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Mischa Leveson-Scott (FO)







29th November 2260


The Institute










Is to Coursers, as Coursers are to everybody else

Weapon of Choice

M99 Stanchion Particle Accelerator


The Institute




When an organization is known above all for secrecy and subterfuge, it is no surprise that it has secrets even most of it's own people do not know. During the early years of the Institute's extensive experimentation in genetically engineered Gen 3 synthetic production, there was a lot of trial and error. Some remnants of the early transition remain to this day, even permitted to continue their public existence as abominations among a mutation-raddled society, such as the experimental gen-2 who was subjected to memory integration; Nick Valentine, who now resides in Diamond City eking out an existence as a private detective. Not all experiments were even as successful as that one, and the early attempts at integrating genetic engineering into what was a purely mechanical entity saw their share of failures. Most of which were naturally contained by the ever vigilant Synth Retention Bureau and their fearsome Coursers. However, even early models proven enough to be trained as Coursers were not invulnerable to malfunction. So if the world above ground whispered their name like a mystical 'boogeyman' to scare children, what name would be whispered among said Coursers to insight the same level of fear? That name was Mischa. Not that any would dare even speak her name, for to call her attention was to invite smiting by the divine hammer itself, if hearsay was to be believed.

Of course, such a specialization was seldom called upon - even within the walls of the Institute - and so to those who could actually claim to know Mischa, she was but another humble scientist among their ranks. Skilled enough to contribute across any division she chose, but lacking the scientific knowledge to truly flourish in any. A loving and caring friend to all graced by her softly spoken presence, Human and Synthetic alike. Even the SRB Director - as one of the few who knew Mischa's true role within the organization - would never associate her with the fearful mythology implied against her name by fearful malfunctioning Coursers. They knew, of course, that she was simply a skilled hunter whose training had been honed to perfection in the art of taking down the Synth hunting Coursers, should the need ever arise. They allowed the mythology to build among the Synth's around the ghost-like figure 'Hunter of the Hunters' because it served their purpose of instilling obedience through fear. Mischa herself may even help to perpetuate this obfuscation of her hunter identity by ominously quoting biblical reference in impactful circumstances where she might permit the occasional survivor; one to spread the rumors of her existence and metaphorically pour gasoline on the fire that is the ingrained fear Synthkind has of her. Reportedly, one such favored quote being 'The sins of our Father shall be visited upon the sons'.

Was Mischa the stuff of nightmares that fearful and malfunctioning Coursers would believe her to be; the unnaturally powerful and unstoppable force stalking them to their end of days? Of course not. Was she a highly intelligent and charismatic hunter as capable in manipulation as she was in assassination, and one with a perfect track record of mission success? Quite possibly. Only one thing is certain; such an asset is seldom put at risk through assignment to the world above unless the necessity is absolute. And when such circumstances fit, her presence will not be without impact on the wider world for very long...

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