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Richard Harrington





Commanding Officer USS Fubuki









April 2nd, 2382


Starbase 001,Sol












2400-2404 - At his father's urging Richard Harrington enrolls in Starfleet Academy. Cadet Harrington first joins in the engineering field and later switches to the command track after being urged by his teachers for his leadership ability's, much to his fathers dismay. Cadet Harrington shows special skill at piloting and minors with a pilots specialization, he completes the academy thirty fifth in his class of two hundred and twenty.

2404-2405 - Following his graduation from the academy Ensign Harrington is assigned to the USS Dragon, where he operates as the 2nd shift conn officer. His first year is rather un-note worthy as he is not mentioned in dispatches or participates in any away missions. Ensign Harrington however receives an excellent rating in his fitness review at the end of the year.

2405 Started badly for the Dragon and Harrington, while paroling the Federation-Klingon boarder war breaks out between the the two and the Dragon is on of the first ships to engage Klingon Defense Forces. Ensign Harrington was at the helm when the Dragon, which was a Intrepid class ship was attacked by six Klingon birds of prey. Harrington retained his post for the entirety of the battle, in which three of the six birds of prey were destroyed with two more disabled, the last one was destroyed by the USS Black Prince, but not before the Dragon suffered to much damage and had her warp core start melting down. Harrington and the bridge crew managed to escape the ship before its destruction. For his outstanding flying he was awarded the Starfleet Commendation Medal. Following the end of the Dragon he is reassigned to the USS China as a conn officer on the first shift.

Harrington would be noted another six times for his flying during engagements with the Klingons and he would be noted for his actions during two ground missions. Harrington and the China were present for the battle of Starbase 24 in which several hundred ships on either side fought it out. For his outstanding flying and his actions during the boarding of the starbase, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade following the battle.

2405-2406 - Near the end of 2405 Harrington was made the China's chief helmsmen, working on the command staff. Hey held this post until the end of the year when he was reassigned back to Earth to take the Advanced Tactical Command course. He would pass the course with flying colors earning him his promotion to Lieutenant. Harrington on leaving ATC was assigned to the USS Raptor, a Gladius Class escort as the 2nd Officer. Harrington and the Raptor would be attached to carrier group 219 as part of the 2nd Fleets expeditionary arm. The carrier group would be involved in the battle of NG-237 in which Harrington takes brief command of the Raptor following the death of the ships captain and the 1st Officers mental break down. He commands the Raptor for the remainder of the year.

2407-2409 - With the raptor under his command, Harrington's command style begins to flourish. Harrington becomes known for his hit and run tactics along the Federation-Klingon boarders, as he uses a series of staged traps to lure Klingon ships into asteroid fields where their cloaks are unusable, Raptor accounts for twelve kills before the Klingons become the wiser and leave the area following the death Brigadier General Krath. Harrington was credited with his his death when Raptor destroyed his ship after the general fell for a trap that consisted of a Galaxy class ships distress call, which Harrington had faked. For his actions and his crews, Raptor earns a battle star.

Raptor returns to ESD following her string of success and is given a new captain, Harrington is transferred by the new captain as it was felt he would undermine his command with his record. Harrington is assigned to the USS Blueridge as flag lieutenant to Vice Admiral David Anderson. Harrington learns much in this post as he takes on much of running of his squadron. Harrington and Admiral Anderson were captured during the Skirmish at Andoria when the flag ship was boarded, Harrington would later be saved by the Blueridge crew after spending two weeks in Klingon hands, Admiral Anderson did not make it. For his actions while in captivity he is awarded the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry and promoted to Lt.Commander.

With the admirals death the Blueridge is retired as a flagship and moved back from the front lines, she provided escort to many of the supply convoys between the front and ESD for the remainder of 2407 into 2408. Harrington in this time frame takes several advanced weapons courses while acting as the ships flight officer. Harrington was instrumental in halting a Ferengi protection racket while on an away mission to Starbase 257, while operating a shuttle Harrington took note of several Ferengi contractors hustling shop keepers on the station. He brought this to station security and the operation was shut down. Harrington was reassigned to that starbase following this incident to act as the stations main flight controller. Harrington was known for his constant use of the stations shuttles and for his administrative changes to the department.

2409-2413 - At the start of 2409 Harrington takes a major chunk of his accrued leave time and heads for Risa for a vacation, however while en-route aboard the USS Wilson, the ship is diverted to assist the New Talos colony, a Romulan colony that was under attack by Tal Shair forces. This is one of the first instances of Starfleet engaging the Tal Shair following the formation of the Romulan Republic. Harrington abandoned his vacation time and instead joined the Wilson crew in fighting as as one of her escort runabout commanders. Harrington in command of the Runabout Rio is able to kill four scorpion fighters, helping ensure the Wilson to victory. Harrington returns to Starbase 257 and is later assigned to the USS Constantinople as the 1st Officer.

The Constantinople is part of a task force put together to help the Romulans fight the Tal Shair, Harrington as XO is noted for his actions in the of Battles Kira III and Cletus II as he was apart of several away teams to different to Tal Shair bases there ending up with their capture. Harrington briefly commands the Constantinople following the captain being wounded during the engagement at Cletus II, he is noted for his performance in the face of the enemy.

In 2410 Harrington is assigned to Koblai Prime following the Koblai/Vaadwaur conflict. Commander Harrington commands a section of artillery for his tenure on Koblai, earning him several citations and mentions in dispatches. Harrington was part of the main push that ended the ground side war as he lead a company of artillerymen as infantry during the massive assault on the Vaadwaur held city of Kobaki resulting in its capture. Harrington is reassigned following the end of the war after other starfleet forces kill the Vaadwaur leader and and expose his the parasites controlling him and much of the Vaadwaur command team.

Harrington for his actions is given command of the USS Essex, a Constellation Class cruiser. Harrington as the captain of the Essex is assigned to the first fleet located in Sol. For 2411 to 2412 Essex explores the Delta Volanis Cluster. Harrington's exploration efforts help chart 12% of the cluster. Harrington and Essex are recalled following the start of the Iconian War. Essex is part of the battle group sent to defend Vulcan, were she remains for much of 2412 into 2413. Essex engages the Iconains multiple times each time helping to stave off the attack's on Vulcan.

During the last half of 2413 she was recalled to Earth, were she helped the 2nd and 1st Fleets in the defense of Sol, which later went down as the 2nd Battle of Sol. During the engagement the Essex as able to help destroyer twenty-three enemy cruisers, she however suffered irreparable damage and was was later sold for scrap following her decommissioning. Commander Harrington had a brief court of inquiry in which he was cleared of wrong doing, owing to the nature of the battle. For his outstanding efforts as the Essex commander he is promoted to Captain and is given command of one of Starfleets latest Jupiter Class Dreadnought Cruisers, the USS Fubuki.

2414-present - Harrington and Fubki return to the Delta Volanis Cluster following the end of the Iconain War where they finish the Essex's five year mission. Following the end of the mission Harrington in this time reflects on his life up till this point decides to take another vacation for two months before returning to Fubuki refreshed. Fubuki after received an emergency call from Triania II finds a Borg Sphere attacking the local Tranian Space Navy, which is no match for the Borg. Harrington engages the Borg in what would be the start of a short lived Borg assault on the Beta Quadrant, as the Borg are unable to make any head way they retreat back to the Delta Quadrant where they came from. Fubuki during this time spear heads the effort with Captain Harrington leading the task force that ultimately turns the Borg around. After the Borg are defeated, Harrington is praised for his actions, later the Fubuki and her captain are assigned to the 38th Fleet.

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