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"Logs of the Helios"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023


As the log loads up Fiona's face comes into focus in her ready room aboard the Helios, with a small grin on her face.

Personal Log - Stardate 93101.1 of 2300 hours, ship time, we are on final approach for DS13 and our new posting...good to be getting back out here.

Stands up to walk around in front of the camera a bit, as she does this the rest of her comes into view in her standard duty uniform, as she walks off screen a few times still talking.

As I mentioned in my last log before departure, we still have a fresh crew, not even a full year since graduation but they seem a good bunch and worst case my senior staff is all still from the original crew when I was first assigned as X.O.

She pauses mid-stride as she thinks about this.

It feels so long ago now, I was only promoted last year, my word... She trails off as the intercom beeps Computer pause recording. As the recording resumes. Right, that's us about to begin our final approach with DS13 so I will see whoever is watching these next time. Computer end recording.





17/18JUL2416 (RED ALERT)

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