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"Logs of the ISS Kassandra"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Captain's Log - Stardate 95361

The Captain's Ready Room is dipped in the dim, red light of emergency power. Minabi is visible in the recording, her hair in a bit of disarray, part of her uniform singed a bandage visible on the left arm. She takes a sip from a glass while staring off to the side, before she focuses on the screen, frowning.

"Captain's Log, Stardate 95361. I knew Imperial Command wanted to send me into a trap. I should specify, not all of Imperial Command of course, but certain elements within it. I saw the trap coming miles away but they maneuvered so cleverly I could not get out of it. So I had to spring it. It is perhaps a twist of irony that the only people who died in the trap are humans."

She takes a pause to take another sip from the glass.

"That does not help us, however. The Kassandra is damaged. Our CHief Engineer is dead. The replacement assures me they will have systems back online within the next 5 hours. That's good. Since we are still looking for the root of this trap. We have a mission to fulfill after all. Even after informing Command of the obvious information leak in top circles, they insisted that I either come back with the mission fulfilled or return to an execution. Just as expected and just as planned no doubt. I'll have to think of who to promote to the vacant positions. Ironically right now the one I am most hurting for is the Chief Science Officer. With the signal we received just before the ambush being as yet undecoded, it would be good to have someone who could take charge of this. I don't like flying the Kassandra into the unknown. Not when we've already been waylaid in such a manner.

So, I have performance reviews to do. Mostly to see who is fit to take charge of a department for the time being at least. The joys of command."

The Trill smirks in the recording and shakes her head, downing the glass before putting it on the desk beside her.

"In the meantime, I have made it clear that whoever actually finds any information about the signal will have a good chance of a promotion to begin with. A bit of 'friendly' competition never hurt anyone...right? I expect some results before we are ready to continue on our way. In either case, we are going to investigate the source of the signal once we are ready to leave, because the Empire does not allow for tardiness.

End Log."

Captain's Log - Stardate 95363.8

Captain's Private Log - Stardate 95363.8 - Personal Encryption and to be deleted on irregular access

Captain's Log - Stardate 95369

Captain's Log - Stadate 95371.3

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