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"Light the fires"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

The calm off space is interpreted as a flight of twelve peregrines fly in between the asteroids of the belt.

"This is Blue leader to blue flight, we are 40 clicks from the freighter, so let's keep our eyes peeled flight we don't want to get ambushed now."

A series of acknowledgements come back over the comms net as Blue leader finishes speaking.

"This is Dutch Leader to Blue Leader, we are 5 clicks behind you and closing will do what we can to keep your six clear if you get pounced."

"Copy that Dutch, though our sensors should..."

Blue leader is cut off as suddenly two fighters seem to almost come out of the asteroid above them and dive on blue leaders flight, taking out two of Blue Leads wing in seconds, throwing blue flight into a panic.

"Damn! What was that!"

"This is Blue 7, we just lost blue 3 and 4!"

"This is Blue 9, got eyes on the fighters they are coming back around!"

With the sudden surprise and speed of the attack, blue is momentarily stunned and thus delays his response time before he gives new orders, time in which his flight takes another pass as they start to execute his orders and lose another two fighters.

"Blue flight, break off into wings! Evasive manoeuvres! Dutch flight where are you!"

"This is Dutch, we are still 4 clicks out, trying to close as fast as we can."

"Copy that Dutch, the hostile fighters are breaking off! Blue fight pursue and destroy them!"

As Blue flight chase after the hostile fighters with Dutch flight chasing behind them before it is revealed that the hostile fighters were leading them into a trap. As mines hidden on the surface of the asteroids are detonated as Dutch flight fly past them, taking out 3 fighters in the initial explosion and then a further 4 with the rubble and colliding asteroids.

"This is Dutch, just lost half my flight! Attempting to rally with you Blue flight."

"This is Blue 2, Blue lead is gone! We have been ambushed by another two of the hostile fighters...we cannot hold!"

"This is Blue 5, I have a problem here!"

"Eject blue 5, your craft is losing it!"

"No it's fine I can hold it..."

"Blue 5, pull up!"

"No, I'm all-Aaaah!"

The screams of blue 5 are cut off as the fighter crashes into one of the asteroids.

"This is Blue 2, I am down to three other fighters we are breaking off and trying to make it to you Dutch."

"Negative Blue 2, we are down to 4 as well now and have been engaged by another 4 fighters as well. Don't know how long we can hold for."

"Acknowledged Dutch, will see what...Mayday! Mayday! Just lost my left wing, I can't ho...."

Blue 2 is cut off as she explodes as she takes another burst from the hostile fighters, as the remaining blue flight follow behind her into explosions and crashes as they are now outnumbered by the hostile fighters.

"Damn it! Dutch flight, break formation and try and make it back to the Honington!"

As the remaining Dutch callsigns attempt to break and run for the Honington at the edge of the cluster the final 4 hostile craft reinforce the attacking force and quickly take down each of the reaming Dutch callsigns with 2 or 3 hostile craft per Dutch pilot.

As the final Dutch pilot is shot down, everything almost seems to pause as a voice echoes around the asteroid belt.

"Computer, end simulation."

As the asteroids and space dissolve away as the pilots exit their simulation craft, the pilots of Blue and Dutch flight not in the best of spirits having been annihilated with zero kills despite outnumbering the 'hostile' flight 2 to 1. Whereas the pilots of Crusader flight wherein high spirts, none more so than her flight lead and wingman apparently as Knight takes off her helmet and shakes her white hair loose slightly as it hangs behind her neck, her scarlet red eyes catching the light with a slight sparkle. As Knight exits her simulator craft, she offers a fist bump to her wingman before she starts to head towards the other flights as she offers praise to her flight as she walks through them. As she is about to reach the other flight leads who were talking between the two of them she offers a slight wave as she approaches. As Blue lead turns to look at her, he frowns as he turns her back to her without a word and starts to walk off, an air of anger around him as he does so.

Knight just shrugs lightly as she holds her hands to her side as she looks up at the observation room with the Captain and Squadron CO in it before she turns with a smile to Dutch leader.

"Hey you did better than last time, and we did use dirty tactics as well. Same goes for both flights, you all did really well."

For her final words, she raises her voice just enough so that all the pilots could hear them.

"Thanks, Knight, see in the mess then. Let's roll Dutch before Crusader steals all the food like they do the kills."

Knight and the rest of Crusader laugh softly with banter passing between the pilots as they make their way towards the exit.

As Knight starts to make her exit, her wingman catches up to her.

"Hey hold on Knight, want to take a walk down past the hangers before heading for the mess?"

"You know me far too well, was just planning on doing that."

"Oh, I really do. But I have started to get into the habit as well now."

Knight grins slightly as the two of them walk down towards the hanger before suddenly the red alert siren goes off.

"This is the bridge, all hands to battle stations. This is not a drill, I say again, all hands to battle stations. Pilots report to your fighters."

Knight sets off into a sprint towards the hanger bay as she fully zips up her flight suit.

"The fun never ends in the life of a pilot."

As Knight almost skids through the door to the hanger bay as she exits the pilot's ready room with her chest rig and gear as she sprints to her fighter, her wingman just seconds behind her.

The ground crew are still doing final checks on her fighter as she mounts the ladder almost springing into the pilot's seat as she puts on her helmet and starts to run through her pre-flight checks, as she glances over at her wingman's craft."

"It's time to light the fires and kick the tires!"

With her pre-flights checks complete, she closes her canopy as she motions to her ground crew that she is ready for launch before she turns her attention to the launch controller who signals the go for launch.

"This is Crusader lead, taking off!"

As Crusader 1 and 2 both launch into the void of space, awaiting the rest of Crusader who is a minute or two behind them.

"This is Crusader lead to Citadel, my self and Crusader 2 are airborne. What are we looking at here?"

"Citadel here, we are looking at 1 larger class ship, we are presuming a carrier type, with 2 smaller escorts along with numerous strike craft on the sensor. The rest of Crusader is eta two minutes until launch, the rest of IX Squadron is minutes after that, you are on your own until then. Crusader the fires are blazing, and you are weapons free."

"Copy that Citadel, we will do what we do best then. Crusader 2, you know the drill, stick close."

"Aye, Aye actual. Per Noctem Volamus."

"Per Noctem Volamus."

With this Crusader 1 and 2, both full fly speed towards the hostile vessels and the rest of Crusader flight start to launch and follow them in wing by wing.

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