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"Memoirs of a Mischa"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

"These are the memoirs of the Starfleet Officer Mischa; her continuing mission to explore strange new feelings, to seek out new love and new companionship's, to boldy go where no Leveson-Scott has gone before..."

It was bright and sunny day in Cambridgeshire, England when Mischa returned home. She had insisted that the shuttle only take her as far as the main gate so she may walk the long and pristine gravel driveway leading up to the family homestead. The young ensign who piloted the shuttle could not comprehend her desire to walk such a distance unnecessarily, but did as he was told with a shrug of his shoulders, as the young woman stepped off the shuttle she drew a deep breath of the fresh country air with a satisfied smile. Once the shuttle took off she was able to absorb the sensation of the warm summer breeze on her skin and enjoy the sound of distant birdsong. For all her efforts to distance herself from this life, she could not deny the pleasant feeling of being home.

Alas, she knew her arrival would not have gone unnoticed and had no desire to undergo the ritual pomp & circumstance her parents insisted upon whenever she returned home. With this in mind, she diverted from the long gravel driveway and took a detour up and over the surrounding rolling hillside so she may approach home from a more discreet direction.

Mischa smiled contentedly as she turned a corner to be greeted by beautiful gardens in which she played as a young girl. Satisfied that even had her arrival been observed and promptly prepared for, the display of staff waiting to tend her every whim would be restricted to the grand main entrance where she would have been expected to approach, leaving her free to enjoy a peaceful and reminiscent stroll through the gardens.

As it transpired, she had been partially correct. The anticipated welcoming committee had indeed been assembled but one of the staff it seems knew the girl a little too well.

She let out a defeated sigh at the sight of Jeeves' approach, "Good day Lady Mischa, it is a welcome surprise to see you return home" The old butler bowed formally as he greeted his mistress, "Jeeves...why are you not out front with the rest of the welcoming committee?" She challenged somewhat playfully. Jeeves rose from his bow and offered forward a silver platter holding a single cup of Prince of Wales blend tea - her favorite - along with a rolled up cloth, "Contrary to the young mistress' belief, this old goat is not as daft as he looks" he smirks, his humor always managed to bring a playful smile to young Mischa's face.

He continued, "Your tea mi'lady and... a gift". Mischa tilted her head as she considered him thoughtfully, "Jeeves what have you done this time?" she chuckles lightly taking the cloth and gently unwrapping it. He explains as she does so, "I know the young mistress too well to believe she has returned home to stay as would be appropriate for a Lady of her standing. The thought of you running back off with that Star-Fleet troubles this old man's heart, what with nobody out there to take proper care of you." He again smirks slightly as she finishes unwrapping the cloth to reveal a small portable holo-emitter. Upon viewing the strange gift she looks back up to him with a puzzled expression as he loyally maintains the platter in front of himself ready for her to accept the tea as she sees fit, "I took the liberty of preparing this, you might call it a 'E-B-H' - So in some small way, I can remain faithfully at your side wherever you go next."

She coos with a big warm smile as she hops up and wraps her arms around his neck, followed by a grateful kiss of thanks on the cheek which always made the old butler blush slightly but never lose his composure so much as to even waiver his perfect balance of the platter, "Thank you Jeeves, you truly are too good to me." she beams as she steps back from him slightly, taking the tea and enjoying a sip of his masterful blend. Returning the platter to his side and taking her bag he continues, "If the young Lady would allow it, I shall see your things to your private chambers." She smiles coyly in response, "If you must." With another formal bow Jeeves proceeded to turn back to the house carrying her bags and leaving Mischa to enjoy the gardens.

Mischa eventually made her way into the house and was eager to get back to her room so she might change out of the uniform. As she approached the eastern stairway she looked up in dismay letting out a defeated sigh and shaking her head slightly, "Oh father what have you gone and done..." she mused staring up at the grand portrait of her in uniform sat in pride of place for the world to see alongside the portrait of one of her ancestors - the first Leveson-Scott known to serve in the military.

For as long as the building had stood it had been home to the Leveson-Scott family, and each generation had proudly borne a great military leader. Mischa did not know the name of the Napoleonic general who now stood next to her on the wall, but it had been a family tradition lasting centuries that every leveson-Scott who served Queen and Country would be honored in the very spot her portrait now hung - standing proudly alongside that founder of the tradition. The fact that she was Starfleet mattered not, she was not the first Starfleet officer to be adorned in this tradition... she was however, the first woman.

"Exactly as it is proper to have done." Came a proud and booming voice from behind Mischa, which made her jump slightly as she spun around, "Daddy, you do realize that if Pops ever saw this he would turn in his grave!" Lord Leveson-Scott held a stern expression with his hands folded at his back as he looked between his daughter in front of him and the portrait of her high above, "I do believe they have done you justice in capturing your features correctly." He states flatly. Mischa simply rolled her eyes, "Daddy you know exactly what I mean; No woman has ever been honored in that spot - even those who have served in military's. I-I am humbled by this of course,..." She looks down sheepishly, "But I do not think I belong up there in the eyes of our ancestors."

The stout man studies his daughter briefly before a proud smile begins to form as he steps forward and braces the young woman with his shovel-like hands and vice-like grip, almost lifting her clean off the floor, "My dear Mischa, you belong up there as much as anyone ever has. Your mother and I may not approve of this life you have chosen for yourself, but do not let that fool you into thinking we are not proud of you!"

As he loosens his grip on her shoulders she steps down, rolling them slightly to ensure they are still functioning before breaking a big grin and giving him a loving hug followed by a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you Daddy, I love you too" She knew all too well that his supportive words were as close as the stuffy old Lord would ever come to saying he loves his daughter. Lord Leveson-Scott grunts slightly as he tries to restore a stern expression, not entirely successfully, "hrmph, yes well. You run along now and get dressed into something more fitting a Lady of your standing. I believe I just saw old Jeeves heading out to Adagio's stable; you have time for a ride before dinner is served, so I suggest you hurry along now."

"Yes Daddy" Was all she could manage at this point. As much as she tried to turn her back on her heritage in some act of defiance, a part of her could not help but love her family and everything they stood for. As she bounded her way up the stairs he called after her, "Just one question..." at hearing this Mischa stops dead in her tracks and turns back to him, leaning over the bannister with a quizzical expression on her face. He continues, "How long?" Mischa knew full well that his query related to the duration of her current visit, "Just the night. I have a new assignment now and will be shipping out from Earth Spacedock tomorrow." He lets out a deflated sigh, shaking his head some but knowing better than to protest his headstrong daughter's will. He looks back up to her with a thoughtful expression, "Then I shall inform your mother to make the most of our time with you whilst you are here" With that he turns and walks away."

Mischa eventually wound her way through to her private chambers and smiled fondly as she opened the door to reveal a grand bedroom which had not changed in as long as she could remember, save for the spread of toy horses and doll houses that perhaps once adorned the floor when she was a young child.

She entered the room eyeing the bag that Jeeves had faithfully returned here for her but making a beeline straight for her walk in closet to retrieve her riding gear. She may only have one day at home before shipping out with the Gainsborough, but she was going to make the most of it!

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