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Royal Government

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Royal Government is the ruling system over the people of the Walls. From the capital of Mitras, the Fritz monarchy has ruled for over one hundred years. The royal government's duty is to administrate humanity's politics, economy, military and society. It also has the obligation to protect the civilians within the Walls.

The government is a monarchy and the royal family that ruled the walls for the last century, the Fritz family. There is also an assembly, comprised of high-ranking officials who represent the different branches of the society (economic, military, nobility, and religious) that respond and administrate the country as the King wills it. At the lower levels, there are also mayors who administrate the different districts such as Stohess or Trost. Some people say that it is the assembly who truly rule the kingdom.

King Fritz

Fritz is a very old man. He has long, straight white hair and a small beard that covers his chin and his lips. He has small eyes and his face is full of wrinkles. He wears very elegant clothes, those typical of a king, and he possesses a crown, but he has a tendency to never wear it. Due to his old age, he is considered senile by the rest of the nobility. He is usually asleep.

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