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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The 'Regulator' species is so named because the Administration for Regulation of Technology is comprised primarily of this species, and for many outsiders, the term Regulator refers both to the organization and the race. It is unknown what, if any, name they use for themselves and they simply refer to the species as 'their people.' Though the Regulators founded the Administration and most of its members belong to the species, a significant portion of the species are not a part of the organization and are said to possess a very different culture, though they have not been observed to date.

Regulators have complexions of varying shades of red, but despite their outward appearance, they are remarkably similar to Orions in biology. Both species generally have tall, well-built physiques and they even produce pheromones that induce roughly identical effects. However, there is no sign of shared heritage between the two and it is theorized to be a phenomenon of parallel evolution.

The species that would go on to become the Regulators originated in the Alpha Quadrant near the border to the Gamma Quadrant. Early in their technological development, they were conquered and enslaved by a spacefaring civilization called the Attahan, now known to them simply as the Slavers. The Attahan kept their slaves uneducated about their technology and used that advantage to keep them oppressed. When the Attahan's society began to collapse, the slaves finally managed to rise up and gain their freedom. They slowly learned to use the technology of their former masters and formed the Administration for Regulation of Technology to ensure that advanced technology will not be misused again.

The Administration for Regulation of Technology

The Administration for Regulation of Technology, or simply Regulators, is the primary power in Regulated Zones. Their sole duty is ensuring that technology only remains in the hands of those responsible enough to wield it. Regulators do not make decisions of governance or attempt to change others’ cultures; they merely confiscate the technology if a particular civilization is deemed unworthy of using that level of technology.

When the Regulators decide to oversee a civilization, they restrict their development into a single system or a small number of systems designated Regulated Systems. An Observation Array is constructed in each system which permanently monitors the region for technology. Should it detect a type of technology that is not permitted in the system, the Array generates a powerful displacement wave which instantly pulls a Regulator vessel to its location from vast distances away.

A region is declared a Regulated Zone in a sphere around an area of approximately 9 LY radius around a Regulated System. The spherical zones sometimes join together to form swaths of connected Regulated Zones. There are four Regulated Zones of significant size, two in the Alpha Quadrant, one in the Beta Quadrant and one in the Gamma Quadrant. Numerous smaller Regulated Zones exist across the galaxy, even as far as the Delta Quadrant.

Within a Regulated Zone, the Regulators watch over both inhabitants and new arrivals for technological misuse. Anyone who enters a Regulated Zone but does not belong to a group known to the Regulators becomes subject to a procedure called the Judgement, where Regulators examine and test them extensively to see if they are capable of using their technology responsibly. Failure can incur anything from being forbidden from entering a Regulated Zone to confiscation of technology and resettlement and in extreme cases, the stripping of technology from the entire civilization to which the ship belongs.

While the true technological capabilities of the Regulators remains unclear, it is known that the majority of their technology works on the principle of manipulating unseen elements of the universe such as dark energy. Conventional technology appears largely ineffective against the Regulators, as they were easily capable of bypassing the shields of a Starfleet ship during first contact and their shielding can withstand even the weaponry of a Nuhar construct.

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