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Nikee ir-Fethraie t'Rllaillieu

//Update pending once SFI confirms current status of SCDR t'Rllaillieu amidst rumours of recent involvement with remnants of the Star Empire//





Republic Liaison | USS Valley Forge


RR-567-9428 LCL







60122.1 [14th february 2383]













2412 | Signed on with the Romulan Republic and assigned to R.R.W. Desmus

2413 | Awarded the D'takaram after leading a series of successful assignments around the Solanae Dyson Sphere. Also awarded the Sotarek Citation for her prowess in urban combat against the Vaadwaur.

2415 | Promoted to Centurion following her exemplary frontline action against the Iconians & reassigned as Operations Officer..

2417 | Transferred to the R.R.W. Llicordais after the Desmus is mothballed as Operations Officer under CDR Six..

2418 | Transferred to the R.R.W. Saeihr as Operations Officer at personal request.

2418 | Promoted to Subcommander & redeployed via exchange program to USS Valley Forge for special assignment. Awarded the Sotarek Citation for her actions in shutting down a Tal Shiar operation on a Republic colony.

2421 | Awarded her second D'takaram for her contributions towards allied victory at the Battle of the Heart. Redeployed from SFC to SFI joint operations.


Born to a modest House, Nikee (or Nikki as she is more commonly known) was but a small child of 5 at the time of the Hobus incident. Though her immediate family were all lost that day, Nikki - as a young child - was among the first to be evacuated from Romulus after the Senate authorized the order (following the loss of the Valdore). Resettled on Abraxas IX along the border of Romulan space, Nikki grew up in the care of her adopted family who ran a hunting lodge where she raised in the art of the hunt; refining her skill and earning her keep hunting the native Syrinx.

Fortunate enough to have been evacuated with a simple record of her family heritage, Nikki still grew up with knowledge of the world she was born too, even if not the memory of it. This ultimately led her to seek a means to help rebuild the once proud Romulan race; a cause she found upon learning of D'Tan's new Republic. In early 2412 Nikki relocated to Mol'Rihan where she signed on with the Republic and - for the first time in her life - felt what it meant to be a proud Romulan, serving for the greater good of her kin. A fierce pride washed over the young woman and the years that followed saw her carve out an exemplary career with the Republic, where she now serves with equal loyalty and pride as the Khre'Riov's operations officer on board the JSI flagship; R.R.W. Saeihr.

As with many new recruits to the Republic who lacked previous formal training, Nikki was first assigned to a ground combat unit; having demonstrated an affinity for incursions behind enemy lines where reliance on her informal training in the arts of the hunt proved paramount in translation into military stealth activity. A series of successful campaigns fought from her team stationed with the R.R.W. Desmus soon evolved Nikki to lead her assault team following a particularly hard won campaign against the Vaudwaar in 2413. This success mounted a proud period of notoriety for the Desmus as the years which followed saw a consistent flow of successful operations carried out under Nikki's lead, through into the Iconian conflict. In 2415, and one particularly bloody conflict, the Desmus came under heavy fire from the Iconians and Nikki was forced to step up and assume the post of Operations Officer after her predecessor was killed. Helping to turn the tide of the battle from her assumed station earned Nikki a promotion and permanent assignment to the role as the Desmus recovered; a position which she seemed to excel in during the years that followed as that one fateful battle became widely regarded as a positive landmark in the Desmus' history which heralded a new era of good fortune in combat.

In taking to her new role, Nikki became increasingly studious; learning the value of knowledge from her time on the front lines, she became increasingly detached from her fellow Centurions as she devoted increasing efforts into a self-imposed education on starship command, tactics and operations. Her once singular dream of one day settling the remote regions of Mol'Rihan to establish a hunting lodge like that in which she was raised, gave way to a more prevalent goal of earning her own command. Her rounded and refined knowledge served the Desmus well up until the ship was mothballed in 2417, where many of the senior staff retired. Nikki took reassignment however and found herself serving on the intelligence vessel - R.R.W. Llicordais - owing in no small part to her increasingly beneficial skills as a bridge officer. Though taking to the new assignment well and serving admirably under Commander Six, it quickly became apparent that due to the nature of the Llicordais' activity that it would increasingly difficult for her to maintain the new well defined career plans she had developed over preceding years. To this end, she seized opportunity upon learning of a newly commissioned JSI flagship under the direct command of the Khre'Riov herself. Nikki knew that such a vessel would be better suited in it's role to allow her the opportunity to continue proving her value to the Republic as she strives forward towards that goal of her own command.


  • Xachren i-Aihai tr'Rllaillieu | Deceased [paternal]

  • Sanith ir-Nn'verih t'Rllaillieu | Deceased [maternal]

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