for Miria to come and help her walk as she is unable to support her self with the state of her legs, as the two of them slowly move over towards the door with Kate following as the other prisoners watch them. As they reach the door, eve slowly slides the door open with her arm as she looks around before she motions to the other prisoners to follow them, as Eve starts to exit the brig, she looks backward as Kate hands her a pistol from a dead Klingon in the hallway.

"Well, what are you waiting for? A rescue party? If you want to be rescued, we have to do it our self."

As Eve, Maria and Kate slowly start to move down the hallway to try and find a console the rest of the prisoners slowly begin to follow them. As they are approaching an intersection, three Klingons come around the corner as Eve quickly snaps off a shot with her stolen pistol dropping the centre one straight away before she fires at the second one as they fall before they can get to cover. They exchange fire with the third Klingon as a few of the former prisoners manage to take another route to get behind them and grab the dropped weapons and take out the third Klingon before they start moving again. With four of them now armed, they manage to reach what appears to be a small operations room as the armed prisoners quickly breach it and take out the four Klingons manning it, before they pass the weapons out as they cover the room and Eve as she attempts to re-wire the console so she can send a message on a Federation emergency channel.

"This is Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, of MACO Team 27, to any Federation ship in range please respond. I say again, this is Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, of MACO Team 27, to any Federation ship in range please respond."

Eve pauses as she stares at the console hopping for a response, as slowly a crackle can be heard as an answer is coming in.

"Second Lieutenant, there is a lot of static on the channel so we can barely make you out, but this Captain Sharpe of the USS Gladius. What is your status?"

"Copy that Gladius will see what we can do to clear up the static on our end as you are coming in fine. I am currently onboard the Klingon prison barge with nine others, ten of us in total, we are requesting rescue ASAP as we have wounded that need medical care."

As Eve was talking one of the engineering officers was having a look at the console as they tried to start clearing up the signal to the Gladius.

"Copy that Lt. we will have medical teams on standby in the transporter. We currently can't get a lock on you due to the shields and the interference caused by the nebula. If you can get to the transporter, we should be good to go."

"Copy that Gladius, we will start making our way to the transporter."

"Acknowledged Lt. see you soon."

As Eve turns away from the console, she motions to the others to start moving as one of them had downloaded the schematics of the ship, so they knew where to be going.

"You heard the Captain people, let's get a move on."

They manage to reach the transporter without any further complications to their escape, but as they enter it, a Klingon security team stumbles upon the escape attempt and opens fire on them and catches the back of the prisoners injuring two of them. As they pull back into the transporter room to exchange fire through the doorway, when they discover another problem with their escape plan, the transporter only has six pads for ten people.

Miria props Sharpe up against the transporter console as she starts to tap away on the console.

"Ok people get the most wounded on the transporter, I'm going to contact the Gladius. USS Gladius, do you copy? We at the transporter and ready to energise the first lot of us."

"Copy that, we are standing by to receive on your mark."

"Acknowledged. Mark!"

As Eve pushes the buttons on the console to begin the transporter sequence, leaving her self, Miria, Kate and one other.

"We have them, standing by to get your next lot."

"Copy that Gladius, we are on our way."

Eve presses a few buttons to set a timer on the transporter sequence as she starts to move towards the transporter pads with the help of Miria, as Kate takes cover within the transporter pads. As they are crossing in front of the door, Miria takes a shot in the side, and with a scream of pain, they both collapse to the ground. Eve attempts to do what she can to pull Miria out of the line of fire as the other prisoner runs to the door to lay down covering fire as Kate leaps out of cover to grab one of them.

"Kate, get Miria first!"

Kate nods slightly as she grabs Miria and pulls her up onto a transporter pad before she turns to run and get Eve, as she reaches Eve and starts to pick her up to support her, the other prisoner takes a direct hit from the Klingons and drops to the floor dead before he hit it. As Kate and Eve are getting onto one of the pads just as the transporter cycle is starting the Klingons rush the room and fire a shot at the two of them. Using the split second she has Eve pulls Kate into her with her one arm as she turns, so her back is to the Klingons as the shots crash into her back just as they get transported to the Gladius. As they materialise on the Gladius Eve sags and would have collapsed if not for Kate's arms holding her up as she starts to move Eve down of the transporter.

"Need a medic here now!"

As the medics rush over to help Eve and Miria on the transporter pad still, Captain Andrew Sharpe of the Gladius approaches Eve and Kate as the doctors do a quick triage on her gunshot wounds.

"You must be the MACO that I was talking to and who, according to the others, is the only reason they escaped. I'm sure the doctors will be able to help you with your legs."

As Eve looks up with the last of her strength, her hair matted with dried blood and her face stained with her own blood and the scars that tell the tale of how severely she was tortured.

"Hello Dad, been a while..."

And with that, the last of her strength fades from her body as she passes out as the last thing she saw was the look of shock on her fathers face as he realised who she was.

She comes in and out of consciousness for the next few days, usually always in pain with doctors around her almost all the time for the moments she gained awareness.

"Going to have to amputate the right leg, don't know about the...."

"No idea how she survived..."

"Putting in a medical requestion for what we need..."

"Need to get to a medical station yesterday, every day we wait..."

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