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The Lupan are a nomadic species of canine descent. Currently believed to operate as independent ships, with larger packs dominating smaller ones to form small armadas. Their culture appears to be one of pure piracy.

Lupan culture appears heavily ritualistic, with packs practicing a 'coming of age' ritual for members who reach maturity. The one observed instance of this ritual involved the pack Alpha taking it's new member to a specific hunting grounds where it was expected to successfully hunt a challenging prey. It is not yet known if this ritual is consistent across multiple packs, or variable to each one. Further ritual behavior has been observed in the form of a 'death howl', comparable to that performed by Klingons for a fallen warrior. In addition to the howl itself, the pack Alpha removes a canine tooth from the fallen Lupan, which is retained. Though the purpose of the retained 'trophy' is unclear, it may be akin to the ancient Human custom of retaining a deceased loved ones ashes when the remains are cremated. It may also serve purpose in a larger ritual that has yet to be observed.

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