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Order of the Walls

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Order of the Walls is a religious organization that considers the Walls to be sacred, with a lot of religious and political power within them. Some of the order's members possess knowledge about the Walls that is hidden from the general public. The Order of the Walls is also directly involved with the Royal Government.


The order worships the Walls over everything else, believing them to be sacred and untouchable. They worship Wall Rose, Sina, and Maria, and think that it is their responsibility to protect the Walls from any "impurities," like humans, rails, or Wall-mounted artillery. They have been shown to be uncannily loyal, to the point where they would sacrifice their own lives if it meant the protection of the order's secrets. In addition, they believe the Walls were a gift from God bestowed upon mankind in order to defend them from the Titans.

Members of the order are referred to as "Wallists." Among them, there are a variety of different people from different places. There are also ministers who represent the Order of the Walls. One notable member of the order is Pastor Nick.

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