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Mischa Leveson-Scott

Lady Mischa Enelya Leveson-Scott; 2nd of her name; Heiress to the Cambridgeshire Leveson-Scott Dynasty





CO | USS Latenter


XX-752-9925 JEK







65204.5 [15th March 2389]


Cambridgeshire, England [Sol III]











2405-2409 | Starfleet Academy: Intelligence Programme.


2410-2412 | Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters.


2411 | Promotion - Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2412-2413 | Starfleet Academy: Advanced Starship Operations Programme.

2413 | Promotion - Lieutenant.

2413-2415 | USS Endeavour.


2415 | Promotion - Lieutenant Commander.

2415-2417 | USS Gainsborough.

2416 | Promotion - Commander.

2417-2419 | Office of Intelligence.

2418 | Awarded the Legion of Honour for her efforts in safeguarding the survivors and rescue teams from the Gainsborough and it's SAR mission.

2418-2419 | USS Endeavour.


2419 | Awarded the Starfleet Bronze Star for her action in protecting the Thrres from a Borg occupation & the Decoration for Gallantry for her efforts with the Nelaraans.

2423 | Promotion - Captain

//SFI Eyes Only//


Having enlisted in the academy at the age of 16, Mischa was still a young first year cadet when she was identified as candidate for the //Error: Data Corrupted// Programme. Opting to pursue the rare of honour of being recruited, she was immediately transferred from San Francisco to //Error: Data Corrupted// where she went on to complete a full - and uniquely tailored - cadet programme before being assigned as an analyst at SFIHQ. Mischa's programme was tailored - //Error: Data Corrupted// - to her natural skillset. //Error: Data Corrupted//. During her final year of training at //Error: Data Corrupted//, Mischa was subjected to an emergency deployment when //Error: Data Corrupted//. Her actions in defense of the colony earned her a Grankite Order of Honor.

Following a successful obligatory 6 month orientation at the ESD office, Mischa was selected for //Error: Data Corrupted// Mischa reassigned alongside SFC to aid Starfleet defense operations against a Borg incursion. //Error: Data Corrupted//. After working alongside EJOC MACO deployments against the Borg, Mischa's skill with a ranged rifle was observed in practice and she was subsequently chosen to represent the division at an inter-department controlled range shooting competition where her victory earned her a Starfleet distinguished Marksmanship Award.

Mischa returned //Error: Data Corrupted// for a series of shorter term deployments before the department was once again required to bolster SFC forces in defense against the Undine. Following another successful joint operation in the defense of key ESD-based assets, Mischa was selected to serve as the first official Intelligence liaison officer to be assigned to a starship posting - on board the USS Endeavour - as part of a new trial programme. This was fully acknowledged in her subsequent promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 2415 before later joining the USS Gainsborough as second officer under the ongoing questionable judgement of Captain Lazard, who had demonstrated an ongoing penchant for pushing junior officers to the limits of their experience. The following successes of the Gainsborough and crew proved dividends however, not least for Mischa as she was first stepped up to Executive Officer and second in command on a trial basis following the departure of her predecessor, and subsequently promoted to Commander. //Error: Data Corrupted//. Mischa's conduct during this crisis earned her a Karagite Order of Heroism.

Mischa's successful tenure on board the USS Gainsborough was tragically cut short in 2416 when the ship was lost to an attack from an unknown species [to later be designated at Species 2492]; though she did earn the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry due to her actions in assuming command during the USS Gainsborough's final hours - including the evacuation of her crew before the ship was lost. These events unfortunately led to Mischa - and several dozen other serving officers - being designated as MIA when their escape pods were not recovered. In early 2417 - 5 months after the loss of the Gainsborough - the missing personnel were recovered and it was at this time that Mischa took a reassignment to the regional Office of Starfleet Intelligence based out of DS13.

In the wake of the severe trauma experienced during the months that followed the loss of the Gainsborough, Mischa took a voluntary analyst reassignment with DS13's regional office while she dealt with her PTSD. Though her recovery was making better than expected process at first, the Azedi attack on DS13 which forced a total evacuation of the station caused a relapse for Mischa which resulted in her requesting another Command liaison role. With none available in the requested exploration region at the time, she was instead offered an XO position on a newer USS Endeavour (Endeavour class flag) to that which she formerly served aboard. //Error: Data Corrupted//.

//SFI Eyes Only//


  • Lady Victoria Leveson-Scott | Proprietor: Leveson-Scott Stables [Maternal]

  • Lord George Leveson-Scott | Entrepreneur [Paternal]



"Memoirs of a Mischa" - a small collection of shorts taking place during her time as an attaché to Starfleet Command

"Mischa Bond" - a collection of multi-part stories exploring Mischa's early years as a field operative for Starfleet Intelligence

"Lost" - Mischa-centric episodes from ST:TTV Season 1

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