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The Lomren are warp-capable species most well-known for a specific biological trait. While their physiology is largely similar to most bipedal species, they do not age. Lomren are still born as infants and must grow to adulthood, but once they are fully matured, their bodily functions do not decline over time like most other living organisms. Instead, their body naturally produces enough telomerase, an enzyme that counters telomere shortening, and essentially renders the Lomren capable of living forever.

Lomren are still susceptible to physical damage and disease and can die. Their lack of aging also results in a unique condition called 'Dalvodan,' where their mental functions slowly break down over time as a result of overuse and storing too much information. The Lomren classify the process in three stages: Tan-Bestol, when higher brain functions begin to shut down; Azegai, when the Lomren loses self-awareness and becomes 'feral,' knowing only to feed and survive; and finally Nuldor, when the Lomren is nothing but a mindless shell that lashes out at anything and everything in its vicinity.

Due to the danger posed by Lomren who undergo Dalvodan, the Lomren submit themselves to ritual euthanization when Dalvodan begins, typically around 400-500 years into a Lomren's life. Today, the ritual, known as Sere-Vatol, is performed by instantly and painlessly disintegrating the Lomren. In the past, various methods including cremation have been used, which is why the organization that oversees the ritual is named the Crematorium. At times, Lomren who are afraid to die attempt to flee the ritual. They are pursued by a branch of the Crematorium called the Death-Hunters, who ensures that Tan-Bestol perform the ritual and disintegrates those too far into the process to be convinced or controlled.

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