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Rick Wilson







17th March 2056


Little rock, Arkansas










Stern and Commanding, Is proficient with shotguns, handguns, service rifles.

Weapon of Choice

Single Action Colt .45 Revolver


The Lawmen




Born March 17th, 2056 Rick Wilson grew up in the former State of Arkansas which was known as the Texas Commonwealth. Wilson grew up during a time of great strife, the new plague had come and gone and the resource wars raged to their bitter ends in Europe. Wilson attended Cave City Schools prior to moving to Jonesboro were he attended Jonesboro Public Schools, during his school years he played in the marching band and served in the ROTC. In January of 2074 Wilson attended and passed the Arkansas State Police Academy following in the footsteps of his father. As the newest officer in JPD Wilson was deployed first in the motor division were he worked in the traffic squad, he was officer of the month that June. He was later moved to the special response team following the first of many riots in the city due to automation. In 2075 Wilson was promoted to the rank of sergeant following the leave of many of the city's officers to the armed forces, many joining the army due to the ever tightening rationing. Sergeant Wilson as the lead officer of the special response team was noted for outstanding bravery under fire while storming a bank that was in the midst of a robbery, Wilson was shot once in the right leg, he was able however to return fire and kill the suspect. For his actions he was awarded the medal of gallantry and promoted to lieutenant.

As 2076 rolled around the conditions on the global scale worsened as the Sino-American War raged on, Jonesboro and Wilson were largely unaffected by the war, the police department however was struggling due to low recruitment and low retention rates. Wilson was made captain following a string of riots in which the SRT took action. Wilson at this time took stock of the geo-polical landscape and began stocking food,water, ammo and other goods in his home. The war took a serious turn when power armor made its appearance, the US army was largely successful in beating back the Chinese in Alaska, going so far as pushing them completely off. Things in the state began to deteriorate as the uneasy situation settled. In the month prior to the great War, the State Governor, Lt.Governor, Speaker of the House, All three Senators and a majority of the states legislative body all disappeared. This caused major unrest in the state, in the days prior to the war Jonesboro's entire city council and including the mayor and the Chiefs of Police and Fire all disappeared assumed for vaults or other bunkers causing chaos as city services ground to a halt, another string of riots broke out but where quelled by Wilson and his remaining police officers and firemen.

October 23, 2077 the world ended. As the bombs began to fall much of the city went into panic, the police and fire departments tried in vain to keep order as the city's 70,000 residents panicked. Much of the two departments were killed by panicked citizens or otherwise deserted as the sirens began to wail. Arkansas was not lucky enough to escape direct hits, bombs hit the state capital in Little Rock, the cities of Fayetteville, Arkadelphia and Fort Smith and closer to home Memphis Tennessee which is only 70 miles from Jonesboro. The city was rocked with the many shock waves causing much of the infrastructure to collapse or otherwise become uninhabitable. The death kneel of the city came from the fallout, many residents became sick and died within months of the bombs falling. During this time rampit looting, murder, rape, in-fighting consumed the city. The Jonesboro Police Department, Fire Department and the local Hospital St. Bernard's continued to operate and worked together to bring some semblance of order to the city finally wiping out the last raider gang in 2079 and fortifying the city with walls in 2081. Wilson lead the small police force as the sole surviving senior officer, the three forces would eventually conglomerate into what would become known as the responders, the name and idea taken from ham radio broadcasts from other states such as West Virginia.

Wilson and the responders would operate in the ruins of the city for many years prior until the great Cyclone of 2088,the first of the super cyclones in tornado alley which resulted in the entire city being wiped away killing almost all of the inhabitants. Wilson and a dozen other responders survived along with a number of civilians. With the responder leadership and city gone, the group split company going separate ways ending the last large city in the eastern part of the state.

Wilson moved back towards home in Sharp County, finding a log cabin mostly intact he moved in. Over the years settlements began to sprang up, Wilson made his presence known and due to his past has been widely accepted as the law, such as it is. Wilson having been in contact with these other settlements found other former police officers, soldiers, security guards and other skilled personnel. In 2101 he formed "The Lawmen." a group dedicated to protecting and serving the remaining citizens of Arkansas. Today Wilson and the Lawmen can be found in the former counties of Sharp, Randolph, Izard and Craighead counties still serving twenty-five years after the bombs.

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