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Kuci Krako





XO | USS al-Haytham


LC-832-1285 OEM







67794.1 [17th october 2390]


Sigma Iotia II








Dark Brown



2405 | Graduated Starfleet Academy; tactical program. Assigned to USS Bellipotent

2406 | Subject of disciplinary hearing for conduct unbecoming of an officer.

2408 | Promotion to Lieutenant (JG) and awarded the Decoration for Gallantry - Klingon War

2410 | Battlefield promotion to Lieutenant and awarded the Medal of Commendation - Romulan War War

2412 | Battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Commander during the Borg incursion

2412 | Courtmartialled during the Solanae conflict.

2413 | Served briefly in the Undine conflict.

2413 | Awarded the Medal of Commendation - Vaudwaar

2413 | Granted battlefield command of USS Iron Horse.

2414 | Promoted to Commander and awarded the Silver Star - Vaudwaar

2414 | Awarded the Starfleet Cross & Grankite Order of Tactics - Iconian War

2414 | Demoted to Lieutenant Commander following second courtmartial. Reassigned to Earth Spacedock.

2416 | Transferred to USS Hyperion as Executive Officer

2417 | Promoted to Commander and awarded the Prenatres Ribbon

2417 | Temporary secondment to XO posting on USS al-Haytham


Kuci is the daughter of the notorious mob family head - Don Paulie Krako. When the entire family was killed during a rival 'hit', a young Kuci stowed away aboard a visiting transport freighter to escape. Fueled by a lifelong discipline of 'blood for blood' she made her own way living on Earth until she was old enough to join Starfleet Academy with the selfish goal of returning to her homeworld with the power of a starship at her beck and call. However over the course of her training, Kuci grew to better understand and align with Starfleet values growing into a valuable young officer at a time of great need for Starfleet.

Given her tactical focus, Kuci's graduation came with immediate assignment to a frontline battlecruiser - the Avenger class USS Bellipotent. Her fiery temperament - though tempered by Starfleet training - was still enough to land the young officer in trouble on numerous occasions however and she was eventually reprimanded following an alleged assault on a fellow junior officer. Seeming to have found new focus from the disciplinary action, Kuci's focus was honed against enemy forces and she would go on to earn a promotion in rank as well as commendation for her exemplary actions during a series of engagements. As the Bellipotent moved from one warzone to the next, Kuci continued to carve out a hardy reputation and earned a series of battlefield commendations. That was until a lapse in judgement led to the loss of her strike team during the Solanae conflict, resulting in a courtmartial hearing.

Only a year after her courtmartial, Kuci led a boarding party to repel enemy forces who had seized the USS Iron Horse. Having successfully reclaimed the vessel and turned the tides of that particular engagement with her minimal team in control, Kuci was ordered to assume command of the Steamrunner class vessel. Her early tenure in command of the Iron Horse saw unprecedented success as her career long frontline experience made her a young veteran of unrivaled skill and expertise. Unprecedented campaigns won by the Iron Horse under her command saw Kuci earn esteemed commendation from Command, though little more than a year after gaining the command; Kuci became a victim of her own success and made the - perhaps - inevitable mistake of a young and inexperienced Command officer where her overconfidence saw the loss of the ship.

An emotionally traumatized Kuci was again courtmartialled, this time also being demoted and reassigned back to ESD where she worked under close supervision as part of her recuperation. The pain of her loss seemed to force a new resolve in the young officer still, and eventually as a much more mature and seasoned officer, she was reassigned as XO to the USS Hyperion where - for the first time in her career - she was finally able to apply herself to a peacetime service vessel. Her renewed and mature character continued to shine through over the fiery temperament of her younger self, even earning her praise for her diplomatic efforts.


  • Lucy Krako | Family head [maternal - deceased]

  • Don Paulie Krako | Family head [paternal - deceased]

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