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"Sharpe's Rifles Part 1: Where courage is tested"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe looks down the scope of her rifle as she scans the ridgeline above the away team as they investigate the crashed shuttle. She adjusts her position in the rocks slightly as she glances back towards the landing site and the shuttle that the away team came down in and the security detachment around it before she turns back to look at the ridge line again, as she notices something moving out of the corner of her eye. Sharpe moves her rifle slowly as she scans the ridgeline to where she saw something moving as she activates her comlink to the team at the crash site.

"Lieutenant Sharpe here, spotted some movement on the ridgeline above you, attempting to identify what it was."

"Copy that Sharpe, we are about done here anyway. Give us an update if you identify it."

"Will do Captain, Sharpe out."

She closes her comlink as she continues to scan the ridge and not letting her self-be locked into tunnel vision on the place she thought she saw something. She suddenly snaps her head around over the back of her shoulder as she heard a couple of rocks slide down the hill behind her, and it as her head is turned that she hears weapons fire coming from the crash site as she turns back to her rifle and puts her eye against the scope.

This is when she finally sees what she had seen moving, it was part of a Klingon ambush which has been sprung on the away team. The away team started to attempt to withdraw from the crash site as they exchange fire with the Klingons on the ridge as Sharpe opens fire with her rifle to start picking Klingons off. With her opening fire the Klingons become aware of her position and begin to return fire, but their fire crashes harmlessly into the rocks surrounding her position. As the away team started to get closer to the landing site, the Klingons redouble their efforts with a second ambush team hitting the landing site.

"Sharpe, this is Captain Hart. Get your ass to the LZ now, don't know how long we can hold for."

As Sharpe hears the captain on the comlink, she starts to move towards the landing site and notices the number of Klingons between her and the landing site.

"Copy that Captain I'm on my way...Might have a problem following that order Captain, I appear to be cut off, AHHH!"

Sharpe is suddenly cut off as a Klingon weapon bolt crashes into her left arm as it blasts right through her arm severing it just below her shoulder, as she drops to the ground from the shock of it. She slowly starts to crawl to one of the bigger rocks as she props her self up against it as she draws her sidearm.

"Apologies Captain, don't think I am going to be able to follow that order...I'm losing blood, and surrounded. Don't wait up for me, just go Captain."

Captain Hart looks over towards Sharpe and her position as they see the Klingons start to rush it to overrun Sharpe.

"Godspeed Sharpe, Godspeed and give them hell."

"Copy that Captain will do what I can..."

Sharpe suddenly stops talking as she starts firing her sidearm at the Klingons as they crest the hill towards her, she keeps firing up until a Klingon with a Bat'leth stabs downwards into her right leg and then proceeds to knock her out. The away team watches the Klingons swarm Sharpe's position as they start to fly away in the shuttle, but don't see her final fate.

Sharpe comes to with a scream of agony as the Klingons cauterise her arm to stop the blood flow, she manages to quickly take in her soundings before she passes out again as she notices the Klingon design of where ever she is along with the number of Klingons in the room with her.

Sharpe continues to come in and out of consciousness for the next few days as she heals, the few times she has come to for moments she sees a range of Klingons and people in Starfleet uniforms, but she was convinced her mind was playing tricks on her in her delirious state.

When she finally comes around entirely, with a small groan, she slowly turns her head to look around and take in her surroundings as she noticed someone in a Starfleet medical uniform, if a bit worn out, moving towards her.

"Ah, welcome to the land of the living. I wasn't sure if you were doing to pull through or not, your wound got an infection, and the Klingons would only give me basic supplies when they gave me anything."

"What...who are you? And where are we?"

As Sharpe tries to sit up as she starts to notice the few other people in the room with them, as the medical officer moves closer to place their hands behind Sharpe to help her sit up.

"Easy, easy now...I'm Lieutenant Miria Nahl, USS Avius. As to where you are, you are in a Klingon brig aboard a prison ship."

"Is there anyone else here from the Memphis do you know? How long have I been here for?"

"Not that I am aware of, I believe you were the only one captured, as for how long you have been here for about three weeks now."

Sharpe shakes her head slightly as she looks at what is left of her left arm and her bandaged leg.

"Thank you, for doing what you could for me as well. I'm Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, MACO Team 27. How long have you all been here?"

"Just doing my duty, and nice to finally know your name. The longest one in this cell has been here for about 2 months now...I should warn you, now that you are awake the Klingons will come for you and whatever information you hold..."

"Thanks for the heads up."

As if on cue, the door bangs open as a couple of Klingons storm into the room as they look around at the Starfleet personnel in the cell, before one of them notices that Sharpe is now sitting up and moves other to her with the other Klingon just a moment behind them.

"You! Time to ask you some questions!"

Sharpe glances at the Trill who was speaking to her a moment ago as the Klingons grab Sharpe and frog march her out of the cell and to the questioning room, where they strap her into restraints suspending her arm above her head. They then leave her here for a while until another Klingon enters the room.

"Ahh, Lieutenant I see you have decided to join us finally..."

"Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, Service number; FG-519-3717 HES."

"Everyone starts off like that, I will give you a chance now before I break what I want out of you. Give us your clearance codes and your frequencies."

"Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, Service number; FG-519-3717 HES."

"Oh, I do love it when you are stubborn."

"Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe, Serv..ahhh!"

Sharpe is cut off as the Klingon pulled one of the shock batons off the wall and thrust into Sharpe's side, as her right leg collapses as she tries to hold her self up with her left leg.

"Service number; FG-519-3717 HES."

The Klingon grins slightly as they walk around Sharpe hitting her with the baton as they do so, before the thrust the rod into the wound on her leg causing Sharpe to let out a loud scream of pain as both her legs entirely collapse under her.

"So then Secon Lieutenant, tell me what I want to know, and the pain will stop..."

Sharpe looks up at the Klingon, coughing slightly as she forms a response.

Second Lieutenant Eve Sharpe...Service number; FG-519-3717 HES."

The Klingon lets out a growl as they continue the questioning for the next hour, before an exhausted and in pain Sharpe gets dragged and tossed back into her cell, as Miria runs over to help Sharpe get up and move to a place to sit.

"What did you tell them?"

"Just rank, name and service number..."

Miria nods slightly as she leans against the bulkhead next to Sharpe on the floor of the cell.

"Good good...I would get whatever rest you can, they will come again tomorrow for someone else..."

Sharpe nods slightly to Miria as she slowly tries to get her self into as much of a comfortable position she can get into in a Klingon prison cell.

"Thanks for the advice...I will try..."

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