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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Molin are the inhabitants of the former planet Molinor, located in the Molin system, in the Nwr Sector.

Appearance and Biology

The Molin are a race of mole-like humanoids. They are greatly similar to Earth moles in their biology and appearance. The Molin are not blind, but their eyes are very sensitive to bright light, and are often seen wearing glasses when on alien ships. They also navigate through the presence of sound, and have highly adapted hearing, giving them the ability to see.

Molins only breed twice a year, not because of biological limitations, but societal ones. They have no concept of marriage and thus Molin have many partners during their lifetimes. Gestation lasts three months, and three to four Molins are born. After six weeks, the Molin is considered an adult and leaves to find their own place in society. Molins have a short lifespan; thirty years.

Molins grow to up to four feet in height. It has been postulated that females grow taller than males, but there has been little evidence to show this. It is impossible to tell if a Molin is male or female from appearance only. Molins are able to tell the difference through smell, as males and females smell different, but this distinction is too faint for humans to smell.


Not much is known about Molin history, as most records were destroyed along with the planet, Molinor, by the Nelaraans after the Molins refused to join the Nelaraan Empire. Molinor is recorded to be a barren planet, with one side always facing the sun. The Molins, therefore, must have either evolved underground or on the dark side of the planet.

Following the destruction of Molinor, the Molin diaspora have spread throughout the nearby sector. Most live in the Molin flotilla, which travels through space. The Molin's ability to adapt and learn quickly make them excellent builders and traders, and they use this to traverse the sector and trade with nearby peaceful nations. They have little need to fight and are mostly peaceful.


Molin society before the destruction of the planet was strongly individualised. Each Molin minded his or her business and that was that. However, the destruction of the planet forced the Molin together. The society on the Molin Flotilla is a direct democracy, with each citizen getting a vote in how the flotilla is run. The flotilla also elects the Prime Mole, who, theoretically, is able to rule in absolute terms, but this power is hardly ever exercised, with the Prime Mole electing to put most matters to vote.

The Molin are explorers by nature and, combined with their incredible memory, make them excellent explorers. Their ships, are small and fast, and are able to map systems quickly. Due to their peaceful nature, they have no larger ships, with the exception of the flotilla, which are three dreadnought type ships, each measuring 2000 by 1000 metres in length and width. They are heavily armoured, but are lightly armed.

Molin ships come with a unique design; they are not able to cloak, but they are able to hide from most forms of sensors.


The Molin are largely atheist, as belief in the previous religion of the worship of Darkness has declined. However, since the destruction of Molinor, there has been an increase in Dark worship, with adherents stating that the destruction was divine will to punish the faithless.

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