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Samuel Albilvus Bishop

Updated: Apr 21, 2023



Imperial Legion







17th day of Midyear, 4E 142 the year of Talos


Imperial City









Class | Scout

Birthsign | The Shadow


4E 160 | Joins the Imperial Legion as a Quaestor under the tuetalage of Praefect Sellan Vandis. Assigned to the V Legion under General Eposila Salecus

4E 162 | Promoted to Praefect following the death of Sellan Vandis.

4E 165 | Promoted to Tribune before the V Legion is deployed to Hammerfell.

4E 168 | Leaves the Legion and returns home, serving on the council of the Emperor.

4E 171 | Rejoins the Legion on the onset of the Great War and with a promotion to Legate. Served in the VI Legion serving in Hammerfell.

4E 173 | Promoted to General and placed at the head of the VIII Legion.

4E 174 | Takes a volunterary demotion to Legate and withdraws with the Emperor to Skyrim as part of the First Legion.


Born the second son to a wealthy and influential family, Samuel was forever living in the shadow of his elder brother, who was to inherit the vast wealth and land the Bishop title gave him. Thus, from a young age, Samuel was groomed to serve in the army, where his name and connections would allow him to rise up the ranks quickly and without hindrance.

From a young age, Samuel was trained in the art of fighting as well as being subject to the finest minds in all of Tamriel. Accompanying his father to the Emperor's court developed Samuel's understanding of court intrigue. Samuel's true calling, however, lay with his books, and when he came of age, he was known to be very intelligent and wise. Through his father's connections, he was immediately taken into the army as a Quaestor under the guidance of a family friend known as Praefect Sellan Vandis. Samuel received his first taste of proper combat two years later as the V Legion was sent to Valenwood in an effort to wrestle the land away from the Thalmor. The attack failed and Sellan Vandis was killed, leading Sam to gain a battlefield commission. Here he demonstrated the bravery and leadership that would follow him throughout his career.

Following the shameful defeat of the V Legion, they withdrew back to the Imperial City. Whilst they were back in the Imperial City, Samuel met and befriended a beautiful young mage, Viearie Perles. It was Viearie who discovered a sense of magical ability within him and through her guidance, Sam was able to master a few spells that would help him in the coming years.

In 4E 165, the V Legion was sent to Hammerfell after Samuel received another promotion to Tribune. After three years of failed campaigning here, Samuel grew tired of army life and so resigned, returning home to the Imperial City. Through his knowledge and connections, Samuel caught the eye of the new Emperor and was invited to serve as his advisor in the court. Samuel did so reluctantly, only doing so because Viearie convinced him that it would be good for his standing. Samuel was therefore privy to the events that sent the Empire to war with the Aldmeri Dominion. This also meant he had become a target for the Thalmor. As soon as the war was declared, Samuel survived an assassination attempt on him but was not able to reach home quickly enough to save Viearie. Swearing revenge, Samuel immediately reenlisted in the army, with the Emperor himself promoting Samuel to Legate. Given his knowledge of Hammerfell due to his three years of campaigning there, Samuel was assigned to the VI Legion and deployed there. Almost immediately, the Legion was on the back foot. With the Aldmeri armies taking the southern coast, the Imperial Legions retreated across the Alik'r Desert, which became known as the March of Thirst. After being joined by reinforcements from High Rock, Samuel fought in the Battle of Skaven. Though they were forced to withdraw leaving Skaven in the hands of the Thalmor, they had suceeded in halting the Thalmor advance.

As the situation in the Imperial City grew desperate, Samuel was promoted to General, recalled back from Hammerfell and placed at the head of the VIII Legion. However, with the Thalmor pushing at the gates of the city, the Emperor decided to fight his way out. Samuel volunteered the VIII Legion to serve as the vanguard covering the Emperor's escape, but before he could join them at the walls, the Emperor commanded him to hand over his command and join the Emperor as he withdrew from the city. Being unable to refuse the Emperor, he did as he was told, taking a demotion to Legate and joining the First Legion as they withdrew. The coming fight was bloody and brutal, but the First Legion fought their way out of the City. The VIII Legion fought valiantly but they were inevitably surrounded and killed by the incoming Thalmor. Their sacrifice allowed for the Emperor to escape and regroup in Skyrim where he would plan the next course of attack. Samuel was sent ahead of the army to Skyrim in order to prepare for the inevitable assault to retake the Imperial capital.


  • Sicella Haron | Noble | [maternal]

  • Albilvus Bishop | Lord | [paternal]

  • Sebastianus Bishop | General (IX Legion) | [sibling]

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