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Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Your Perfection,

Everything we've heard about the Qunari are true, to an extent. There is no doubt that they are relentless conquerors, one only has to glance at the last hundred years of history to tell that. They are fearsome horned giants that may as well have stepped out of the Fade itself. Their strength in battle I can testify to myself. I witnessed one cleave an armoured knight's head off with one swing of his greatsword. It took me five arrows to bring down a particularly large Qunari warrior. I've taken down wyverns with less.

But the Qunari are not barbarians. Yes, they are big and brutish, they don't tend to wear as much armour as we do and they have a penchant for heavier weapons. However, they have much more in common with our Templars than the mindless darkspawn I have encountered in the west. I know that sounds like a stretch. How can such beasts have anything in common with our holy knights? That is because they are not beasts. I have hunted many beasts, and they are not the terrors many city-folk think they are. Beasts only kill as much as they need to feed.

The Qunari are zealots, but they do not believe in the Maker or His bride. They follow something called the Qun and believe that everything in the world has a proper order it belongs in. The Qunari army will not stop until they are able to impose their vision of how things should be on all peoples. Those in the lands they have conquered are converted to the Qun, and what is troublesome is that we have found it is exceptionally difficult to turn those converts back to the Chant. The Qun and its promise of purpose, it seems, holds great allure for many who are unsatisfied with their lives.

This is why the Qunari are the single greatest danger to the Chantry since the last Blight. We must drive them completely from Thedas, because they seek to do the same to us.

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